Discover the German Shepherd Traits and Behaviors

As the name suggests, the origins of this breed can be traced back to Germany. In the country of our eastern neighbors, this breed can be considered quite popular; the breed is used for a variety of purposes, but is also a true family dog. Because the dog can be trained very well, the dog is used by the German police, among others. The dog also serves as a tracking, guard and guide dog.

In this article I will show you the German Shepherd traits and behaviors that make it different from the other breeds of animals that we know.

german shepherd traits and behaviors

Characteristics of a German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a large, strong, robust and muscular canine breed. Their appearance is slightly longer than they are tall, and their front half is generally straighter than their back.

Their structure is firm and balanced, very proportionate and capable of performing various jobs due to their strength. Balance is the main characteristic of these animals both physically and psychologically, although it must always be in line with their education.

Their head is large and wedge-shaped, always alert and awake, ready for any activity. It is also kept in perfect proportion with the rest of the body and looks wide in conjunction with the ears, which are quite large and are always held upright on the head.

characteristics of a german shepherd

Their eyes are quite large and deep, generally amber or caramel in color, but always with a tendency to be dark. Their snout is elongated and ends in a powerful jaw that closes in the shape of a scissor.

When Does a German Shepherd's Ears Stand Up?

Also among their characteristics stand out the legs, straight and elongated in the front part and sloping downward in the back part. Their tail is elongated and it tends to fall when resting. During the movement of the dog, it can rise slightly, but never above the horizontal line of its body.

All in all, their movement is very fluid and athletic, being able to run at high speed and jump higher than it might appear at first due to their anatomy.

German Shepherd Behavior

The German Shepherd is a sociable and trainable dog by nature, which can be the perfect pet or the perfect working animal if they are educated correctly. It is very important to start their education and socialization at approximately 3 months, since this will make it much easier to achieve a balanced animal capable of behaving correctly in all circumstances.

They also tend to get along well with children and other animals, but you have to be careful with their games because sometimes they do not control their strength. This is also relatively easy to control if given a proper education, so it is really easy for the German Shepherd to be a balanced dog at all levels.

Despite their robustness, they are an energetic, active and athletic animal, eager to play and explore new territories. They are always ready to do new activities that challenge them both physically and mentally. This means that long walks are not enough to get them to use up all that energy.

german shepherd behavior

Generally speaking, they are an obedient, cheerful and affectionate dog, as well as very intelligent. They are brave and protective of their family, and loves spending as much time as possible with them.

What Are German Shepherds Bred For?

They can be a bit suspicious of strangers, but it is also because of their instinct for protection and guarding. With good socialization from a young age, they will learn to be calm in the presence of strangers and to enjoy meeting other people and animals.

Conclusion on German Shepherd Traits and Behaviors

The German Shepherd has an always alert temperament. But they also have many other characteristics that make them a unique working and guard dog. The German shepherd has a brave, obedient and intelligent temperament, which is why they are more than recommended as a family dog, regardless of the number of people that make up the family or their ages.

Another characteristic of their temperament is that they are easy to train and obedient by nature. One more reason why it is a perfect choice as a family pet. Even children can teach them to do tricks, which will make them have fun together and bond.

The German Shepherd is very protective of their family, and even more with the little ones in the house, so they will be a great friend, a good caregiver, and an exemplary pet at all times.