11 Most Popular Dog Breeds by Country

Dogs are wonderful creatures and they can be the best of friends to humans. Different dog breeds are valued for different things, but this is one unifying factor common to dogs at large. This is why people love their pets to bits. Let us find out some of the most popular dog breeds by country. Read on!

dog breeds by country

Popular Dog Breeds by Country

Popular Dog Breeds in the USA

Here are some of the most popular dog breeds in America. Let us find out what makes these breeds tick among people.

1. American Bulldog

Though these dogs are not originally from the USA, they are one of the most popular dog breeds in America. They trace their presence in the USA back to the 1700s where they were also used as farm and watchdogs. They almost went extinct during World War II but with prolonged efforts, breeders were able to revitalize them, in the process also Americanizing them.

These dogs are distinguished by their athletic and muscular built but are also known for their friendly disposition and amicable nature.

2. Golden Retriever

This dog breed traces its origin to the Scottish Highlands but today happens to be one of the most popular dog breeds in America. This breed is known for its unparalleled intelligence capacity for physical activity and friendly and loving disposition.

You must, however, remember that Golden Retrievers can be an expensive dog breed because they have regular grooming needs that you would have to tend to. Similarly, you would need to take some time out and indulge their capacity for physical exercise and activity.

3. French Bulldogs

For city dwellers, this is one of the most loved dog breeds not just in America but also worldwide. The reasons could be its gorgeous and endearing bat ears and an even disposition that can adjust well to city life. These dogs are playful and adaptable and their size makes them ideal for city life.

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This is a charming dog who will not only brighten up your days but also possesses alertness that makes it a great watchdog. They don’t have high exercise requirements and can easily adapt to other pets and family members.

In short, this is an ideal companion dog which is why it is one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide, from London to New York.

Popular Dog Breeds in the UK

The UK is home to many original dog breeds which have since then seen mutations. Here are a few of the UK’s most popular dog breeds you should know about.

4. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever happens to be one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK and we can understand why. These are quite popular even in America.

The reason these dogs are loved all around so much has to do with their friendly disposition and adaptable nature. They make for excellent family dogs and if you are a single person looking for companionship, this is the dog to get home. They are adorable and won’t ever make you feel unloved.

In addition to this amicable nature, Labs are also known for their propensity for exercise, both physical and mental and as a pet parent, you will have to tend to that.

5. Cockapoo

One of the most popular designer small dog breeds in the UK happens to the Cockapoo. To begin with, they are adorable. One look at them and your heart will melt. They are a cross between the American Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle and hence, someone not familiar with dogs may mistake it for either of those two.

These dogs are are perfect lap dogs, are loving and also adept at attracting attention by showing their tricks to one and all. The best part about this dog breed is that it adapts well to apartment living and works even for those who are looking to parent a dog for the first time.

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6. Chihuahua

Another popular dog breed in the UK is the Chihuahua. However, it won’t be wrong to say that this dog breed has takers and admirers pretty much all over the world. So, what makes it so popular? It is one of the oldest breeds in America, is the national symbol of Mexico and the cutest purse dog for the whole world.

The Chihuahua is a lightweight dog that comes in several colors and patterns. They are charming, confident and loyal. These need to be trained post which they will make for a brilliant pet. Lastly, don’t get fooled by their size. They possess the big dog personality!

Popular Dog Breeds in Australia

Here are some of the most popular dog breeds in Australia that you must know about.

7. Cavoodle

This is a crossbreed that is known for its sociability and loyalty. It has many admirers who are restricted not just to Australia but also across the world.

Their family-oriented temperament makes them popular among a number of people. In addition, they are playful and are going to keep you busy. At the same time, they possess a sharp mind and intelligence that is going to outdo all your other pets.

With a Cavoodle at home, you aren’t going to be bored ever!

8. Border Collie

This is another popular dog breed in Australia and pretty much the world. This is a serious dog breed that means business at all times. They are not clingy and won’t require you to be by their side all the time. A good, heartfelt cuddle at the end of the day is enough to keep them happy and content.

They are muscular dogs but are also athletic and nimble on their feet. You may put their agility to good use by training them. They are also adaptable to friends and family, though they are a bit shy towards strangers and may take some time to warm up to them.

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9. Maltese

Maltese is a popular dog breed worldwide and Australia is no exception. A look at these gorgeous furballs and you would understand instantly the reason behind their popularity.

Maltese is a playful toy breed. But do not let its looks deceive you into thinking it is just a cute dog. They are playful and are going to stun you with their intelligence. They make for alert watchdogs and you can totally entrust this task to them.

They shed very little and usually have a healthy and long life. They may, however, exhibit rigidity at times, but for that, you will have to invest in rewards-based training for them.

Popular Dog Breeds in New Zealand

Here are some of the most popular dog breeds in New Zealand curated just for you.

10. Greyhounds

The Greyhounds have quite a few takers in New Zealand and worldwide, if we may add. These dogs are known for their independent spirit and mild-mannered temperament. They are known for their distinct grace and have been the subject of adoration of many artists and poets who felt drawn to them because of their charm.

They are agile, loving and loyal.

11. German Shepherd

These dogs are high on the list of the most popular dogs in New Zealand, much like the rest of the world. They are agile muscular dogs that are also high on intelligence and amicability.

If you are looking for a loving and confident dog who would never leave your side, this is the one you should be getting home. In no time, you will find a perfect companion in the German Shepherd.

Though they have a certain streak of aloofness in them, they are also known for their fierce protectiveness and will not think twice about putting their lives on the line for you.

The Labrador also happens to be one of the most popular dog breeds in New Zealand. It is unsurprising as the dog breed is adored worldwide.