How Much do German Shepherds Sleep in a Day?

We are not saying anything strange when we mention that dogs sleep a lot since they are very active animals that tire quickly and that, by their nature, need to sleep many more hours than people. It is true that some breeds are more likely to sleep a greater number of hours compared to others. Many people ask, “How much do German Shepherds sleep?”. We will answer this in today’s article.

how much do german shepherds sleep

How Much do German Shepherds Sleep?

If you want to have a dog, you must know how many hours it sleeps, since this is something necessary for people and also for these animals. Sleep is a universal need for all living beings. Now, it is important that you pay attention to some aspects to differentiate if your dog is sleeping enough or if, on the contrary, something happens to him that makes him more tired and sleep more.

In general, these dogs sleep between 12 and 14 hours a day, combining all times of the day and nighttime sleep, which usually accompanies that of the owners. This breed of dog is perfect to help people work and as a protective dog. In fact, many shepherds use them to care for their flock, as well as the police to detect prohibited substances.

All this has one aspect in common, which is none other than having a very active lifestyle by being alert at all times. Thus, all this activity makes these dogs need a good rest at the end of the day and when there is little movement in the house. If this is applied to a standard house, the alert time would be the duration of the day and the function of the dog would be to protect the home.

That is to say, all this justifies that they sleep so many hours, although it is also necessary to be aware that they are resting properly and that they are in good shape and happy during the day. Given this, you have to check if your dog sleeps little or sleeps too much.

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The normal is the figure of between 12 and 14 hours, although there are days that you can sleep up to 15. This example would apply to a more sedentary lifestyle since if the animal has more opportunities to rest, it will end up doing so.

Likewise, we must take into account the age, since puppies can sleep up to 20 hours a day. This rule also applies to older dogs because the range of activity is lower than in adult German Shepherds (as it happens with people), which is normal.

How to Know if Your Dog Sleeps Too Much?

If you have verified that your dog is sleeping more than the indicated hours, you must be calm and make sure that it is a constant and not something specific, such as a cold. However, we recommend that you act in the event that these prolonged sleep patterns last.

You can help your dog by programming a daily routine so that he has new sleep patterns. For example, take it out sooner, check that it sleeps well for a nap, or be careful that it does not fall asleep at all times of the day. You can also design new games to make him more active or give him longer walks to get him used to this routine and sleep when he should.

Likewise, you can make modifications in the diet and check if they sleep a lot because of some food. As with humans, food has a lot to do with sleep, so this may be why they sleep so much. In addition, it is also recommended that you analyze the quality of sleep, if they move a lot or if they have nightmares every time they sleep.

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How to Know if Your Dog is Not Getting Enough Sleep?

It may happen that your dog is not able to get enough sleep, which can cause anxiety and restlessness during the day. In the case of German Shepherds, such anxiety is a clear sign that they are not getting enough sleep. That is, if this breed is tired during the day, it may be because it does not sleep well at night.

Given this, actions can be taken that lead to the animal becoming more tired and sleeping better, starting with activities such as running when you take him outside. German Shepherds are dogs that can run long distances, so a good solution may be to find long walking spaces and go with the animal to regulate his rest hours.

In short, a German Shepherd is an active and intelligent dog, but like all people, he needs his rest. Therefore, it is recommended that you be attentive and check that he sleeps enough for a dog of his breed.