How to Keep My Dog Off the Couch When I’m Not Home?

Even when the dog is loved unconditionally, it is uncomfortable for many people when they get on the couch, since they usually leave hair and a different smell.

If you are one of those who also ask “How to keep my dog off the couch when I’m not home?”, here are a series of very simple tricks that can help you prevent and eliminate it.

how to keep my dog off the couch when I’m not home

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Educate Them

First of all, it is very important to note that these beautiful animals have a good memory, which is one of the most determining factors when they decide to lie down on the couch. Most propably you used to caress and give them affection in this place when they were a puppy, a fact that makes it impossible for them to see this act as a bad thing.

Another reason why dogs do not see getting on the couch as a bad gesture is because on many occasions they do it because they love you. Since the couch carries your scent, they will look for it to feel as close as possible to you, especially when you’re away from home.

Given all this, the best recommendation is to educate them and teach them that this is bad, so you should not at any time in their life show affection when they are in these places.

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Likewise, it is important to scold them when they do it, without ever having to resort to violent actions, so a short and forceful scream will make them understand that they are not doing something good.

Make the Couch an Uncomfortable Place for Them

If you do not have much patience or your dog is not very obedient, this is another measure that will be extremely effective, since it consists of making this site a space in which your friend does not feel comfortable. This will make them far from seeing the couch as a place to rest, instead, they will look at it as something boring that they will not want to go near.

To achieve this, you just have to cover it with a blanket dipped in cologne or some kind of air freshener. Dogs not only detest this kind of odor, but they can detect it from afar thanks to their unique sense of smell, so they won’t even want to get close to this space.

Likewise, another great solution is to cover the edges of the couch with empty cans or any other object that makes a loud noise when it falls. So when your furry companion climbs on, they fall and the noise scares them. Because this is extremely annoying for dogs, in many situations it usually takes them away from a particular place.

Similarly, another solution that is effective, although a bit expensive, is to buy the ScatMat Electronic Pet Training Mat, which can be placed on the couch to prevent your dog from climbing, thanks to the fact that this device activates its pressure sensors and then emits a mild and harmless three-second static pulse.

Offer Your Dog a More Welcoming Space

One of the best spaces you can do for them is a bed that is as comfortable and padded as the cushions on your couch.

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This is without any doubt the healthiest option you can take if you want to avoid or eliminate this problem, since you will not make your canine feel uncomfortable with strong odors or annoying static pulses. And, they will not get on the couch anymore since they will prefer the space you give them.

If your dog is of a certain age and this is new to them, a good trick is to place this new bed in the same place where the couch is. Even if they continue to choose the couch over the new bed at the beginning, after a while they will feel curious and decide to lie down for a while on the new bed.

In the same way, another good trick is to place this new bed where you sleep, or at least as close as possible, since the favorite place of all dogs is the one that smells of its master. For if you do so, your little four-legged friend will forget about the couch forever.

If you follow any of these tricks, you will no longer have this type of inconvenience.