Do Blue Lacy dogs make good pets?

Do Blue Lacy dogs make good pets? Children And Other Pets

Blue Lacys are generally good with children and are not usually aggressive. They are loyal family dogs and very protective of their humans. However, they do have high energy levels and can sometimes be known to play rough.

Can a Blue Lacy be a house dog? Lacys make good house dogs but love being outdoor dogs as well. They may become bored and destructive when left alone with nothing to do, so crate training is recommended for indoor dogs. Lacys do need room to run and may not be the best fit for apartment life.

What dog breeds make up a Blue Lacy? The Lacy family had moved from Kentucky to Texas in 1858, settling in Burnet County, Texas. The Blue Lacy dog was allegedly a mixture of Greyhound, an unnamed scent hound, and either coyote or gray wolf.

How much does a Blue Lacy dog cost? What’s the Price of Blue Lacy Puppies? You will need to set aside between $800 and $1,000 for your Blue Lacy puppy. As the Blue Lacy gets more popular, the cost may go up as well because there are currently only a few breeders in the state of Texas, and as the waiting list gets longer, the price will increase.


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Do Blue Lacy dogs make good pets? – Additional Questions

Is a Blue Lacy hypoallergenic?

With their short coat that is tight to the body, the Blue Lacy has minimal grooming requirements. They need hardly any brushing and are very low maintenance. They do shed, however, and are not a hypoallergenic breed.

How long do Blue Lacys live?

Lacys have a life expectancy of 14 to 16 years, which is about typical for mid-sized dogs.

Do Blue Lacy dogs bark a lot?

The American Blue Lacy is gentle and good with small children. They are bay hounds and are more likely to bark than attack. Like all breeds, the American Blue Lacy needs a calm yet firm leader who establishes clear rules. American Blue Lacys also need consistent mental and physical exercise.

How do you train a Blue Lacy puppy?

The Blue Lacy is very sensitive, so use only gentle methods of training. They will shut down if they are yelled at, and then ignore you entirely. Because of their herding instincts and high prey drive, they must be socialized early to prevent them from becoming nippy and aggressive around small animals and children.

Do Blue Lacy dogs like to swim?

These dogs also need a lot of exercise. They do best with an opportunity to run every day. Their webbed paws also make them great swimmers.

What is a Blue Lacy mixed with?

The Blue Lacy is a mixed breed of English Shepherd, Greyhound, and possibly a wolf, coyote, and scenthound. It is the official state dog breed of Texas, United States. Also popularly known as the Lacy Hog Dog.

Is a Blue Lacy a bird dog?

The Blue Lacy is a medium-sized working dog breed hailing from Texas. It’s known for its typical blue-toned coat, smooth, sleek appearance, and intense bright yellow or rich brown eyes. The Lacy is a bold, intelligent, and active breed that was originally developed to work feral hogs.