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9 Best Dog Groomers in Lexington, KY

If you are looking for the best dog groomer in Lexington, KY, we have composed a list of them. Read on to learn more about their services.

Happy Hounds Grooming, LLC

The Lexington area’s Best Grooming Facility is Happy Hounds Grooming. The expert groomers cater to all breeds and sizes of dogs. The owner holds a degree in animal arts from the Nash Academy of Animal Arts.

You can choose from two types of grooms at Happy Hounds Grooming: a mini groom, which consists only of a bath and nail trim, or a full groom, which includes shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaning, paw pad treatment, and gland expression.

You can learn more about prices at Happy Hounds Grooming by contacting them.

Best Dog Groomers in Lexington, KY

Pawlished Pets Salon and Spa

Their groomers are only trained by Nash Academy of Animal Arts graduates and have over ten years of experience grooming dogs. It is with great pride that Pawlished takes great care of your pet.

This grooming salon provides all the services you would expect such as baths, blow-drys, brushes, clipping and haircuts, nail trims, gland expression, and more. Dog fashionistas at the store can choose funky styles, fur colors, or even nail art to give their dogs a brand new look.

Pawlished Pets Salon and Spa offers a variety of services at competitive prices.

Big Blue Dog Spaw

Established three years ago, Big Blue Dog Spaw is conveniently located in Clays Mill Plaza in Lexington. With over 10 years of grooming experience, our groomers are experienced in all breeds, shapes, and sizes.

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At Big Blue Dog Spaw, there are several packages to choose from. A bath package includes shampoo, brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, paw pad shaving, gland expression, and an adorable bandana to top it all off.

A tidy package includes those services, in addition to a light trim of the legs, face, and sanitary areas. For their haircut package, your pup will receive these services, as well as a complete haircut.

Please contact Big Blue Dog Spaw for more information on prices based on the size of your dog.

Earth Dog Spa & Apawthecary

Pet grooming salons in Lexington can’t compare to Earth Dog Spa’s 100% natural pet grooming services. They believe in delivering you a clean pet while staying environmentally friendly and have almost 20 years of experience in the pet grooming business.

The “Apawthecary” not only offers grooming services but also supplements, ointments, essential oils, and grooming products made from natural ingredients.

‘Earth Dog’s basic bath service (from $35-$65+) includes a shampoo and conditioner, nail trimming and filing, an ear cleaning, tooth brushing, paw pad, sanitary trimming, and de-shedding treatment (optional). With the tidy service ($48 – $75+) you get the face, feet, rear, chest, and skirt areas trimmed as well.

There is a full grooming service available for $54 – $150, and there is also a puppy grooming package for $35 – 45, which includes trimming the face, feet, and tail.

You can find out more about prices by contacting Earth Dog Spa.

D & S Canine Designs

Dedicated to offering high-quality pet grooming at an affordable price, D & S Canine Designs provides high-end grooming services for the furry companions of Lexington residents. Donna and Somer, the owners, are both graduates of the Nash Academy of Animal Arts, and both have extensive experience in this industry.

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At D & S you can pick from a variety of packages, all of which include ear cleaning, sanitary trim, nail trim, brush, and a bath. Consider upgrading to the tidy package for a trim of the feet, head, and face, or opt for the full package that includes a full-body haircut and style. Puppy options, creative coloring, and de-shedding are also available.

Obtain an estimate from D & S by contacting the crew.

Pet Paws Self Serve Pet Wash & Grooming Salon

You can jump in and get messy at Pet Paws, Lexington’s only self-service dog wash! If you prefer, you can also have your pet groomed by accredited, professional groomers on site. They will ensure that your dog is in the most capable hands.

Self-serve wash options include a hairdryer, towels, a high-velocity dryer, basic shampoo, and waist-high tub and grooming tools like ear cleaners, shedding brushes, nail clippers, and brushes. Ear cleaning, haircutting, trimming, drying, and bathing are all aspects of grooming services offered.

For more information on prices, contact Pet Paws.

Absolutely Paws-itive

When it comes to pet styling, the groomers at Absolutely Paws-itive have over 30 years of combined experience. If you’re looking to give your pup a simple bath and a freshen-up or if you’re in the market for a completely revamped haircut, the team has you covered in a safe, stress-free environment.

Several grooming packages are available at Absolutely Paws-itive, including ear cleaning, nail trimming, various haircut and trim options, drying, a shampoo bath, and a cute bandana or bow to top it all off. Prices are determined by the dog’s breed, age, size, and coat condition.

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For more information, contact Absolutely Paws-itive.

Petitude Grooming Salon

Pets at Petitude Grooming Salon are not only groomed well when they leave, but their teeth, ears, eyes, coat, and skin are also checked. By being alerted to anything abnormal, they provide your four-legged friend with the highest quality care possible. The groomers Debbie and Teresa both graduated from the Nash Academy of Animal Arts, and they are both passionate about dogs.

There are many grooming services at Petitide, including blueberry facial styling, sanitary trimming, gland expression, ear cleaning, nail trimming, drying, conditioning treatments, and bathing with natural shampoos. Both dogs and cats can be groomed, and prices vary based on breed, size, temperament, and coat condition.

For an estimate, contact Petitude Grooming Salon.

Animal Care Clinic

The Lexington-based Animal Care Clinic offers a wide range of pet care services. The company provides diagnostics, dentistry, reproductive services, and pet grooming services for over 33 years. Pet groomers maintain the skin and coat, reducing shedding, odors, and pet dander.

In addition, the company offers wellness programs that include laboratory testing, vaccinations, parasite prevention, and physical exams. Clients are treated like family and all of its facilities provide a warm and comfortable environment. The American Animal Hospital Association is the clinic’s associate member.

For more information, visit Animal Care Clinic.

And there you have it. These are all the best dog groomers in Lexington, KY if ever you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable center.