14 Shockingly Different Types of German Shepherds Breeds

The German Shepherd is a very well-known breed worldwide. They have always been identified for their work in the Security Forces, and have even been used to shoot films and series on this subject. Their aesthetics leave no one indifferent. They are elegant, large dogs and have a force that imposes.

However, it is not widely known that there are different types of German Shepherds breeds. We are usually used to that black and brown fur that characterizes them, but it is not always like that. This breed has many variants and we will explain each one of them throughout this article.

different types of german shepherds breeds

What Type of Dog is a German Shepherd?

As their name suggests, the German Shepherd is a breed of sheepdog from Germany. Their origin dates back to 1899, when it was developed by Maximilian von Stephanitz . The objective was to give life to an animal that would accompany the workers dedicated to the work of the field, especially in the task of protecting and guiding the flocks of sheep.

Likewise, it is a breed that is characterized by having a flexible, muscular and strong body. For this reason, it is considered an excellent guard dog, which is why it is also trained today as a police dog.

The German Shepherd has a life expectancy of 15 years and is usually identified by their black coat with brown areas. Still, it is not a generic characteristic as there are different types of German Shepherd. This is because the breed has been developed in different parts of the world over the years. If you want to know each of the particularities of this dog, you just have to keep reading.

What are the Different Types of German Shepherds Breeds?

The German Shepherd, regardless of its type, is a playful, sociable and intelligent dog that has earned the sympathy of most people. Likewise, it has a balanced character, is not dependent on its owner, but it does show him loyalty.

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Despite the characteristics that all types of German Shepherd have in common, other qualities cause them to differ greatly from each other. In this section we will explain the singularities of each one of them.

Types of German Shepherd by function

First of all, the German Shepherd is divided into two types taking into account the role they play.

1. Companion German Shepherd

The companion German Shepherd is one that is kept as a pet, fulfilling the function that any other breed can carry out in a home. For example, their day to day will be based on caring for your family.

2. Working German Shepherd

In this case, the dog is used to perform some type of work, which can be carried out in the field, on a farm or, as we have said before, in the Security Forces. These, in general, have a greater musculature, a characteristic that allows them to act as police or guard dogs.

It should be noted that although this is their main function, they are also good housemates, especially in families that enjoy playing sports with their pets.

The working German Shepherd can have different shades and have long or short hair, although it usually presents with the most common color pattern: the sable.

Types of German Shepherd by origin

Another way to classify this breed is by paying attention to its origin. This form includes specifications about the role that the dog should play.

1. American Show Line German Shepherd

They are bred in North America primarily to appear in dog competitions. They are characterized by having a proportionate and muscular body, with hard and rough fur. If we compare this type with the European varieties, they are usually taller.

As this classification only depends on the place of origin , the color can vary among all those that the German Shepherd presents: sable, black, white or bicolor.

The personality of this German Shepherd is laid back. In this way, they are perfect to fulfill the role of a companion dog. They stand out for being agile and playful, and they love spending time with their owners.

2. West German Show Line German Shepherd

This variety tends to attract more attention at first glance, since breeders are concerned with obtaining proportionate dogs that meet all the characteristics required by the breed standards. Thus, they stand out for their beauty and good character.

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3. East German Working Line German Shepherd

These working dogs are characterized by being intelligent and intuitive. For this reason, they are trained to handle stressful situations. Although they are so professionally dedicated, as pets they are calm, loyal and protective .

4. West German Working Line German Shepherd

This line of work descends from German Shepherds raised during World War II. Furthermore, the separation of the eastern and western variety occurred with the construction of the Berlin Wall. The breeding of these types of German Shepherd is done under strict standards. In this way, they do not have typical German Shepherd diseases, such as hip dysplasia.

These animals are agile at work and perform crawling and playing activities with precision. Off duty, they demonstrate a friendly and protective personality .

5. Czech Working Line German Shepherd

This type of German shepherd began to be raised in the former Czechoslovakia as a border guard dog. They are known primarily for their strength and skill, which allows them to carry out with total precision all those tasks for which they have been trained.

This variety usually has a black coat and a proportionate body . Now, not as much emphasis is placed on following the breed standards during breeding.

Types of German Shepherds by hair length

In the case of dogs, even the length of the hair is taken into account when talking about one variety or another. There are two types of German Shepherd taking this characteristic into account.

1. Short-haired German Shepherd

As their name suggests, they stand out for having a short coat. Likewise, they are very active dogs, therefore, they need to perform physical exercise daily.

In addition, it is noteworthy that the German Shepherd is among the most intelligent dog breeds, although they need training from puppies.

2. Long-haired German Shepherd

In this case, the opposite of the above happens – the animal boasts of having its long coat. This characteristic gives them great beauty and, for this reason, they attract even more attention.

The fur can measure up to 60 centimeters, making it very soft and shiny if it is cared for well. Thus, it is important to brush their hair twice a week with a metal brush.

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Different Colors of German Shepherds

We continue with the classification of the types of German Shepherd and, at this point, we focus on the color of its coat.

Black German Shepherd

The black German Shepherd is one of the best known. Its body is identical to that of the traditional German Shepherd, but the difference is that the coat of the former is completely dark. They are excellent athletes and are often part of the brigades to detect explosives.

Sable German Shepherd

The sable German Shepherd is quite popular. Like the previous one, it is almost identical to the traditional German Shepherd, but if they differ for something, it is by the distribution of the colors of their coat.

In general, this variety usually has a grayish or black coat accompanied by brown spots. Likewise, they are a very friendly and close dog who is passionate about outdoor activities.

Panda German Shepherd

We can also find panda German Shepherd. This variety is quite unknown due to its peculiar appearance.

The reason? The number of colors their fur is made up of. Their abdomen and legs are mainly white, while their snout and back have brown or black spots.

Despite the fact that their physical appearance differs greatly from the more common German Shepherd, this dog enjoys, like all the previous ones, outdoor activities and exploring nature.

White German Shepherd

Without a doubt, the white German Shepherd is the most amazing variety. What’s more, it is not yet recognized by international associations.

The shape and proportion of the body is the same as other German Shepherds, but the coat is smooth and completely white as its name indicates.

Their character is similar to the previous ones. For this reason they are faithful, protective and very active. They love to interact with their owners through any game. They also stand out for being a very close and loving animal.

Types of German Shepherd: Dwarf or Miniature

Much has been debated in this type of dog. They are known as the mini German Shepherd since their size is small and they are similar to a puppy throughout their life. It is not an animal that reproduces since the reason for its dwarfism is caused by thyroid disorders and other pathologies. Despite this, they are playful, obedient and very loyal animals.