German Shepherd Ear Problems: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

You notice that one of your German Shepherd’s ears, which is normally proudly perched, turns to the side and has an unpleasant smell. Odor and inflammation are signs of a German Shepherd ear problems, namely infections.

german shepherd ear problems

Types and Causes of German Shepherd Ear Problems

Some German Shepherds suffer from a type of ear infection called otitis externa, an infection of the outer ear caused by bacteria and/or yeast, and sometimes by mites. When the infection spreads to the middle ear, veterinarians diagnose otitis media.

Symptoms of German Shepherd Ear Problems

Your German Shepherd shows signs of an uncomfortable infection by scratching or rubbing their ears and shaking their head. If your dog begins to tilt his head and walk sideways, they may be developing a middle ear infection. You can smell a bread-like odor, the ears become red and inflamed with a yellow or dark discharge.

Diagnosis and Treatment

For a simple ear infection, veterinarians generally take a sample of the fluid in the ear canal, examine it under a microscope to diagnose the cause of the infection and prescribe the appropriate medication.

german shepherd ear infection


With the correct diagnosis and treatment, ear infections are easily cured. Your vet needs to look for an underlying cause, such as allergies or hypothyroidism, if the infection becomes chronic.

How to Prevent German Shepherd Ear Problems

Cleaning your German Shepherd’s ears regularly at home with a cleaner recommended by your vet will prevent most ear infections. Ask your vet or vet tech to show you how to perform this procedure.

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