10 Dog Breeds That Look Like Huskies

There are more than a couple of dog breeds that look like the Husky and some even behave like them. If you’ve always loved huskies and have wanted to know about other dog breeds that look like huskies, here’s a list that can help you figure it out.

#1 Alaskan Malamute

dog breeds that look like huskies

If you are looking for a dog breed that looks like a husky, it is hard to escape the Alaskan Malamute. These are sled-pulling dogs and are just as hardworking as huskies. Both have origins in harsh arctic climates and were bred to pull sleds. Except Malamutes can handle a lot more weight for a lot longer compared to huskies. And even though Malamutes and Huskies look very similar, here are the differences.

They are of different sizes and if you want to get a Malamute, you should know that they are taller and almost twice the weight of a Siberian Husky. It is also a bit more muscular compared to the husky.

Look closely and you will also notice that they have different markings. Malamutes’ colors are more neutral while huskies have bolder shades. Also, Malamutes have a white face with a little color on their head while Huskies have colored streaks around their nose.

And if you’re wondering about their temperament, those who have one will tell you that Malamutes can be quite stubborn. So, you will need to put in a good deal of hours into their training and must be patient as they figure out where they fit in your family.

Since these are working dogs, you must also plan their food and exercise on a daily basis. They get bored if you leave them without any activity and you will definitely bear the brunt of it.

#2 Alaskan Klee Kai

This is a purebred working dog that looks like a tiny Husky as even an adult is about 13 to 15 inches in height and weighs 10 to 15 pounds according to breed standards. It also looks like the Pomsky, often leading to confusion. These are cute-looking dogs no doubt but the Alaskan Klee Kai is also an active dog and loves to run along and play just like the Siberian Husky. They live for 12 to 16 years.

These dogs are also said to be shy but if they are happy and within earshot, make no mistake you will definitely hear it. Their similarities with the Siberian Husky start visually.

They have similar markings on their thick fur which doesn’t shed a lot and facial mask. And while they are alert and loyal, their temperament can be quite different from that of a Husky. The Alaskan Klee Kai are very loving towards the family but not so much with strangers. So, that makes them good guard dogs.

These are very trainable dogs, but make sure to use lots of positive reinforcement as they respond very well to it. Like the husky, these dogs also need a lot of exercise and when they don’t get enough of it or are kept indoors, they tend to become very moody. But they don’t bark too much which you might appreciate.

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#3 Akita Inu

This is a burly Japanese dog which was used as guard dogs for royalty back in the day. And even though they are now family dogs, that trait is still alive and kicking in them. They are suspicious of strangers and make for excellent watchdogs, unlike the husky. These dogs are also a lot larger than the husky and are double the weight.

The Akita Inu has a tail that is always curled, unlike the husky, whose tail curls up only in some situations, like when it is alert or excited. The Akita Inu is a breed that shows a lot of respect towards its owners and is also extremely protective of them. They are also a talkative bunch not just in terms of barking but also whining and their use of the vocal cords can be quite hilarious.

But if you want to get one of these dogs, you should know that they are hard to train, especially if you are inexperienced. They can also be aggressive which takes a lot of work to tame.

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#4 Utonagan

These dogs have been around only since the 1980s and are a mix of the German Shepherd, the Siberian Husky and the Malamute. So, you see where the similarities come from. The Utonagan breed of dogs have a temperament that is similar to Huskies in the sense that they are affectionate, playful and loyal.

They are also a curious breed of dogs and love lots of exercise and training like the Huskies. So, you need to engage with their appetite for mental and physical stimulation. They are large dogs, and you need open spaces for them to run around and get the excess energy out of their system.

They also look like wolves and are larger in size compared to the Huskies. Despite that, they are great pets and love the family they are with.

#5 Tamaskan

This is another breed of dog that looks similar to the husky with a fur coat that doesn’t shed too much. They are good family dogs and are actually gentle with kids and other dogs if you have another pet.

Tamaskan dogs are quite intelligent and athletic dogs that can be graceful and alert at the same time. These dogs love their physical and mental activities which means you shouldn’t count on them to sit around the house doing nothing all day long. They are said to be a mix of the German Shepherd, the Malamute, the Siberian Husky and the Canadian Eskimo Dog but their exact origin is still a mystery.

They live for about 14 to 15 years and have a bushy tail and straight ears. They are beautiful-looking dogs that will captivate you for longer than you would think.

#6 American Eskimo

If you want a dog that looks like a husky but is like a teddy bear, this is the one you should check out. The American Eskimo is a fluffy dog that has a great coat and looks like a Samoyed although they are very different.

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These dogs are compact, the hair around their neck is relatively thicker and longer and their gait is smoother. Temperament-wise, these dogs are obedient which means they are easy to train. But they are quite hyper and can get aggressive from time to time. So, pet parents must be serious about their training.

These dogs come in standard, toy and miniature types so it’s okay if you don’t have a lot of space in and around the house. With the miniature breeds, you also don’t have to worry about exercise compared to the standard breed.

Almost all the varieties of this breed are small dogs. The toy dogs are about 9 to 12 inches and weigh six to 10 pounds, the miniature ones are 12 to 15 inches and weigh 10 to 20 pounds while the standard ones grow to be 15 to 19 inches and weigh 25 to 35 pounds.

They live for 13 to 15 years and hardly bark which makes them good family dogs. These dogs are intelligent and excited about life. They like to be physically and mentally stimulated which means they like challenges every day. So, if they get bored, their behavior will get destructive.

These are also called Velcro dogs because they will be by your side the whole day. They are not emotionally clingy but they are very curious dogs. But that also means that you cannot leave them alone for long periods of time.

#7 Keeshond

Like huskies, Keeshonds are stubborn dogs too which means that they are not meant for first-time pet parents. They are medium-sized dogs and can be a handful to work with. They are also very affectionate and loyal towards their human parents.

In fact, they really enjoy spending time with their family and are very social animals. Because of that, it is not a good idea to leave them alone for any period of time. That’s why this breed has also been labeled Velcro dogs because they will follow you around like a, well, a dog.

But here’s how they are different. They are better watchdogs than the Husky and they are not as keen to wander as the Husky. Keeshonds also have a much denser coat which means it takes a lot more maintenance than a Husky.

You will need a full-time brusher because they shed quite heavily. They are also a mouthy breed of dogs and tend to bark a lot. But that does not mean they are angry or anxious. It’s just how they are.

#8 Saarloos Wolfdog

If you want a dog like the husky but one that is a lot bigger, this is one to consider. The Saarloos Wolfdog is actually more similar to the Tamaskan except these dogs are a lot more wolf like in their behavior.

Now, that does not mean these dogs are aggressive. In fact, they are cautious, very loyal and can be shy too. But they are stubborn and are not great with children. They are not so tough to train and actually do very well with obedience and clicker training because they like to please their humans.

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These dogs love to roam around quite freely which means small apartments are not for them. They are quite muscular and have a broad neck along with almond-shaped eyes like the husky. The Saarloos Wolfdogs have a short coat with a dense undercoat that comes in a range of colors from grey to brown to white.

This breed of dogs is very territorial which makes it a bad idea to bunch them up with children or other dogs. Adult dogs grow from 24 to 29 inches and weigh 79 to 90 pounds. They live for 12 to 15 years and can be quite loud due to their temperament.

#9 Finnish Spitz

These are very talkative dogs and if you don’t train them well enough, they will bark at practically anything in front of them. So, while the husky look is cool, there is a little work to be done.

This temperament comes from the fact that they were bred to be hunting dogs. They are alert and active as you would expect which makes them good watchdogs. But that is also the reason they are not great pets if you have other smaller animals around the house.

It is important to note that these dogs are also friendly and gentle with strangers and children which makes them good single pets. They are extremely loyal and will always let you know what’s going on with them because they ‘talk’ so much.

The Finnish Spitz dogs also love to eat and love treats. So, you want to be careful with their diet because they can get overweight. They live for 12 to 15 years.

#10 Samoyed

These are very similar to the Siberian Husky in the sense that they have a strong build and a thick coat which makes them look like a fluffier husky. These dogs look like they are always smiling which is a nice visual. Like the husky, the origins of the Samoyed breed of dogs can be traced back to Siberia where they were sled dogs.

They are different from the husky in terms of the coat color as these dogs have a white or cream-colored coat without the colorful facial streaks that the husky is famous for. These are a friendly breed of dogs that are well known for their loyalty towards their humans.

But the difference is that they don’t have the hyper-activeness of a Husky. But they still need their daily exercise because they do, after all, have sled dog ancestry. These are also very talkative dogs and can occasionally be silly too. They use howls, grunts and barks to express themselves. They like being with their family and don’t do so great when they are left alone.

Parting Thoughts

There are a lot of dogs that look and behave like huskies because many of them share arctic ancestry. Some are also bred to be like the husky which makes them look and behave the same way in certain aspects. But it is always good to do a deep dive into the specific breed that you like so that you know what you are getting yourself into.