7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Everybody’s Best Friend

We know, it’s seemingly impossible to narrow down the reasons why dogs are everyone’s best friend to just 7, but the article would go on forever if we don’t. It’s obvious that we’re dog lovers, but it’s not just their cute faces, funny behaviors, and the way many of them just know when you need a cuddle that makes them great. We’ll find out more about why dogs are the best furry companions to have.

Why Dogs Earned the Title of Our Best Friends

  1. They are Free Alarm Systems

The very first reason why dogs are our furry best friends is a utility one. These cute companions are free security systems that will alert you of potential dangers if someone is at the door, and when anyone or creature is trespassing. 

There is no question that a dog’s territorial sense is useful, but we’ll be honest and say that it can pose a downside as well (those who work from home know what we’re talking about). Reactive dogs are ones that bark at everything, even people minding their own business and walking by your property, so this helpful behavior needs to be balanced out with training. 

  1. Save Money on Heating with Doggy Cuddles

You can save money on heating with plenty of warm doggy cuddles, but you may have to spend extra time cleaning when shedding season comes around. Don’t worry, a cordless vacuum will make it easier.

We have had our fair share of cold winter nights under the blanket with our pooch, and it is a very comforting feeling. Many dog parents let their dogs sleep in their beds, and sometimes it does camp up the legroom, but you’ll be happy to have your fur baby with you on cold nights under the covers. 

  1. Unconditional Love Can Come from Someone Besides Family
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The unconditional love your dog shows you are a big reason why they have been humans’ best friends for centuries. Dogs tend to forget the small things and focus on the big things. They’re not going to hold grudges and remember that one time you accidentally stepped on their paw, but hold on to the love, care, and patience you show them throughout their lifetime and love you unconditionally for it. Dogs are quick to forgive and forget, but not when it comes to loving you. 

  1. They Are There for You Even If No One Else Is

Dogs will never abandon you and are by your side when no one else is. Things can happen in life that soil human relationships but your dog will always be there. Sometimes it’s far more comforting to have just a loving presence around you without the need to make conversation, and dogs do just that. 

We can’t count how many times a quick lick, a snuggle, or a hug from a dog has lifted our spirits when we’re down. 

People are unpredictable and plan cancellations may happen, but rest assured that your fur baby will definitely be there for you no matter what. You are your dog’s first priority and he will never ditch you for a baseball game on TV or a night out with friends. 

  1. At Least 1 Family Member WIll Always Be Happy to See You

One thing you can always count on is your dog’s excitement when you get home after a long day. The smiles on their faces and excited tail wags are enough to put a smile on your face and let the everyday stresses at work trickle away. 

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Sometimes we can feel so drained from a bad day that we just want to shut down and take a break from the world. Dogs don’t need you to talk to them and they don’t expect anything from you except maybe a greeting and a pet in return. They are very easy to please and just want to enjoy your company. 

  1. Loyalty Is Second Nature to Them

Dogs are ever-loyal creatures and they will always have your back. They will protect you from predators and threats (sometimes even at the cost of their own well-being) because, well, dogs are like that and we love them for it.

Maybe your dog will go overboard with the protection and want to chase someone as innocent as the delivery man, but what can you do other than training? There may also be times when your dog does forsake you and get bribed by his favorite treat, but remember that it’s just a momentary lapse but your dog still loves you! 

  1. They Remind Us of the Simple Little Things

We saved one of the best for last. Dogs are simple creatures and that’s a good thing because they remind us of the little things, the big picture, and what’s really important in life. They don’t get bogged down by small inconsequential worries (even if they do pile up). They don’t get bogged down by life’s problems because they keep things simple. All they want is to be near you, sleep, eat, play and be around you some more.

You can argue that ignorance is bliss, and while that is definitely true to some extent, it’s also so easy for us to lose focus on what matters. We’re not advocating for people to shirk responsibilities and just live life the way they please, but having a dog in your life keeps you grounded in reality, in the present, and not live life in the past, future, or in uncertainty. 

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Bottom Line

Dogs are so awesome. They are easy to understand, do not hold grudges, and love you unconditionally – what more could we want in a companion? Even when they don’t mean to, dogs can put a smile on our faces with all the funny things they do from goofy expressions during photobombs, to the way they communicate their feelings to us. Somehow, no matter what they do, their actions are endearing, which makes it easy to see why dogs are humankind’s best friend and have been for centuries.