10 Interesting Dog Breeds with Underbite

An underbite i.e. when the teeth are not aligned properly in a straight line is not only common in humans but also in dogs. There are dog breeds where underbites are not an issue, while in some dogs, this may require medical intervention in the form of surgery.

Here are 10 interesting dog breeds with underbites you need to know about!

dog breeds with underbite

10 Dog Breeds with Underbite

1. Bulldog

bulldog with underbite

An underbite is a quintessential feature of the Bulldog and more so for the English Bulldog. The grumpy expression that Bulldogs sport would be incomplete without their cute underbite.

In the case of Bulldogs, you don’t need to make any medical or corrective intervention to correct this underbite as this feature doesn’t impact their chewing abilities, allowing them to go on with life without hassles. Let your Bulldog be and let him revel in his customary affection and love with that underbite. It is perfectly normal!

2. Pug

pug with underbite

Known for their smushed noses and sad and slightly grumpy facial features, pugs are one of the most adorable dogs out there. Pugs also happen to have a prominent underbite that adds to their charm and makes them look cuter. You can let your pug be if this is the case because an underbite is not a cause of concern to these dogs.

3. Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier with underbite

The Boston Terrier is a cross-breed between the English Terrier and the English Bulldog and therefore, you will find features of both in this dog. They are adorable, to say the least.

These dogs are known to feature an obvious underbite, but that is visible only when they open their mouth. The thing is, when their mouth is closed, you may not even notice that.

These were bred to be fierce and aggressive, but over the years, they have mellowed down and become more suitable for living at home. However, be warned as they may sometimes get hyperactive, though it is manageable!

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4. Chihuahua

Chihuahua dog with underbite

If you are looking for a dog that is adorable and also gels well with your family, this is the one you should think about getting home. These are small dogs that are lightweight, so you can also carry them around without any hassle. Despite their small size, these dogs have a lot of strength. They are also amicable and will gel with your folks.

These dogs also sport a cute underbite that is harmless in most cases. It is for this reason that you see their lower teeth sticking out above their upper lip. You can just let the underbite be unless you feel that your dog is facing issues because of it.

5. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu with underbite

Another small dog on this list is the adorable Shih Tzu. This dog is known to have regal air around it and has enjoyed a great past as a royal lapdog in China. They exude royal grace and sophistication till today and it is literally a delight to see them hovering around the house.

The Shih Tzu may have an underbite in some cases. However, this may be a cause of concern for the dog and could lead to complications in chewing and biting. It is, therefore, advisable that you get this corrected by consulting a good vet. Once you get this done, the dog will be at ease and be more of a companion and friend to you!

6. Lhasa Apo

Lhasa Apo with underbite

Originally from Tibet, these dogs have had a remarkable history of being bred as a silent sentinel in Buddhist monasteries. They were used by monks to get informed of intruders making their way to their monastery.

With time, the Lhaso Apo has gained popularity among dog lovers because of its amicable temperament and cute appearance. They have a fierce protective streak that makes them an ideal home dog. They are good watchdogs and also love to keep it playful and fun. So, you can be assured that there isn’t going to be a dull day with Lhasa Apo.

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Usually, these dogs don’t have an underbite but it is not non-existent. There can be some dogs who have an underbite which is usually harmless so you don’t need to do anything about it.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These tiny dogs are known for their playfulness and friendly demeanor. Having them at home is like having a toy around that is a perfect fit for young children and adults alike. They are sure to keep things light and bright with their contagious energy and affectionate nature.

These dogs may feature an underbite, though it is not very common. It should not be a cause of concern in most cases, but should you feel that your dog is experiencing problems, you may want to consult a doctor for advice.

8. Maltese

Maltese with underbite

This toy dog is known for its fierce loyalty and unwavering affection towards its owners. The fact that they are cute to look at only makes them more endearing as family dogs. Their shiny white coat is a showstopper and makes them irresistible to one and all.

The best part about the Maltese is that they are adaptable and fit well into any type of setting. So, you wouldn’t have to stress about making major changes to your life if you get home a Maltese. The only thing that you need to care about is that they may develop separation anxiety in case you aren’t able to give attention and love to the Maltese.

These dogs are also known for their genetic propensity towards developing an underbite. It is harmless in most cases but sometimes, if your dog faces issues in chewing, you may need to get it corrected. The decision for corrective surgery is taken on a case-to-case basis and the best judge would be a good vet.

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9. Pomeranian


If you have an eye for beauty and are looking for a beautiful addition to your family, you should certainly consider getting home a Pomeranian. They are sure to win your heart with their beautiful deep-seated almond-shaped eyes and foxy face that radiates charm and curiosity. There is something about their demeanor that draws people to them. They are particularly adorable for children.

An underbite is one of the most common traits of the Pomeranian, a trait that can be traced to their genetic disposition. You should be vigilant, as a pet parent, that this doesn’t cause any significant problems for your dog.

The best part about having a Pomeranian as a pet is that they are always going to keep things interesting for you with their unbridled energy. Do not let their small size fool you!

10. Boxer

Boxer dog with underbite

True to its name, the Boxer is an agile dog that is known for its infinite potential for physical activity. These dogs have had a history of being associated with a number of chores such as acting as watchdogs, cattle dogs and even show dogs because of their propensity towards athletics. Their athletic agility is a true delight to witness and you will be in awe of its grace and sophistication.

Underbites are usually present in small dogs. However, the Boxer, despite being a big dog breed, can also feature an underbite. In fact, it is common to the breed. However, it is harmless in most cases.