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Basic Equipment for Apartment Cats

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Cats are sophisticated creatures. If they are not satisfied with their living conditions, they will make you pay for it.

It is not uncommon for a cat to do its business in the laundry basket or to pee on your pillow in a fit of anger. To prevent this, its necessities need to be given high priority.

Below we shall discuss all the essential items needed for home-based cats.

Litter Box

Litter Box

Other pets have less stringent demand for their toilet spots. For example, dogs have a place to sleep and a place to eat, and it only does its toilet business outside.

Since you probably would not let your cat out three times a day, you always need a standby toilet at home for it.

By the way, it is recommended to set up several cat toilets. This is because many cats have very sensitive noses and are reluctant to do their business when their toilet is already full.

They might end of pooping on the carpet or tile floor, as a replacement. If you have more than one cat, then it is a no-brainer to get more than one toilet.

A rule of thumb is that you should always have one extra toilet than the total number of cats. For most owners, this method has proven effective, as cats simply like having multiple options for their toilet needs.

Even if it sometimes stinks too much, open cat toilets are preferable to its closed variants. This is not always nice to look at, but it is always better for the cat.

Ask yourself, would you feel comfortable if you were in a tight box? If, however, you still prefer the closed version, you can at least remove the door flap and give the cat some freedom.

There are countless versions of cat litters in the market. Some variants are very finely grained like sand, while other variants are coarser. There are litters which consist of small stones or wooden pellets.

Even perfumed litter is commercially available. But this is rather something of a luxury for cat owners and not necessarily for the cats.

Feeding Place and Watering Place

Feeding Place and Watering Place

Several fixed places would be needed for stationing the cat food bowls. One of them should contain fresh water around the clock, while the other should be designated for cat food.

The two bowls should be placed in different places, preferably in different rooms. This is because if the food and drink are too close to each other, the cats could despise the water bowl.

Instinctively, cats avoid water points next to their food. This is probably due to the odorless nature of water, as compared to food.

It does not matter whether the bowls are pink, silver, or black. It also does not matter if they are made of metal or plastic.

It is only important that the bowls are not too deep, or the cat’s body fur might impede their feeding patterns. This is unpleasant for these sensitive animals.

Sleeping Place

If you already have cats, you probably already know that cats spend much of their day sleeping. Sometimes 15 hours a day. For this you need a quiet and cozy place.

But be careful, while you can simply assign your place to a dog, a cat prefers to choose its own one. Cats have their own mindset.

It is therefore advisable to provide them with several options at the same time. A blanket on the windowsill, a pillow in front of the balcony door, or a cat bed in the closet.

Kennel (Transport Box)

Kennel (Transport Box)

A transport box is one of the items your cat certainly needs. With this box you can take them to the vet for their annual vaccination without much problems.

As with food bowls, the color does not matter, but a few requirements are needed regarding the material of the box.

A cardboard box is not suitable, as cats can tear it down in a fraction of a second if they sense that they are exposed to danger.

If you bought a plastic box and put a small blanket in it, this is a good start. However, please pay attention to the closure of the box. It should not be too easy to open.

It is recommended to get transport boxes with an additional door at the top. Cats would not always want to go into the box voluntarily, as they can guess what is in store for them.

However, they can usually be placed relatively easily from above into the transport box.

If you already have most of the things mentioned above, then congratulations as you have taken the first step in providing your cat with their basic needs.

Although if you plan to keep a purely apartment cat, then you should think about some additional home furnishings. There are things that your fur-nosed friend might enjoy, and your furniture will thank you!

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