How to Keep Cats Away from House?

You do not always have to resort to chemical products to get your garden animal-free or even pest-free.

Often you can already fight dogs and cats by using natural essential oils to create a fragrance barrier that acts as a deterrent to the animals.

Of course, the application with home remedies often must be repeated because the natural fragrances quickly evaporate and may not have sufficient effect in bad weather.

Therefore, try to be consistent at the beginning and repeat the application daily, but at the latest every other day or after rain showers.

Only then can you expect success and adapted behavior of the animals.

If you are wondering how to keep cats out of sandboxes, the same remedies can be used as well.

Home Remedies Against Cats

Certain scents can fend off cats. Some of the most effective ones are as follow:

  • Pepper: If possible, sprinkle spicy spices, such as pepper or ground chilli. Cats are very sensitive to odors.
  • Coffee grounds: Cats also find the smell of coffee grounds disturbing. Therefore, distribute cooled coffee grounds in your garden. As an add-on side effect, you also achieve organic-natural fertilization.
  • Carnations or carnation oil: Carnations are also a natural spice that cats avoid.
  • Mint oil: Cats avoid the smell of mint, which is particularly intense in concentrated mint oil. Put a few drops of oil in a spray bottle with water and spray the mixture in places that cats should avoid. The smell of mint, which is usually pleasant for people, can also be used well on furniture.
  • Banana peels: Funny, but true. Cats do not like the smell of banana. Instead of disposing of your banana peels, you could lay it out hidden under outdoor parchments.
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Plants Against Cats

How to Keep Cats Away from House

In addition to home remedies, you can also integrate plants around your homes.

These plants are unpleasant for cats, but are visually pleasing, so that they integrate harmoniously around the house compound.

  • Genuine Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia): Plant a lavender shrub around the house and you will not have to worry much about unwanted animals.
  • Italian Straw Flower (Helichrysum Italicum): This potted plant is often referred to as a curry plant and can be found in sunny locations on the balcony or terrace. The yellow fine flowers bloom in summer. The pleasant smell acts as a deterrent to cats.

Products to Keep Cats Away from Houses

If home remedies or highly fragrant plants do not offer sufficient protection against cats, you can use special animal deterrent products.

Some of them use optical and acoustic signals to ward off animals.

If plants and simple means do not work, you can build a tight-meshed fence.

  • Water jet: Most cats are afraid of water. You can take advantage of this. If you bump into a cat near your house, you can spray water at it using a water pistol.
  • Cat granules: You can also buy so-called cat granules, which look like cat poop. Slowly these granules produce a strong smell that irritates cat noses.

Cat scare crows: Electronic devices for cat defense are often used. As soon as an animal is in the field of the motion detector, an unpleasant alarm noise is generated that can only be heard by animals.