Finding the Right Scratch Tree

If you are unable to let your cat loose outdoors, make sure that she can at least flex her claws in the apartment.

If she cannot find a suitable way to do it, then your sofas, wallpaper slicks, and carpets will soon be the receiving end of it.

An ideal item to satisfy its needs is therefore a scratch tree. It combines several important aspects in a useful way.

On one hand, cats can get their claws fixated on these scratch trees. On the other hand, caves and sunbathing areas offer good retreats.

The elevated position of a scratch tree provides a sense of security, as the cat will feel like she is on a throne, watching over the entire space.

Why Does Your Cat Need a Scratch Tree?

Why Does Your Cat Need a Scratch Tree

There are a few reasons why a scratch tree should be present in every cat household. Flexing the claws is absolutely one of them, in addition to protecting “human furniture”.

It also serves as a good retreat, i.e. special sleeping place and a good view over the apartment. Do not underestimate the importance of sleeping on higher ground to cats.

In many ways, it is not merely just cat’s furniture for aesthetic purposes. It also serves as a mark or totem to their territory. This will provide them with a sense of belonging.

A scratch tree will ensure that the cat has a place that belongs only to her alone, besides having the luxury of sharing a bed or couch with you at times.

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If you have more than one cat, communication can also be improved. Cats do not speak like we humans do. They leave behind scents to pass on signals and messages to other cats.

If you have several cats, you will notice that one will sniff intensively where the other had last rested. This may sound a bit surprising, but it is a very natural way of communication between felines.

Designers Scratch Tree or XXL Size?

Designer scratch trees are available in all imaginable shapes and coolers. Some are only about half a meter high; others reach up to the ceiling and can be anchored to the top.

Not all are pretty, but they all have one thing in common, and that is to provide as much scratching entertainment for cats, so your home furniture is safe.

Most of the time, the vertical elements are wrapped with sisal. For your information, this string-like wrapping of the supports consists of the fibers of agave plants and is also available loosely as a separate product.

Another natural product used for scratch trees is known on the market as Banana Leaf. These are either braided banana leaves or the fibers of Water Hyacinth.

Scratch trees with these materials are comparatively more expensive than the usual plastic made counterparts, but also offer a much more appealing look for the human eye.

XXL Scratch trees, however, can do much more than just being a cat claw’s punchbag. The bigger they are, the more opportunities they offer for climbing, playing, sleeping, and jumping.

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On one floor, for example, there is a cozy cave. On the highest level, a good viewing platform, and a suspension bridge hanging from “branch to branch”.

All around this gigantic scratch tree, fluffy toys hang at the end of rubber bands, which also excites the cat. However, this is usually ignored most of the time.

An integrated hammock can be suitable for the laid-back cat. Whichever type of scratch tree you go for, just be mindful that your cat’s comfort is ultimately the most important thing to measure.

Is A Scratch Tree Enough?

Is A Scratch Tree Enough

The number of scratch trees depend on various factors. First and most importantly, is the size of your apartment.

If you do not have room to put up several trees, then it just would not work, and you must resort to alternative solutions.

For situations like these, it is recommended to get catwalks or scratches that are mounted on the walls. This is perfect for saving space in your apartment.

Another factor is the number of cats. As mentioned above, cats claim their own territories. So, it may well be that you have two cats that like each other, but occasionally want to go their separate ways.

To avoid stressful situations, you should give them both a suitable tree for scratching and sleeping. The size of your scratch tree and its equipment can also influence the situation.

If you only have a very small tree, it will certainly not be enough for your cat. If you do not want to replace it with a larger one, you might be able to place a second one in another room.

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Cats often wander through the apartment. Some like to be in the bedroom in the morning and relocate when the living room is warmed enough by the sunlight.

It is no longer uncommon for a scratch tree to be stylish. Sisal poles with plush baskets are sometimes the norm.

Ultimately, whether you decide a scratch tree alone is enough, the happiness and comfort of your cat is the most important matter. It is useless to have the best scratch tree money can buy, but you totally neglect to spend quality time with your cat.