Is the Australian Shepherd Good with Kids?

There will always be a number of factors that you will need to consider when choosing a dog, and one of those factors has to do with kids. If you are planning to bring an Australian Shepherd home, one question you may wonder is “Is the Australian Shepherd good with kids?”.

australian shepherd good with kids

Are Australian Shepherds Friendly?

Australian Shepherds are charming dogs, especially for people who enjoy dogs with a jovial and playful personality. Something very typical of them is that they always maintain their puppy attitude, so regardless of age they are capable of making you smile with their childhood antics and games.

This characteristic of their temperament makes them ideal companions for the children in the house – they form bonds that make them very faithful and devoted. This is true for the rest of the family, but the energy of the little ones is part of their own nature, so the connection is instantaneous.

Australian Shepherds are protective and have very fine senses, which makes them great guard dogs; they will sound the alarm before strangers and protect their flock with great courage. This can make them a bit difficult to deal with when dealing with strangers.

Being energetic and highly intelligent dogs, they get bored easily. If they are not taught and especially stimulated properly, they can develop destructive behaviors like damaging home furniture, especially when they spend long periods of time alone at home.

Is the Australian Shepherd Good with Kids?

are australian shepherds friendly

As a good herding dog, the Aussie looks for a flock to take care of. Kids are for them so tender and vulnerable, worthy of their care like the lambs and sheep of their traditional past, and that is why they will always seek to take care of them.

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As their temperament is that of puppies for life, they greatly enjoy the energy of the little ones at home, with whom they will have a perpetual playmate that will stimulate them more than any other member of the household.

They are also extremely affectionate with all the members of their family, but their affinity towards kids is noteworthy. Together with their spirit and willingness to play, their ability to give love leads them to form lasting bonds that can become very significant for a growing child.

Being protective by nature, they become very territorial and will defend their family members fiercely from any stranger. In addition, they can be very receptive which allows them to know the needs and determine when danger lurks.

One problem that must be worked on so that the relationship between these dogs and the kids is positive, is the powerful instinct of the herding dog who will seek to herd them to go and do what they want. This can cause some casual bites, but when they learn that this should not be done, they will dedicate themselves to protect, play and take care of their little humans.

It is also necessary to teach the kids the correct way to deal with a dog, to respect it. A valuable life lesson that will undoubtedly enrich the child’s development. For all this, it is very beneficial to have a family dog like the Aussie as a companion for your children.

Do Aussies Bark a Lot?

do aussies bark a lot

One of the main responsibilities of herding dogs is to protect their flocks from attacks by predators that may stalk them, so being guardians is part of their nature. The presence of intruders or threats awakens their instinct.

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This can be extremely useful when they are expected to protect the house; however, if they are not taught correctly and are not socialized, it can be problematic as they become extremely distrustful of strangers, staying distant and barking insistently.

An effective way to avoid these behaviors is to accustom them to being in contact with different people since they are still puppies. When bringing them home, it is good to socialize them with visitors or take them to the park where they can interact with other people so they won’t feel insecure or distrustful.

If this is not done properly, they can try to herd these strangers by nipping at their heels, barking insistently, or acting very distrustful and distant. But by training the Australian Shepherd puppy and teaching them the correct way to behave, they are wonderful companions capable of interacting and sharing with their family and all the friends who visit the house, while still being great guardians.