Evan Yap

Little More About Me.

35 years old pet lover, hailing from Chatsworth and enjoys watching movies like Doppelganger and Kabaddi.

My Story

My name is Evan Yap and this is my blog, completely dedicated to my greatest love, pets.

Even as a child I showed great love for these innocent creatures. I brought home cats, dogs and other animals such as reptiles.

Every day I witnessed the abandonment of pets and their sad fates. That’s where I figured I had to change that. I have dedicated my whole life to these grateful and sweet beings.

In case you have any problems with your animals or if you have a desire to adopt a pet, feel free to contact us at evan@petsroof.com.

Pets Roof and I, at the helm, will do our best to provide shelter for each animal. We believe that no animal should be on the street.

We have extremely high-quality shelters and we keep the animals in the best possible conditions until the final adoption.

Pets have all the necessary conditions and all the necessary care.

Before adopting, think carefully about the living conditions you are currently in, and if you are capable to provide for your future pet.

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