How to Make A Dog’s Ears Stand Up?

My dog ​​has floppy ears, I need to learn how to make a dog’s ears stand up. Does this sound familiar to you? Whether you have a Chihuahua or German Shepherd puppy (or another breed with pointed ears) it may happen that their ears are drooping, or that at least one of them does not stand up correctly.

This is not very important, but if for aesthetics you prefer that both are raised equally, so that they look symmetrical, we teach you how to lift the ears of a German Shepherd, Yorkshire, or other breeds with pointed ears. It is easy!

how to make a dogs ears stand up

How to Make A Dogs Ears Stand Up – Secret Ingredient?

The solution for a dog’s floppy ears is easy. To help them stand upright, you need a product to act as a guide. You will only need to buy strips for them to breathe properly. Place them on the inside of your dog’s ear, that is, the part that has no hair. The breathing strips contain a small metal stick inside, which will help the ear to stay in the position it should be.

Every 2 days or so, the strip will fall due to wear and tear on the adhesive. You simply must put a new one on it, being careful not to miss a single day without a correction strip.

If you are constant, in two or three weeks the ear muscle will have strengthened, and you will also be able to strengthen the cartilage of your dog’s ear (which will be able to stay in its correct position by itself).

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There are people who use headbands to lift a dog’s ears, or even tape, but this method is much simpler and easier. This way you will have both their ears raised with little effort, and without causing any type of damage or suffering.

Of course, before placing the breathing strips, make sure to clean the inside of your dog’s ear very well. Repeat this process every time you put on a new strip.

What Type of Strips Will We Use?

There are strips to help you breathe better at night (for humans), or the “breathe right” or “breathe well” type for dogs. They are also known as anti-snoring strips. You can get them in pharmacies, drugstores, and drugstores.

They have an adhesive part, which is the one that we will stick vertically, inside the ear of the dog that is fallen. And they also have a small metal strip inside, which is what will serve as a guide to make the dog’s ears stand up.

For us it will be a super comfortable guide because we will not need to add glue or adhesive tape to their ears.

At What Age Do Yorkshire, German Shepherd or Chihuahua Dogs Lift Their Ears?

The puppies of all dogs are born with small ears, folded down, and drooping. But some breeds of dogs naturally prick up their ears after a few weeks of life.

When? Usually, the ears are raised in 2 or 3 months, but sometimes it can take up to 5 or 6 months. For the ears to be stiff, the ear muscle must have a certain amount of force, which helps to hold the cartilage in place.

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Depending on the breed of dog to which they belong, some of them have their ears raised, or erect, naturally, and without any type of surgical intervention. As examples we can mention the Pomeranian, German shepherd, Siberian husky, Dutch shepherd, Yorkshire terrier, or the mythical long-eared Chihuahua.

On the contrary, keep in mind that if you want to lift the ears of a Doberman dog, it will not be possible since this breed by nature has floppy ears. The only way to get pointy ears for a Doberman is through surgery. Remember also that in many countries (including Spain) it is currently forbidden to cut the ears of dogs for aesthetic purposes, therefore this operation can no longer be done.

So in summary, now that you know how to make a dogs ears stand up, make sure you know what can and cannot be done for your canine friend.