How to Get My Puppy to Sleep Through the Night?

Are you constantly asking yourself “how to get my puppy to sleep through the night”? The article below will aid you tremendously in having your puppy sleep through and perhaps having a wonderful dream in the process.

how to get my puppy to sleep through the night

Tips for Your Puppy to Sleep Peacefully from Day One

The puppies spend most of the day sleeping to grow healthily. But the first few days at home you may have trouble settling in because of the excitement of your new home. Everything is new sensations for him!

A Calm Home

A calm environment is necessary for the relaxation of our pet before going to bed. In general, we all like to come home and breathe peace.

A Familiar Scent

Something that can calm your puppy is having a toy, towel, blanket, or cushion that he has been using before moving to his new home. The smell will help you reduce stress and feel comfortable with something that is familiar to you.

How to Get My Puppy to Sleep Through the Night – The Bed Factor

You can place his bed next to yours, or if you prefer that it is not in your room place it outside without closing the door. Add a thermal bottle so that he sleeps warm with the feeling that he is accompanied by his mother, or his brothers. Another trick is to put a clock near him, the ticking will be relaxing.

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Make sure she has a bed that is the right size for her to have nice dreams and that it is according to the season of the year. Nobody wants flannel blankets and wool knits in August! This will help them stay comfortable and fall asleep.

It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with your carrier and associate it with a safe place for it, so it will be much easier to use to transport it when you need it.

Games During the Day

Spend time for play and stimulation during the day, so that he will be tired when night falls. Always adjusting the exercise with his age, since he must sleep to grow healthy, as they grow, they will demand more hours of play.

Establish Routines

The routine can be a great ally, you can accustom the dog that after the last walk there is no more game or intense activities, since bedtime is approaching, and you must slow down.

Gnawing on a bone or special toy can help them fall asleep and is not a noisy activity for the rest of the family, it can be a relaxing time before drifting off to sleep.

What If They Cry?

Do not go whenever they cry, but always check that everything is okay. Use an indirect light so they do not panic every time you turn on the light. Little by little you will understand that they are not alone and will stop crying.

Dogs do not like to dirty the area where they sleep, therefore, if your puppy needs to go outside to urinate, he may wake you up crying. When they pee do not scold them, they are still not in control of their bladder.

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Depending on their age, it is a good idea to take them outside for a short walk or to have the soaker area accessible so that they get used to peeing on them.

Remember that if your puppy is very young you must give them some learning time to teach them to urinate outside the home.

Blessed Patience

As a last tip, the simplest of all is … be patient! Dogs grow and learn very fast, your nights will be back to normal in no time, so enjoy your adorable puppy.

Now that you I have shown you how to get my puppy to sleep through the night, you are well-equipped to do the same for your doggy!