Dogs and Allergies: Is the Australian Shepherd Hypoallergenic?

The Australian Shepherd is one of the most dear friends of most people. But dog allergy is a hindrance to allergy sufferers. Learn about Australian Shepherds allergies and, more importantly, “Is the Australian Shepherd hypoallergenic?”.

is the australian shepherd hypoallergenic

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Is the Australian Shepherd hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, the Australian Shepherd is not hypoallergenic.

The term dog allergy easily leads to the assumption that it is the hair that the allergy sufferer suffers from. That is not right. The allergic reaction occurs to protein-containing components in the dog’s sweat, saliva, sebum or urine. These fine components can be found in the air, on clothing, carpeting, bed linen and furniture.

From there, they are inhaled by the dog owner. The mucous membranes are sensitive to the allergens. The eyes begin to itch, tear and burn. Allergy sufferers often have red eyes. In addition, there are regular sneezing attacks that are associated with runny nose.

In some allergy sufferers, these relatively mild symptoms persist even after long-term contact with Australian Shepherds. Other allergy sufferers are less fortunate. In their case, the bronchi narrow so that asthma attacks join the sneezing attacks. That’s not funny. In an emergency, asthma attacks can lead to death by suffocation.

Dog allergy is always present

Allergies are a misdirected reaction of the immune system. This means that the body combats substances (animal proteins) without these substances posing a threat to the body. To do this, the body produces antibodies that can be detected in the blood.

A dog allergy can develop without permanent contact with dogs. Often, a short visit to a friend who has a dog like Australian Shepherd is enough to trigger the allergic reaction. Aussie hair stuck to other people’s clothing can also be responsible for triggering symptoms. This means that the dog allergy does not only occur in your own four walls, but is always present.

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Anti-allergy vacuum cleaner relieves symptoms

While allergy sufferers are relatively helpless in the face of environmental influences, they can take precautions within their own four walls. A specialized vacuum cleaner like the Bissel Cleanview Rewind Pet is particularly suitable for removing dog hair from all surfaces. All surfaces are cleaned thoroughly with this vacuum cleaner. In addition, the dust remains sealed in the dirt tank.

For allergy sufferers who do not want to do without animal lovers, the special vacuum cleaner is a serious alternative.

Use modern medicine against symptoms

Once the allergic reactions are there, only resorting to medicine will help. The offer is large nowadays because the allergy triggers are well researched. In acute cases, inhalation sprays help dilate the bronchi. Special nasal sprays make the nasal mucous membranes swell.

There are eye drops for red, itchy, burning eyes. Anti-allergic drugs in tablet form, which are taken once a day, help with permanent prevention. All drugs contain antihistamines. Immunotherapy can contribute to permanent freedom from symptoms.

Ultimately, every allergy sufferer has to decide together with their doctor which route is best for them. In any case, the safest method is to avoid dog hair like the Australian Shepherd.