How to Bathe A Dog in The Shower?

Following some guidelines on how to bathe a dog in the shower, the ordeal can go from being stressful to very pleasant, creating a special dog-human bond.

While it is true that many breeds (and certain dogs) must go to grooming sessions for their haircuts, we should never cut a dog’s hair without being professionals; Not because of how handsome or ugly it may be, but because of the dangers it entails.

In the case of the bathroom, however, it can perfectly be done at home. In addition, it will provide a series of benefits with respect to bathing in a dog groomer.

We know it is a highly stressful time for most dogs, so if its master does it, stress tends to be reduced. If we work with them, we can make the bathroom go from being hell to a moment of pleasure, in addition to creating a great bond.

how to bathe a dog in the shower

How to Give A Dog A Bath in The Bathtub? – Makeup of the Bathtub

Regardless of whether we do it in the bathtub or shower, the important thing is that it is a safe place where the dog cannot run away drenched or full of soap.

There should be no items at their height, and we must remove products for human use from their reach, since when they are afraid of water, they usually try to escape by climbing to the edges of the bathtub. In those cases, not only will the items fall on them and they will run away, hurting their legs, but they will also become more afraid.

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How to Give A Dog A Bath in The Bathtub

The water should have an average temperature (approximately 30ºC) regardless of the weather, never too hot or too cold.

We can take a cooler shower in summer and a warmer one in winter, but never too hot or too cold (we remember that the skin of dogs is much thinner than human, so we can burn them or cause hypothermia easily).

Many dogs have a double coat of hair, which means that the water does not penetrate well and stays only on the surface; if we insert our fingers to touch its skin, it will be dry. For this reason, it is very important to glue the shower head to the hair.

When choosing the shampoo, it is best to contact a trusted groomer, as he will be able to recommend the one that best suits the characteristics of our dog’s hair and its needs.

What we must bear in mind is that many shampoos are prepared to be diluted, so before using them they must be mixed with water.

You also must use the right amount, which is equivalent to the size of a bean, if it is a dog of about 10 kg.

The bath ends when there is no shampoo on the dog’s coat. That is, we must rinse for much longer than we have been lathering, and thus remove all traces of soap.

During the bath we should not lather the face because soap and water can easily enter the mouth, nose, ears, or eyes. If it is unavoidable because we must remove dirt or soap, we will take the shower head and, covering our dog’s nose, we will quickly pour a little water over it.

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How to Bathe A Dog in The Tub? – The Importance of Good Drying

Once we have washed our dog, it is time to dry it.

How to Bathe A Dog in The Tub

In winter it is essential to dry it completely with a hairdryer and, while it is wet, keep it away from water.

In summer, we can let it air dry, but at any time of the year, we must ensure that the ears are very dry before finishing the bath.

How to Give A Dog A Bath in The Tub? – Applying Cologne

This is a very controversial topic. We should not use colognes because our dog has an incredibly superior sense of smell than ours and what is pleasant to us can be sensory torture for them.

Even so, if you feel the urgent need to put cologne on them, you should always choose a special one for dogs.

We will use 1 to 3 sprays (depending on the size of the dog: back if it is small; neck and tail if it is medium; neck, back and tail if it is large) at a distance of 10-15cm.

It is never advisable to spray more because if they notice that they smell bad (ironically, the strawberry colony that we love, they may find it the most nauseating smell in the world) they will run to wallow in the grass.

How to Bathe A Dog in A Bathtub? – Frequency of The Bath

Perhaps the most common question when dealing with the issue of how to bathe a dog in the shower is how often should it be done?

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I am not a fan of frequent baths. In fact, my dog ​​Berni bathe every 3 months and he is neither dirty nor smells. If your dog has the habit of rolling around in the sand in the park, it has simply become dirty or, for whatever reason, it smells “bad”, you can bathe it more often but, in any case, we must wait a minimum of 15 days between baths in the bathroom.