Are Rice Cakes Good for Dogs and Their Digestion?

Are rice cakes good for dogs? A healthy diet is essential not only for us humans but also for our four-legged friends. A sufficient supply of all vital vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and other nutrients is also mandatory for dogs. The age of the dog must also be taken into account when selecting the proper diet plan.

For example, a puppy needs a different composition of its diet plan than an older dog. In general, meat is on the menu for most dogs. But what about carbohydrates?

Are cereal flakes, barley or rye scrap, cooked pasta, potatoes, or even cooked rice good for our four-legged friend? This question causes uncertainty among many dog owners. Can a dog even digest the carbohydrates of boiled rice? What needs to be considered during preparation?

Are Dogs Allowed to Eat Rice Cakes? Yes!

Dogs may eat rice as a popular staple food. In theory, a dog could even eat it every day. If a dog has been prescribed gentle food, rice is even optimal. They should not be consumed in large quantities by dogs only in extreme cases like diarrhea.

are rice cakes good for dogs

Which Type of Rice is Suitable?

In general, all types are suitable. Wholegrain is exceptionally high in fiber. Rice also contains valuable vitamins, nutrients, and trace elements. Of course, the quality of the feed is also paramount. It should be free of pesticides, other contaminants, and pollutants.


How is Rice Prepared for Dogs Properly?

It should be boiled as fresh as possible in only slightly salted water, and should not necessarily be pre-cooked for the next day.

Rice must reach at least a core temperature of 65 degrees Celsius during warm-up.

Our Recommendation: Cooked Rice With Delicious Vegetables For Your Four-legged Friend

Supposed the dog is also served delicious freshly cooked vegetables with the cooked rice. In this case, the meal is additionally enriched with valuable vitamins and fiber.

Special recommendations are carrots, peppers, zucchini, and kohlrabi. A bowl of milk rice for the dog is also welcome. However, this should be boiled with water and without sugar.

Can I Feed My Dog With Rice Cakes Without Hesitation?

Cooked rice cake is often used as a gentle food in dog nutrition, as it is very easy to digest. Also, it is a good supplier of high-quality energy.

If your dog is put on a gentle diet due to illness or other problems, rice with boiled chicken and carrots is a good option. Of course, spices and salts should be avoided.

Each dog is different, so you should test whether your dog tolerates it well. You can start with a small amount.

Mix the rice with some meat – this is where minced meat is used – or with the dried food you are currently feeding.
You can then find out if it is a compatible food for your dog.

Important: if the dog food you use already has high rice content, you should not add more to it. Your dog can not expand that much carbohydrates all at once, resulting in digestive problems.

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Dogs need a balanced and healthy diet. This means that they need a balanced ratio of all essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.
This is where the age of the dog and the physical condition come into play. An older dog no longer as active needs fewer proteins and carbohydrates than a young, energetic dog. However, meat should be the central part (approx. 50-70%) in older dogs.

How Much Rice Cakes Can I Give My Dog?

This is a popular staple food that dogs are also allowed to consume. Since dogs are now almost considered Omnivores (all-eaters), the food’s central part should remain meat.

However, if the feed has a rice content of 15-20%, this is still in the acceptable area. Carbohydrates, however, should by no means constitute the central part of the diet.

This leads to digestive problems such as diarrhea, gastrointestinal cramps, and sometimes excessive weight gain in your dog, which also harms your dog’s health.

Is white rice the same as wholegrain? Can’t my dog eat certain types of rice? There is no cause for concern here. All types are suitable for dogs, but wholegrain has more fiber than white rice. Whole grain rice should, therefore, be digested a little more easily. As with all foods, the origin and quality play an essential role.

Under no circumstances should rice heavily sprayed with pesticides or contaminated be used in a dog’s meal. Would you, as a human being, eat this type of food? If your answer is yes, then feel free to add it to your dog’s meal bowl. Otherwise, discard it at all costs.

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