Top 11 Fastest Dog Breeds in the World

Well, if you’re looking for a furry companion to cuddle up with you all the time, there is no shortage of breeds that will be happy to do just that.

However, if you live an active lifestyle and are looking for a furry buddy who can keep up with you on your daily sprints, bike rides or hikes, then here are some of the fastest dog breeds that really love to run and are renowned for their speed.

fastest dog breeds

Fastest Dog Breeds

1. Greyhound

Greyhound running

When you consider the fastest dogs on the planet, the Greyhound tops the list. The ancestry of the Greyhound can be traced back around 5,000 years to ancient Egypt, where they were royal dogs bred for hunting and racing.

Greyhounds can reach a top speed of 45 mph within just 6 strides, making them among the fastest sprinters in the world. These lean dogs, with their streamlined bodies and muscular physique, are highly energetic, with loads of stamina.

However, these speedy sprinters are huge couch potatoes. They love to sleep and can happily snooze on the couch for around 18 hours a day. Their calm and laid-back temperament makes Greyhounds perfect for apartment living as long as they have their daily dose of exercise.

2. Sloughi

Sloughi running

Belonging to the sighthound group, Sloughis are an ancient dog breed mostly found in North Africa, Morocco, Libya, Algeria and Tunisia. These medium-sized dogs, also known as the Arabian Greyhound were bred to hunt game such as gazelle, fox, hare, wild pigs and jackals. These athletic dogs are lean and swift and can run very fast, as much as 42 mph.

Sloughis are quiet, sedate dogs and sensitive dogs. They are quite gentle with their family but can be very aloof and wary of strangers. While they are quite sedate in the home, these dogs are quite active and energetic. They have a very high prey drive and need plenty of exercise to remain healthy and happy.

3. Saluki

Saluki running

Built for endurance and speed, the Saluki is an ancient dog breed originally from Egypt, where these dogs were used to hunt gazelle, antelope, hare, fox and jackal. These sighthounds can run for long distances at very high speeds, reaching up to 42 mph and are commonly used in dog racing. Their lean athletic bodies and heavily padded feet make Salukis perfect for running.

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These beautiful dogs with their slim bodies and long and floppy ears have a very gentle disposition. These dogs are quiet, reserved but affectionate and extremely loyal to their owners. Not only do Salukis make excellent running companions but are also great family pets.

4. Vizsla

Vizsla running

Also known as the Hungarian Pointer, the Vizsla is originally a dog breed from Hungary. These lean and muscular hunting dogs with their reddish-gold-colored coats are super-fast runners and can reach speeds of up to 40 mph. While they are good at hunting and retrieving, these hunting dogs have a gentle disposition.

They bond closely with their humans, which makes them excellent family pets. Vizslas are intelligent and smart and their endless stamina and graceful gait make them perfect as hiking, biking or running companions for active owners.

5. Whippet

Whippet running

Descendants of the Greyhound, Whippets are medium-sized dogs, originally from England. Although they are smaller in size, Whippets have very similar looks and features to the Greyhound and are often mistaken for them.

Bred as sighthounds, Whippets were hunting dogs. While they are not as fast as Greyhounds, but Whippets can run long distances at high speeds up to 35 mph.

This dog breed has a very high prey drive and energy levels; nevertheless, they have a very gentle disposition and are very good with kids, making Whippets suitable for families.

They require adequate exercise to burn of their energy but are quite content to lounge with their humans and cuddle with them, making them great companions.

6. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound running

Originating from Afghanistan, the Afghan Hound is among the oldest dog breeds and is also known by other names including Galanday Hound, Kabul Hound and Barakzai Hound. Bred originally as hunting dogs to hunt large prey, today Afghan Hounds are mainly seen as racing dogs and show dogs.

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With their long and silky mane and regal bearing, it may be difficult to think of these dogs as athletes and sprinters. In fact, Afghan Hounds can run very fast reaching up to speeds of 40 mph. These dogs have a high prey drive, a reserved, aloof and rather stubborn temperament. However, these dogs can be very sensitive and caring too, which makes them great companions.

7. Borzoi

Borzoi running

Originally from Russia, Borzois are sighthounds that were bred to hunt wolves, foxes and rabbits. Also known as the Russian Wolfhound, the Borzoi is a large, athletic breed. The name Borzoi means “swift” and the dog can run very fast, reaching speeds of up to 35 mph.

A beautiful and graceful dog with an aristocratic bearing and silky coat, the Borzoi has a calm and pleasant disposition. The breed has a laid-back nature and despite being quite large-sized, they adapt quite well to apartment living. These sensitive dogs are very affectionate towards their family members and make great family pets.

8. Dalmatian

Dalmatian running

Originally from Croatia, Dalmatians, with their distinctive spots and unique looks simply love the outdoors. These athletic, active and highly energetic dogs have excellent endurance.

Dalmatians are medium-sized dogs with muscular bodies, which enable them to run very fast, reaching speeds up to 37 mph. Bred originally as coach dogs, these dogs are very fast and alert. Dalmatians are highly-energetic dogs who love any kind of activity and being part of whatever the family is doing.

The dog breed thrives on attention and requires regular activity and exercise and can be wonderful companions for people who are active and spend a lot of time biking, running, hiking, etc. In terms of temperament, Dalmatians are dignified and reserved but with their family members, they are very affectionate and loving.

9. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher running

Used mostly by the police, military for protection and search/rescue operations today, Doberman Pinschers were originally bred during the later 19th century as guard dogs in Germany. These large-sized dogs have loads of stamina and endurance and are fast runners, reaching speeds up to 32 mph.

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Dobermans have an athletic build and a powerful physique that adds to their aristocratic bearing. While the Doberman has a reputation of being vicious; however, this is far from the truth.

These dogs are quite gentle and loving when it comes to their family members and if they perceive any danger, these courageous dogs will defend their loved ones fearlessly. Dobermans are intelligent dogs that are highly energetic and active. They are happy most happy when they are busy both physically and mentally.

10. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier running

Originally from England, Jack Russell Terriers can be traced to 200 years ago where they were bred as hunting dogs for fox hunting, where they would chase their target into a den. Also known as the Parson Russell Terrier, these small-sized dogs are surprisingly fast and can run at speeds up to 38 mph.

These sweet-looking dogs have a high prey drive. They are highly energetic, smart, lively and loads of fun, but can be quite stubborn too. These clever little dogs are affectionate and have charming personalities; however, they can be quite a challenge to manage and train.

Jack Russells love their humans and are quite devoted to them. They are happy to be around active older children but their hyper nature can be a bit overwhelming for younger kids. These high-energy dogs can run long distances, up to 10 miles a day, making them excellent running partners.

11. Border Collie

Border Collie running

Bred to herd sheep originally, Border Collies are very intelligent dogs. Like all other working dog breeds, Collies are highly energetic and love to run, reaching top speeds of up to 30 mph. These dogs have immense stamina and can run over long distances.

This workaholic breed loves constant activity and requires an active lifestyle. However, after a long day, these dogs are happy to settle down beside their humans for a much-needed cuddle.

Border Collies are smart, intelligent and loyal dogs. They are highly trainable and make the best running companions if you’re on the lookout for one.