Animal Shelter is the Hope for A New Home

Animal Shelter

Animals that are unwell and in need of help find refuge in animal shelters.

Every year, thousands of animals are delivered to animal shelters, waiting for a new home.

Animal welfare centers need all the help they can get.

Lack of money, overcrowding, limited helpers: every shelter is dependent on financial and active support.

Animal shelters strive to take in as many homeless animals as they can handle.

Here, pets have a safe place to be cared for until they find a new master. Most shelters are communal or non-profit and always rely on active support.

You can find out how to help, what to consider when adopting an animal, and what an animal shelter does in our guide below.

Taking Care of Animals in Need

Taking Care of Animals in Need

An animal shelter is a special facility built to help animals.

In addition to the reception of homeless domestic animals or occasionally wild animals, they take care of transfers to new owners.

It also provides guidance to the public about animal welfare.

Among the most common animals that are taken into shelters are dogs and cats.

Other small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, birds or hamsters are also being taken care of.

Depending on the facility, exotic animal species such as reptiles or wild animals can also be taken in and cared for.

Pet Care Starts at The Point of Purchase

Many people long for an animal roommate.

Whether a dog, cat, rabbit, or parakeet – every animal has special demands and requires a lot of time, attention, and of course money.

Unfortunately, some people simply buy a pet and end up being overwhelmed with it due to insufficient time or overburdened by costs.

In the end, the animal ends up in the nearest shelter in the area.

Tip: Before purchasing an animal, you should get comprehensive information about the desired animal and deal with its demands, behavior, and costs.

Reasons to Adopt Pets from Shelters

Once the decision has been made and you want to buy a pet, the first question is where to find the animal.

Breeder? Zoo shop? Or the shelter?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying a dog from a reputable breeder who can also give you tips on pet care.

The zoo shop is also not a bad place for the purchase of small animals despite their rather negative reputation, if the animals are well kept and cared for beforehand.

However, there are also many good reasons to consider purchasing from an animal shelter:

  • Animal shelters are overloaded: Numerous homeless animals are looking for a home and a loving companion to take care of them.
  • Health check: The animals are medically examined, vaccinated, and mostly neutered. Any illnesses are known and will be communicated to you honestly from the beginning.
  • Help you choose the right animal: The keepers only want the best for the animals. They will assist in helping you choose your next pet.
  • Time to get used to each other: Before deciding to adopt an animal, you can visit it several times and get to know each other. This way you can quickly find out if you fit together.
  • Relief of animal shelters: The fewer animals sold on the open market, the less they end up in the shelter. Every animal you give a new home will be grateful to you for a lifetime.

The Right Animal Is There for Everyone

The Right Animal Is There for Everyone

Prejudices against animals from shelter homes persist in the minds of humans.

The assumption that only old and sick animals can be found in the shelter is not true.

Animals of all ages are abandoned there hoping for a new family.

So, if you want a puppy or other pets, it does not always have to be from a breeder.

It is often worth looking at the nearby shelter.

You Want to Adopt an Animal

If you want to adopt an animal, contact a shelter in your area.

The staff on site can help you. How much an animal costs, what requirements are needed for the delivery, and what the subsequent inspection visits are, depends on the respective shelter.

You can drop by at any time during the opening hours of the shelters.

Your Desired Animal Is Unavailable?

Your Desired Animal Is Unavailable

Looking for a Siamese cat, or an Angora rabbit?

If you are looking for a special breed or species that does not exist in your shelter nearby, you have other ways to help an animal in need.

On the website of the shelters you can usually find out more about the shelter inhabitants. You might also be able to find your desired species in another facility.

I Want to Give Up an Animal

Every year, about 300,000 animals end up in animal shelters.

These are not always just abandoned and mistreated animals. There are many reasons why an owner must separate from his beloved pet.

However, if you must give up an animal for whatever reason, the shelter should only be the last resort.

First, try to find someone in the circle of friends and acquaintances who wants to take the animal.

New, loving owners can often be found among your close connections.

If the Shelter Is the Only Alternative

If, despite all attempts, you cannot find anyone for your pet, the shelter is often the last chance.

Do not just leave the animal there but ask if they have any space beforehand.

Unfortunately, many facilities are so overcrowded that no new animals can be accepted.

If this is the case, the staff will certainly be happy to help you with how to place the animal elsewhere.

An animal shelter is not legally obliged to accept an animal.

However, if there is room, it will not be a problem to give up the animal.

Most likely, an admission fee will be charged, which may vary depending on the animal and medical care.

Since the shelters are largely financed by donations, this fee is urgently needed for the care of the animal and all costs incurred.

Tip: An animal shelter is not an animal hotel. If you need accommodation for your pet during the holiday period, please contact an appropriate pet hotel or store. However, some shelters offer such a service. Find out more at the shelter in your area.

How Can I Support the Shelter Near Me?

Every shelter needs support, whether through financial or voluntary assistance.

This ensures the preservation of facilities and thus the welfare of the animals.

The best support is always to adopt an animal. But there are also other ways to help through donations or animal mediation.

Animal Shelters Have Very High Expenses

Most of the shelters are run by non-profit associations and therefore have only low financial income with very high fixed costs for food, rent, medical care, wages, etc.

The main sources of income are membership fees, donations, animal sponsorships, community contributions as well as fees for contributions.

A shelter cannot survive on the revenue it generates from the supply of animals. It therefore needs the constant help of supportive animal lovers.

Active Assistance in The Shelter

Active Assistance in The Shelter

In addition to donations of money and food, volunteers offer themselves as a service to the animal shelters.

This can involve cleaning the enclosures, building new stables, or helping at events.

If you want to get involved directly with the animals, you can get involved as a cat prankster and entertainer or go for a walk with the animal shelter dogs.

You can also become a member of the shelter’s sponsoring association and support it with your annual membership fee.

Even a one-time donation can make an important contribution.

In addition, you can also help the shelters by making small contributions, for example by persuading other people to adopt an animal and thus actively working for the animal welfare.

Working with Animals: Your Dream Job?

Many people dream of working with animals every day.

If you would like to get a taste of what it is like in animal shelters, it is best to ask for an internship or to ask about the possibility of a volunteer program.

It is best to check with the shelter in your area if you are looking to help in any way.

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