Dental Chews For Dogs – Do They Help Or Just A Waste Of Money?

There are a ton of available treats in the market that you could choose from and give to your lovely dogs. One of those is dental chews. Choosing the treat for your dogs is quite the hard decision to make. So before buying doggy dental chews, you first need to know everything about them.

What Are Dental Chews and How Do They Work?

Dental chews are treats made for your dogs to chew on and are claimed to clean their teeth, make their gums healthier resulting in improved dental health, and gives them a fresher breath.

Dental chews are built with ridges so that it can clean your dog’s teeth from bacteria and debris.

Are They Beneficial for Your Dogs?

Are They Beneficial for Your Dogs?

Absolutely. Dental chews are like a third hand that cleans your dog’s teeth. There are times when your dog is uncooperative when brushing its teeth. There are also parts of their mouths that are hard to reach.

So definitely, dental chews are highly recommended. But remember, they should not replace brushing their teeth but adding them to the dental cleaning process.

What Are the Risks of Dental Chews?

What Are the Risks of Dental Chews?

The following are the risks associated with buying and giving your dogs dental chews:

  • Choking 
  • Tooth breakage
  • Food poisoning due to bacteria

As they are beneficial, they also come with risks. It is widely known that dental chews can clean and enhance your dogs’ dental health, but what most people do not know is that some dogs are actually more aggressive in chewing than other dogs, especially bigger dog breeds. 

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This can be a choking hazard because when dogs chew aggressively, they would not chew them well and could potentially choke them to death. 

Dental chews can also damage your dog’s teeth as they are sometimes tough and hard to bite on, smaller breeds are usually susceptible to this risk. 

Lastly, these dental chews are hotspots of bacterial growth and parasites and can harm your dogs when they eat them. What happens is that these dental chews are just usually laid anywhere after your dog chews on them or after they are done playing with them.

Bacteria and parasites can attach themselves to the dental chews and can infect your innocent dogs. So, make sure to keep or throw leftover dental chews away.

What Should You Consider Before Buying Dental Chews?

What Should You Consider Before Buying Dental Chews?

You must consider the following:

  • Dog breed.
  • Clean space
  • Brand of the dental chew
  • Dental chew’s characteristics and benefits

You should consider your dog breed before buying dental chews to lessen the risk of choking or other possible risks such as tooth breakages. You also should consider how clean the space is to avoid the risk of bacterial & parasite infections and food poisoning.

Do not forget to research the brand of the dental chews that you are planning to buy, what benefits it gives, and how hard they are for your dog’s teeth. Quick tip, if you can’t put a dent on the dental chews using your nails, then they are probably too hard for your dog to handle.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

Dental chews can help improve your dog’s dental health. You just have to pitch in and consider your dog’s breed, age, size, and behavioral tendencies. Do not also forget to consistently clean and check the surroundings for possible hazards. Remember too that dogs can choke on dental chews so be wary and monitor them closely.

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Lastly, these dental chews are an excellent thing to add to your dog’s teeth cleaning regimen. You can also buy added enzymes to help fight and reduce bacteria buildup in your dog’s mouth.

There are also flavors like mint that can make your dog’s breath fresher. If they love it, then they will surely want it forever!

Important: This article is for informational purposes only. We always recommend that you go to a trusted vet with your pet first.