How to Clean a German Shepherd’s Ears Step-by-Step

Cleaning the German Shepherd’s ears is a practice that we should carry out on a regular basis, whether it is a puppy or an adult dog. It is very important to apply frequent hygiene of the ears to avoid the appearance of fungus.

Next, we will explain how to clean a German Shepherd’s ears and what tools you need.

how to clean a german shepherd's ears

How to Clean a German Shepherd’s Ears Step-by-Step

1 The first step will be to gather all the materials that we may need to clean the dog’s ears properly: sterile gauze, baby cotton buds, and saline solution.

Instead of saline, you can also choose to use hydrogen peroxide or specific preparations that we will find in any pet store. What is recommended is to apply the sterile gauze since the cotton can fray inside the dog’s ear and rot. Finally and for a much more thorough cleaning, you may need baby cotton buds. They are shaped like gourds and are much safer.

2 It is important to keep in mind that we must gradually accustom the puppy to this routine, however, if you have decided to adopt an adult dog you should proceed bit by bit so that the process does not scare them. Use positive reinforcement whenever they are still and allows themself to be manipulated. It is an excellent way to distract them and reward a predisposed attitude at this time.

3 Begin the cleaning by removing the hair that prevents you from accessing the ear and the removal of dead hair. In principle, if the dog receives regular care you will not find excessive dirt in this first stage.

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The second step will consist of moistening the gauze with the product that you have chosen. It is advisable to apply some type of product indicated since this will make hygiene easier and will not irritate the skin of your German Shepherd. Start by cleaning the outside of the ear where dirt usually accumulates.

4 Once the outside of the ear is cleaned, we recommend changing the gauze and using a new one to clean the inside. Moisten the gauze again and introduce your fingers into the dog’s ear little by little, without overdoing it.

In adult dogs, you can advance a little more in the ear, but you must be careful with puppies. Do not insert your finger further than a centimeter deep.

Massage the inside of the ear with the gauze, little by little, and with caution so that your German Shepherd dog does not move. Especially if you do not know the dog, it is important to go little by little in this process. In addition, if you do it slowly and deliberately, you can better analyze the ear area.

5 Finally you can use a cotton swab for babies (since they are thicker) to finish cleaning those areas that are difficult to access with your fingers. It is important that you be careful in this step, especially if your dog is nervous since you could really cause serious damage to the ear.

6 Once the process is finished, it will be enough to massage the dog’s ear in the outer area to calm them and offer them a reward for such an annoying moment.

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Remember that if you do not see yourself trained or have doubts about how to do it properly, you can go to your trusted veterinarian and ask for advice. It will also be essential to visit the specialist if you observe excessively dark wax, a bad smell (like mold), and wet sound. It may be a disease.