Do Rabbits Like to Cuddle? These 7 Cuddly Rabbit Breeds Do!

Rabbits are undemanding cuddly toys for children – or are they? Do rabbits like to cuddle? Read this article to find out whether you can pick up and cuddle the little rabbits at any time.

do rabbits like to cuddle

If you want to surprise your children with your own pet, a rabbit may be the ideal cuddle and playmate. After all, such a little bunny looks pretty cuddly. Such a rabbit also seems to be able to cope with the rough “cuddling attacks” of children without any problems.

But what does it look like in reality? Should you even cuddle rabbits?

Do Rabbits Like to Cuddle?

In general, rabbits tend to be fearful and cautious. If you don’t spend a lot of time with your rabbit, however, it is usually very scared as soon as you suddenly take it out of its familiar surroundings and “cuddle” it.

Of course, there are also rabbits that you can cuddle with carefully every now and then, but you should be careful with the anxious pet. Parents in particular have a responsibility to make their children understand from the start that a rabbit has feelings and also feels pain if it is handled too roughly.

In contrast to dogs or cats, you don’t immediately notice that a rabbit is not feeling well. Logically, children lack the necessary sensitivity for the needs, which means that timely and comprehensive education of the parents is essential.

Rabbits are therefore not suitable cuddly toys. Although they like occasional pats, they are mostly afraid and you have to approach them carefully. They must be handled just as carefully by their owners.

The little rabbits don’t like “picking up” and lifting them up. Rabbits should, therefore – if possible – stay on the floor for occasional cuddling, because this is where they feel most comfortable. After all, these peaceful little bunnies are afraid of heights.

How to Cuddle a Rabbit

Rabbits are very loving pets. In general, they love to be cuddled, scratched, petted… but not just anyhow. They don’t all like the same hugs and some are more cuddly than others. Often times, they like to choose the timing of the hugs themselves and may push you away or attack you if you don’t do it at the right time. Additionally, there are some positions that rabbits generally don’t like:

  • some do not like to be pet and the cuddling session will be rather unpleasant for them. In this case, hugs on the ground will be more appreciated.
  • some let themselves be carried on their backs, but it is not a recommended position for cuddling because it puts the rabbit to sleep, putting it in a sort of torpor. We have the impression that he is appeased when it is often completely the opposite. Lying on its back is not good for your rabbit’s health.
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The best solutions to cuddle your rabbit is either by taking it on your knees if it lets itself be carried or cuddling it on the ground, where it is.

There are two ways to carry your rabbit, either:

  • by grabbing it by the skin with one hand and supporting its butt with the other, or
  • by catching it just under the front legs (being careful not to take it too low by the stomach) always supporting its behind with one hand.


When it is in the air, hold on tight because since rabbits do not like to be carried, they often struggle. They risk falling to the ground and hurting themselves. Rabbits rarely land on their feet!

Where to Cuddle a Rabbit?

Rabbits rarely allow themselves to be cuddled on their stomachs. They generally prefer stroking on the top of the head, on the nape of the neck, and on the back. You will quickly learn to know the caresses your rabbit loves.

It is interesting to know that for rabbits, cuddling and licking have a dominant/dominated ratio. If you stroke him too often and he never licks your affection back to you, he risks quickly mistaking himself for the king! When he licks you, he accepts his domination.

The best way to know if he is dominant is to stroke him under the chin: if he accepts and licks you it is because he lets himself be dominated; if on the contrary, he tries to bite you it is normal for him to be petted without having to give anything in return.

You can show your dominance by petting it regularly, setting limits for it, and stroking it behind the ears, pinching it lightly. This is how the dominant/dominated relationships are defined between rabbits: they bite each other behind the ears.

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How Do I Know When My Rabbit Wants Cuddles?

When it wants a little affection, the rabbit will do everything to get your attention: it will first come towards you and give you little nudges or nibble your shoes or your pants.

Cuddly Rabbit Breeds

If you have already decided to have the company of these little furry ones, which look like stuffed animals, take note of which are the most cuddly breeds and what are their characteristics. We start with one of the most common, the lop-eared rabbit.

Lop-eared rabbits

This is one of the most affectionate and most loved rabbit breeds. It stands out for its long drooping ears and for its excellent character. He is a real cuddler. There are different types of lop-eared rabbits: French, Dutch, German or the lion’s head that we will talk about. The fur of these animals can be cinnamon, white and gray and their weight is around 2 kg.


This graceful pet first emerged in Belgium and is the result of a cross between a variety of domestic Swiss Fox and Belgian Dwarf rabbits. It is also another of the most popular rabbit breeds, weighing no more than 2 kg and whose fur can vary. It is a very calm and affectionate animal, ideal for living with children. You have to brush it often.

Californian rabbit

As its name indicates, it is a breed of rabbit whose origin is located in California, in the United States. It weighs between 3 and 4kg, has long pointed ears and a coat that can vary depending on the climate of the area where it resides. It also has an affectionate and sociable character and is also very curious, so you have to have it well controlled when you leave it loose around the house.

Chinchilla rabbit

It is a breed of rabbit that can weigh up to 6 kg. Born in France, it was introduced to the United States at the beginning of the last century and soon became famous as a pet. It stands out for its good character since it is a very loving and docile animal. Although it is an excellent pet, it can never be compared to a dog or a cat, since these animals can escape and give you a dislike.

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Flemish Giant

This is another of the most loved rabbits by lovers of these pets. As its name suggests, its main characteristic is its size: it can weigh between 6 and 10 kg. They are very sociable animals that can live with other pets (provided they are educated from a young age), affectionate and, yes, somewhat lazy.

Mini Lop

Surely this breed of rabbit will sound familiar to you since it is one of the most common in homes as a companion animal. The Mini Lop is a ‘mini’ rabbit whose weight will not exceed 2 kg. In fact, in general, they weigh no more than 1.5 kg. They stand out for being very tame animals, as well as playful and affectionate, making them ideal as a pet. Their fur can be white, blue-gray, tricolor, tan, or orange.

Mini rex

This friendly pet was born in France and was originally tan in color. However, it quickly became popular and different varieties of the same breed emerged, with very soft coats of different colors (gray, earth, mottled, orange, white) but all of a similar size: their weight ranges between 3 and 4kg . His character is calm, but also very playful and affectionate. They are also very intelligent.

Tips on Caring for Rabbits

A rabbit should by no means be kept alone in a cage that is much too small but should be able to live out its social life with several rabbits in a free range. Appropriate outdoor enclosures can be bought in specialist shops. Alternatively, you can also design a beautiful rabbit home in the garden yourself.

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In recent years, a sport that you can play with your rabbit has even established itself. This is about the rabbit jumping over obstacles. There are even competitions that you can take part in as a rabbit keeper. Of course, you should also approach the matter here without coercion or pressure.