How to Mate A Dog for The First Time?

Is it the first time you resort to mating your dog? We give you a series of tips on how to mate a dog for the first time. Still, to expand your information it is good that you turn to your veterinarian.

how to mate a dog for the first time

How to Mate a Dog for The First Time – Steps

When mating dogs for the first time, we will have to be more careful, since if it is a female it must be ready for gestation and, if it is a male, it must be at a suitable fertility age. It is necessary to know how the dog’s mating cycle works as well, as we can get frustrated if we try to mate them when they are not on their best day of the cycle.

  • The first thing we must know is at what age a dog can be crossed, since the male and the female mature sexually at different ages.
  • Take your dog to the vet if you are mating them first-time. There are some health conditions that they must comply with so as not to put them at risk.
  • If your dog does not have a partner, find the ideal partner for him. The spouse must be in good physical condition, have a calm temperament, be in good health and free from possible illnesses. There are dog breeds that are genetically prone to many diseases.
  • On the first mount of a dog, it is best to find a quiet place and let it happen naturally.
  • You should not intervene; the mount usually lasts about twenty minutes. The intervention can cause injuries or tears, it is best to leave them alone.
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The most important thing of all is that you have patience, because if it is the first cross it may not work the first time. To ensure fertilization occurs, it is recommended that at least a couple of mating occur in a two-day period.

Now that you have learned how to mate a dog for the first time, go out there and multiply!