7 Little-Known Dog Breeds with Dew Claws

Dewclaws are very normal in dogs and usually don’t bother them. All dogs have them on their front paws and some breeds have them on their rear paws too. To know more, go through our list of dog breeds with dew claws.

What Are Dewclaws?

dog breeds with dew claws

Dewclaws are sort of like thumbs for dogs. It is smaller than the other toes and is placed higher up on the paw. People usually think that they have no purpose, but they helped early canines get a grip on rough surfaces.

All dogs have front dewclaws. If your dog is missing its dewclaws, they were probably removed by the breeder. This is a safe process when performed by a veterinarian, but some people argue that it is unnecessary.

If the dog suffers problems like frequent ingrown nails or tumors, it is recommended to remove the dewclaw. Dogs that have rear dewclaws often end up injuring them as they are attached to the leg with just skin.

Some dogs have double dewclaws—two claws that grow in the same spot. Double dewclaws don’t usually pose a problem to dogs. Unless there is a serious problem, all you need to do is check the dewclaws regularly and trim them whenever necessary.

Dog Breeds with Dew Claws

Here is our list of dog breeds with dewclaws:

1. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard with dew claw

Saint Bernards have both front and rear dewclaws. They were originally bred as working dogs that carried out rescue work in the Swiss Alps.

It is believed that the double dewclaws helped Saint Bernards navigate the snow while looking for lost people, but it doesn’t serve any purpose now.

Saint Bernards are known as gentle giants and make for very calm and loving pets. They are great pets for families and like looking after children too. These giant dogs are generally quite patient and sweet in temperament.

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As is typical of most giant dogs, they need adequate training and socialization to prevent aggressiveness. Being working dogs, they are no stranger to hard work and are always eager to please their owners. This makes them very easy to train too.

2. American Pitbull

American Pitbull with dewclaws

American Pitbulls are born with dewclaws. They can often be seen using their dewclaws to scratch, hold toys or climb. They are quite strong and have a lot of energy. These medium-sized dogs have a lot of strength and love outdoor activity.

Though they have garnered a reputation as a dangerous and aggressive breed, they have made amiable family pets to many households.

While there is evidence of them not getting along with other dogs, there is nothing that adequate and early training cannot solve. American Pit Bulls are quite fond of children and often act as protectors to them.

They have an affinity to climb, which is aided by their dewclaws. If you plan on getting an American Pit Bull, make sure you have high fences to prevent them from getting out.

3. Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees with dewclaws

Also known as Pyrenean Mountain dogs, Great Pyrenees dogs usually have double dewclaws in their front paws and single dewclaws on their rear paws.

Pyrenean Mountain dogs that compete in American Kennel Club dog shows need to have their dewclaws intact to be eligible for participation.

This breed is quite old and originally bred as a working dog that protected livestock. Great Pyrenees are native to France.

They are big dogs, bred to protect herds from large predators like wolves. The Great Pyrenees still retain their protective instinct and make amazing guard dogs.

All working dogs require a lot of exercise to keep them healthy. Pyrenean Mountain dogs are no different. They are highly intelligent and need a lot of stimulation to keep them engaged.

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They love children and are very affectionate towards their families. Their independent nature can make training a little difficult, but they are always eager to please. Once you find the right motivation, training will be a breeze for this smart breed.

The Great Pyrenees like living with families and are very affectionate towards all family members. They are usually wary of strangers, which makes them good guard dogs.

4. Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd with dew claws

Anatolian Shepherds always have double dewclaws on their hind legs. Being an ancient working dog breed, they have a lot of energy and do well with plenty of exercise and an active lifestyle.

Anatolian Shepherds aren’t well suited for families with sedentary lifestyles. This Turkish breed is very loyal and is very protective of its family members. They do well with both children and other pets in the house.

Anatolian Shepherds aren’t very friendly with strangers. With proper training and socialization, they can be trained to be friendly with visitors to the house. They are quite large and aren’t suited to apartment life.

5. Briard

Briard dog with dew claws

Briards have double dewclaws on their rear legs. They are typically placed lower on their legs than other breeds. Briards are shepherd dogs native to France.

They are highly intelligent and have independent demeanors. Their thick, long coats make them easily distinguishable, often covering their entire faces.

Briards are extremely affectionate and make amazing companions for both individuals and families. They need a lot of attention from their owners and love outdoor activities.

As is typical of shepherd dogs, they are extremely protective of their families. Their high intelligence level and eagerness to please their owners make them quite easy to train.

They aren’t recommended to first-time pet parents as they need a lot of attention and rigorous activity to channel their energy.

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6. Beauceron

Beauceron with dew claws

Beaucerons are another dog breed that is always born with dewclaws. Native to France, they are shepherd dogs and are one of the ancestors of the Doberman Pinscher.

They were used to herd sheep but often protected their quarry from predators like wolves. Their thick coats make them well suited to handle cold winters and all kinds of terrain.

Beaucerons are very easy to train and have high intelligence levels. They are generally wary of strangers, which makes them good guard dogs. Their gentle nature and playfulness make them good pets for families.

7. German Shepherd

German Shepherd with dewclaws

German Shepherds have their origins in Germany, where they were bred as working dogs. German Shepherds have front dewclaws. They are very popular as pets all over the world and are well known for their advanced intelligence and high trainability.

Their tracking abilities, strength and endurance have led to them being employed as K9 officers in many countries. They are also frequently employed as disability assistance dogs and actors.

They make amazing guard dogs and can be trained to perform a large variety of tasks. German Shepherds make great family pets and are very affectionate towards children.

They like being occupied and have a lot of energy. It is important to train them properly at an early age. Untrained German Shepherds can become quite dangerous to humans and other animals.

Socialization is another important aspect, as they are quite territorial by nature and often tend to get overprotective of their property and family. German Shepherds have a strong work ethic and do not shy away from challenges.

Usually, they are very eager to learn, which contributes to their trainability. German Shepherds make amazing companions for active families. They do not like isolation and don’t like being cooped up in small apartments.