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16 Best Dog Rescues in Scotland

Here are the 16 best dog shelters in Scotland that we featured in this article. You can find out about their activities by reading on.

Disclosure: This website, including this post, contains information and education only, and should not be construed as professional advice. We have compiled this article from websites associated with the organizations, businesses, and facilities named in this article. Neither this website nor the article below has been paid for by the organizations, businesses, and facilities listed. Before making any pet-related decisions, please do your own due diligence and consult a professional in your area.

Best Dog Rescues in Scotland

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

Founded in 1883, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home welcomes dogs and cats of all breeds. It was founded by a team of animal-loving residents from Edinburgh and the Lothians. Growing demand has prompted the organization to expand to assist more animals in need.

The dog rescue center remains dedicated to rescuing, reuniting, rehabilitating, and rehoming lost and stray animals. Furthermore, EDCH has committed itself to maintain a safe environment for mistreated or unwanted animals to live out their lives in a forever home.

There is no restriction on which pets can come into EDCH, regardless of their condition. The list includes pets in poor physical condition, behavioral problems, health problems, or mental health issues. Before they can be re-homed, the pets that are found and brought to this rescue center receive top-quality vet care.

Discover how you can adopt a pet from Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home by contacting the friendly animal lovers there. Donations, fundraising, sponsorships for kennels and cats, volunteering, and gifts in wills can also support the rescue.

Dog Aid Society of Scotland

The organization running this dog rescue is a Scottish Non-profit Charitable Incorporated Organization. It is funded entirely by members, legacies, and donations, and receives no government funding. The Edinburgh Dog Rescue Association was established in 1956 to help pups of all shapes, sizes, and breeds find loving homes.

As part of their commitment to the wellbeing of each dog that walks through their doors, Dog Aid Society of Scotland teaches parents about pet ownership, provides veterinary assistance for pets in need, and provides neutering vouchers and pet waste disposal bags.

Additionally, the organization provides financial assistance through its neutering and veterinary assistance programs. Check out the Dog Aid Society of Scotland’s catalog of available pets to see if you’re interested in adopting.

You can learn more about this dog rescue organization’s services, adopt a dog, or inquire about their rehoming process as you make a donation.

Scottish SPCA

In 1930, the Animal Welfare Charity of Scotland was founded in Balerno. It provides services to pet owners in Edinburgh and the Lothians. It has evolved from being a horse rescue farm to accommodate reptiles, snakes, rodents, equines, small birds, fish, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, and dogs.

There are dedicated rescue officers at this organization who offer emergency assistance to animals in need. Police officers respond to various types of rescue situations, including trapped animals.

Pets rescued by Scottish SPCA receive lots of love and care until they can be reunited with their families. The Fishcross National Wildlife Rescue Centre provides first-class medical care for pets in need. No healthy animal is ever euthanized by the organization.

Parents can also adopt pets from the rescue center. For more information about Scottish SPCA or to donate, contact their friendly team.

Mrs. Murray’s Cat and Dog Home

This registered animal shelter provides loving care to lost, abandoned, and stray animals. Every year, over 1500 animals are helped at Mrs. Murray’s Cat and Dog Home in Aberdeen.

Mrs. Susan Murray founded the home in 1889. Originally a refuge for stray animals, the shelter has grown to include rehoming and pet care services. The charity depends solely on the public, legacies, well-wishers, and donations.

In addition to dog boarding services, the organization offers microchipping, finding lost pets, and rehoming services for pets whose owners cannot care for their animals.

A series of vaccinations and flea treatments are administered to pets rescued by police and local dog wardens. If you are interested in adopting or donating to this dog rescue, contact Mrs. Murray.

Dog Action Workshop Group Scotland

Established by Mike Gibb, Jill Inggall, Brenda Rae, and Karen Sutherland in 1994, DAWGS is a registered Scottish charity. Initially, the Aberdeen-based group helped out other animal charities before re-homing animals for a local veterinarian.

They founded the organization because they believed in the value of each pet and their right to a loving home. With over 3000 dogs re-homed since its inception, DAWGS has earned a reputation as a truly caring animal rescue organization.

Dogs in need, unwanted dogs, strays, and families who no longer can care for their dogs are just some of the services that DAWGS offers. Before adopting a dog, the team of dog-lovers makes sure that it receives the proper medical care and that prospective parents are thoroughly vetted.

Those wishing to support DAWGS can donate, volunteer, become a member of the DAWGS best friend scheme, fundraise and sponsor, leave a will or legacy, or adopt a pet.

Dogs Trust

One of the country’s largest dog welfare charities, Dogs Trust was founded in 1891. The dog rescue organization in Glasgow helps reunite abandoned and stray dogs with their new owners for a long and happy life.

Animals can be brought to the organization’s centers for treatment, rehabilitation, and rehoming at convenient locations around the nation. Aside from dog training, Dogs Trust also offers dog care, dog schooling, and behavioral modification.

There are several ways for you to get involved with this dog rescue organization, including sponsorship, fundraising, membership, philanthropy, corporate partnerships, and more.

Rehoming is also available through Dogs Trust for pet owners who are no longer able to take care of their beloved pets. Pet parents are inspected and interviewed thoroughly so that the pet is placed in a loving home.

Learn more about Dogs Trust’s work by reaching out to their team of animal lovers as you make a donation.

Scottish Animal Welfare

Pets in Glasgow can receive rescue, care, rehab, and adoption services from Scottish Animal Welfare. It is a 24-hour animal welfare organization that assists injured, distressed, or threatened animals.

As part of its services, the animal rescue organization treats ill and injured animals, rescues wildlife, rehomes animals, and facilitates the adoption of animals for potential owners.

If you would like to support the Scottish Animal Welfare organization, you can donate, report animal cruelty, or adopt a pet. If you have further questions or need advice on how to take better care of your pet, feel free to contact the rescue facility.

Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society

Rescue charity PADS is located in Perth. Unwanted, abandoned, stray, and lost pets are offered food, care, and shelter at the dog rescue center. As an animal lover devoted to animals, Sylvia Hales founded the facility in 1985.

Having discovered the deplorable conditions in a Perth dog pound, Sylvia led a team of pet lovers to create a happy, healthy environment for animals in need.

Currently, PADS hosts over 30 dogs in kennels and has a small hospital unit to provide veterinary care and post-operative recovery for rescued animals. In addition, the facility has a mother and baby room where new parents can feed and care for their puppies in a relaxed, hygienic setting.

It is possible to help PADS by alerting them to stray dogs, adopting a dog, or making a donation. Learn about the services offered by PADS by getting in touch with their friendly staff.

Animal Rescue Centre Arbroath

Arbroath, the largest town in Angus, is home to this small animal rescue charity. A lot of the dogs in the shelter are unwanted, lost, or stray, so the facility tries to find them loving forever homes.

Dogs of all breeds and sizes are served by the Animal Rescue Centre Arbroath, including rescue, rehabilitation, treatment, and re-homing. Browse their pet inventory and rehomed animals to find out what they do at the rescue charity.

Also, you can donate to the center, volunteer to take care of the kennel, walk the dogs, do office work, do maintenance work, socialize rabbits, and fundraise. Find out more about Animal Rescue Arbroath’s services and adopt a pet while making a donation.

Islay Dog Rescue

Lorrain Jardine and the volunteers at Glen Islay Farm operate this dog rescue facility in Ayrshire. It is Lorraine’s mission to rescue dogs on death row and to provide unwanted, homeless, and abused dogs with the loving care and support they deserve.

Dedicated to re-homing pets to their best possible homes, Islay Dog Rescue carries out thorough inspections to ensure all pets are placed in loving homes. Through its not-for-profit organization, hundreds of pets have been adopted successfully since 2011.

Services offered by the facility include health and behavioral assessments, veterinary health checks, neutering, spaying, flea treatment, and deworming to all rescued pets. Occasionally, Lorraine and her staff rehome pets whose parents can no longer care for them properly.

For more information about adopting, fostering, or donating to Islay Dog Rescue, please contact them.

Borders Pet Rescue

Located in Earlston, this pet rescue provides rescue and rehoming services to household pets. Established in 1988, the charity organization focuses on encouraging responsible pet ownership and rehabilitating unwanted or abandoned pets.

Over 200 animals are served each year by Borders Pet Rescue, including dogs of all breeds and sizes. In addition to neutering, the center also offers stray, feral, and unwanted dog removal services.

As part of its animal-loving mission, this animal rescue organization provides microchipping, child support and education, as well as pet adoption services. The website provides access to all types of pets for adoption, including dogs, cats, exotics, and small furry animals.

You can also donate to this organization, sponsor a kennel, fundraise, leave a legacy, volunteer, or participate in an event. Learn more about Borders Pet Rescue and offer your support by getting in touch with them.

Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels

The BARK charity in Berwick Upon Tweed is a registered charity. Its mission is to rescue and rehome unwanted and stray pets. In addition to the Scottish Border, the facility operates in other areas within 60 miles of its kennels.

Besides providing medical attention to all rescued animals, this rescue company specializes in mental and behavioral assessments as well as helping to locate lost or found animals. In the event that you cannot care for your pet, BARK can help you re-home it with a suitable family.

You can read through this rescue organization’s list of things to consider before applying for adoption if you’re looking for a new furry companion to share your life with. Additionally, you can browse through the portfolio of rescued and surrendered pets seeking new homes.

Become a volunteer, make a donation, or donate products through BARK’s rescue shop to help the organization. Learn more about their services by contacting the facility directly.

Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre

The facility was founded in 2003 near Glencaple in Dumfries. A strong support network exists among the local community and the media for the canine rescue center. The registered charity provides services in all parts of Galloway and Dumfries.

More than 4000 dogs have been re-homed through the Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre since it opened in 1999. There is a dedicated group of dog lovers who devote their time to running this rescue center, maintaining the upgraded and refurbished facilities, raising funds, and providing pet parents with advice on how to care for newly adopted pets.

In addition to stray dogs, this rescue organization also offers pet location services and behavioral modification. As part of the adoption process, the facility offers a simple but thorough 5-step pet adoption process that includes post-adoption follow-up services to ensure the new family member is safe.

Volunteer, join, fundraise, sponsor a pet, shop, donate, leave a legacy, and join the Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre. To learn more about this rescue organization, contact their friendly team.

Until Every Dog Has a Home

In Aberdeenshire, this charity rehabilitates and re-homes abandoned, strays, and found dogs. It accepts dogs of all breeds and sizes and specializes in pups with behavioral issues and aggression.

Since its inception, Until Every Dog Has a Home has been helping troubled dogs including those with bite histories. They are often abandoned in shelters, without anyone to guide them through their challenges or adopt them.

The rescue center provides rehabilitation services to these troubled pets and teaches them the discipline and skills they need to smooth over and blend into a happy, permanent home. UEDHAH uses innovative, humane, science-backed behavioral modification methods to help aggressive dogs succeed in their new homes.

A donation to this rescue organization, or purchasing items on the facility’s Amazon wish list, can help. To learn more about adopting a dog, please contact Until Every Dog Has a Home.

Edinburgh Samoyed Rescue

The organization provides loving care and attention to animals as part of its mission. Among the dogs served by the rescue facility in Edinburgh are dogs of all breeds and sizes. This includes those too old or with health conditions that prevent them from being adopted.

In addition to vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, and microchipping, Edinburgh Samoyed Rescue offers a variety of services to rescued dogs. During the adoption process, a thorough inspection and home check are performed to make sure the dog will be placed in a safe, secure environment.

The Edinburgh Samoyed Rescue can be supported through voluntary work, fundraising, online shopping, donating, or adoption. For more information about ASR dog rescue, get in touch with their friendly team.

Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary

As an independent charity, Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary (SGS) was founded in 2008 and has no affiliation with the racing industry. Volunteers contribute to the running of SGS. Most of them have jobs, families, and dogs of their own, but they are devoted to rescuing and rehoming abused or neglected greyhounds and lurchers.

The racing industry and the government do not fund SGS. The funds they receive come solely from donations, grants, and volunteers’ fundraising efforts.
Take a look at SGS’s website to learn more about the company.

Best Dog Rescues in Scotland – Summary

And there you have it. Above are all the best dog rescues that you can find in Scotland. We hope you will find time to pay one of them a visit someday.