How to Protect Dogs Paws from Hot Pavement?

The summer heat overheats city sidewalks and concrete, forcing us to come up with ways on how to protect dogs’ paws from hot pavement. This is a situation that is problematic for urban dogs as their paws can become scorched and burned.

But what to do to avoid this danger and protect the canine’s legs? The tips in this article will help to prevent burns on the dog’s paws during their walks around the city.

how to protect dogs paws from hot pavement

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Hot Pavement of The City Burns the Paws of Your Dogs

Cement and other urban pavements in our cities have a high thermal inertia (they accumulate a large amount of heat). In this way, after a few hours under the sun’s rays (made worse in the summer), the sidewalks behave in a very similar way to a radiator.

They emit heat and burn the paws of the dogs. The city can be dangerous for a dog, since the cement can crack its paws, cause injuries, and serious burns.

So how do we protect our furry companions from the dangers of heat to their paws?

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How to Protect Dogs Paws from Hot Pavement – Garden Areas

The first tip to protect the urban dog and avoid dangerous burns on its paws is to plan the route before leaving. To do this, choose shady streets and sidewalks, avoid the hours of maximum sun exposure (noon) and alternate different walking surfaces for the dog during walks.

The route must pass through sidewalks with landscaped areas or covered with grass to protect the paws. When they are sore, the legs become red and sores and cracks can appear.

Dog Booties Against Hot Pavement

Avoiding hot sidewalks and overheated cement is the best option to protect your pet’s paws. However, it is not always possible. But, when it is necessary to walk on concrete, it is advisable to use dog boots.

This canine shoe is an important protector. There are boots created for animals that need to walk on asphalt, which protect them from the effects of heat.

But how to accustom the dog to walking with its boots? The first walks can be done at home, so that they get used to the shoes before embarking on a longer walk.

Dogs in The City: Lots of Water for Their Paws

Water fountains and other wetlands provide shelter for the legs of a dog walking around the city in summer. Walking through these wet areas, as well as moistening the dog’s paws several times throughout city, will help keep the paws hydrated.

It is key to make your dog step on wet patches of water from time to time to moisten their paws. This simple gesture will also help you eliminate some of the heat that may accumulate during the walk (as most of their sweat glands are in the paws).

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Creams That Protect Dogs Paws from Hot Pavement

Wetting the dog’s paws during summer walks around the city protects its paws and helps it to dissipate heat

There are specific creams for dogs (not human, since our pH is different) that hydrate and take care of canine paws. If we can keep the skin on the paws hydrated, it will be less prone to cracking.

Creams to moisturize the paws are unctuous, like petroleum jelly. They cover the area and keep it protected throughout the day. In addition, these creams tend to harden the skin of the dog’s footprint a little (making it more resistant).

This product must be applied whenever we are at home. First and foremost, it is important to clean the area where it will be applied with soap and water.

Healing the Wound on The Dog’s Paw

Your dog’s paw cracks, sores and wounds must be taken care of. Soap and water must first be used, followed by a little ice to reduce inflammation.

The cut must then be disinfected with a 50% solution of water and iodine. In addition, there are healing sprays that we can carry in our purse, as an emergency kit that stops bleeding.

Now that we have learned how to protect dogs’ paws from hot pavement, make sure to take good care of their well-being, and they will surely thank you for it!