5 Ways How to Make Your Dog More Aggressive to Strangers

If you are searching for ways on how to make your dog more aggressive to strangers, you must take into account what you really want. You are not looking for your dog to be aggressive and angry, to end up attacking anyone he sees. That usually is about an unhappy dog.

Instead, what you may really be looking for is how to make your dog ​​brave and a good guardian of your house.

Many dogs are used to guard the houses. But you must take into account some aspects before thinking about training. Because the reality is that not all dogs are suitable to be guardians.

Tips to Take into Account Before Training a Dog

Not all breeds are aggressive or apt

Sometimes you can start the other way around: you already have a dog at home and you want him to learn to take care of the house. But what you have is maybe a little Chihuahua or a Pekingese. These breeds in their nature are not cut for it.

It is true that they can be grumpy. But generally speaking, many dogs are cowards and are not aggressive for the breed they are. So if you want him as a guardian, he would be going against his own nature.

How to Train a Dog

Dogs are pets first

This is already a personal philosophy, but think that these animals are pets and can love you very much. I think their primary function should not be to take care of the home, but something that they are going to do in addition to having them in the garden.

But I say this because I have seen many cases of people who have them as if they were a surveillance system. And I think it shouldn’t be like that, they deserve love and respect. Just take this into account before you start.

How to Make Your Dog More Aggressive to Strangers

how to make your dog more aggressive

Get your dog to learn basic instructions

A dog ready to be brave, but in a controlled way, is one that knows how to obey. Always remembering that the central idea of ​​all this is to seek to take care of your home and surroundings. Not to make him fight pointlessly.

Get him to obey basic commands such as “sit down” or “get on the floor.” You should start with all of this before you aspire to take care of him. Therefore, this first step is long but absolutely necessary.

Get your dog to exercise

A watchdog is one that is ready for any eventuality. Can you imagine that a thief enters your home, and your canine is a fat one that cannot keep up with him? It is clear that this will end up escaping.

For this reason, giving him daily training will give him good physical condition. And besides that, it will also allow him to have his mind clear and awake. Because if he sleeps all day, his mind will also be just as sleepy.

Give your dog a healthy diet

Related to the above, your dog should also have the best diet. You can consult with the vet about what type of food you can give this particular breed, to have the best condition.

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It’s the same as with food: if your dog’s body is not in the best condition, he will not be able to take good care of your house. Having the essential vitamins and minerals will repair his body, as well as having enough energy for everything.

Make your pet have a love for his territory

Dogs are territorial by nature. He does not like someone unknown to enter that area, so he will try to bark him away. But the important thing is that he first understands how far his territory is.

If he is going to take care of a house it is much easier, but if you want him to take care of a piece of land, you should focus on him walking it a lot. Give him food within the limits of your territory and return to your home, little by little he will understand that this area is “his”,

Must bark at strangers

An important step is that he must bark in the presence of strangers. You can teach him an order to bark when he sees someone you don’t know. For example, when a friend comes to your house, give him orders such as “bark” or “speak” in his presence.

It is essential that you do this, because at the end of the day when we are looking for a guard dog, what we want most is for him to notify us when someone unknown enters our home. If he learns to bark at strangers, it will be a big step.

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Should I Teach My Dog to be Aggressive?

No, what you have to teach him is to be attentive. A guard dog should be accustomed to the fact that he can walk with other people. Take him to the park, see other people, get social. That will make him a healthy dog.

However, everyone at home should know that no one can enter without warning. Dogs have a natural aggressiveness that will cause them to go after people who try to sneak in without permission.

What You Should Know

It is true that there are some breeds of dogs that are more aggressive, but you must avoid that it can be harmful to third parties. In the event that you train your dog to be aggressive, they can report you and take the dog away, since it is an illegal practice.