How to Cure Dog Ear Yeast Infection?

There are many occasions where we try to learn how to cure dog ear yeast infection.  For this reason, I want to guide you a little about the possible disorders that in most cases tend to have a good prognosis, but that must be treated in time to prevent damage to the eardrum or affection of the deep parts of the ear.

how to cure dog ear yeast infection

Ear Infection in Dogs

First, we must understand exactly what dog ear yeast infection is, as initially we may think it is the same as otitis.  However, they are two different terms.

Otitis is an inflammation of the ear of the dog and can have many causes such as allergies, presence of foreign bodies in the ear cavity or viral infections.

When there is an ear yeast infection, there is usually otitis since the colonization of the pathogen causes inflammation in the ear canal. However, otitis is not always caused by an infection.

If our dog suffers from an ear infection, it will manifest some of the following symptoms:

  • Shaking of head frequently.
  • Excessive scratching in the ear area.
  • A foul-smelling sensation through the ear that can be mistaken for a strong body odor.
  • Swelling in the ear area and redness.
  • Loss of hearing.
  • Crusted or scaly lesions in the ear area.
  • Signs of pain.
  • Behavior changes, aggressiveness.
  • The loss of balance.
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What to Do If My Dog ​​Has an Ear Yeast Infection

If you think your dog may be affected by an ear yeast infection it is very important that you go to the vet as soon as possible. The doctor will usually perform an otoscopy to assess the status of the ear canal as well as the pathogen that is causing the infection.

Veterinary treatment is usually carried out using antibiotics or antifungals. These medications are generally administered topically, but in severe cases they can also be administered orally, which can cause side effects.

How to Clean My Dog’s Ears?

It is important to maintain a hygiene of the ears of our furry friend.

To proceed with the cleaning, the first thing we must do is wash our hands and find a place with light to visually check the inside of our dog’s ears. This initial review will indicate the amount of dirt that we are going to find and where it is located.

Once the eye inspection is done, we will wrap a gauze around our finger and gently introduce it into the dog’s ear. We must be very delicate since any sudden movement can hurt them.

Once we have gently introduced the finger with the gauze inside your ear, we will make small and gentle circular movements, so that as much wax as possible remains on the gauze.

We will remove the finger with the gauze and examine it. If the gauze comes out dirty, with traces of wax or dirt, we will take a clean gauze and repeat the cleaning in that ear (as many times as necessary until the gauze comes out clean).

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When we remove the finger with the gauze and it is clean, we will take a new gauze (never use the same one) and we will perform the same task on the other ear.

We should never use the same gauze in both ears, because if one of them is beginning to have a small infection, we will probably infect the other. We must always use a clean gauze for each ear.

How to Cure Dog Ear Yeast Infection – Prevention

The key to healthy ears is keeping them clean, which is why I recommend cleaning your dog’s ears weekly.

A slight amount of wax build-up can be present on normal ears without complications. If your dog swims a lot, has hanging ears, or a history of ear disease, routine cleaning (one to three times a week) is highly recommended.

Excess hair around the ear can be trimmed to allow more air flow.

Follow your vet’s advice on how to treat any underlying conditions that predispose your dog to ear problems.

If your dog has a ruptured or weakened eardrum, some ear cleaning products and medications may do more harm than good.


Remember, if your dog is showing severe discomfort, the ears have a bad odor, or the ear canals look abnormal, do not delay in contacting your vet.

Now that I have shown you how to cure dog ear yeast infection, do your best to provide your dog the best living conditions they can have!

Important: This article is for informational purposes only. We always recommend that you go to a trusted vet with your pet first.