How to Put A Muzzle on An Aggressive Dog?

There are situations where we must learn how to put a muzzle on an aggressive dog. In addition to the affection and love that our pet gives us, we must also bear in mind that we must cover all its basic needs.

We must provide adequate food, taking it down for a walk at least half an hour three times a day (in the case of dogs), and giving them the necessary attention.

We must also play with them, while taking care of their health, so that our pet feels happy and healthy by our side.

If you have a dog as a pet, there are several factors that you should consider. For example, it is recommended that you take it with you on vacation whenever you leave and that you do not leave it alone at home for too many hours.

These pets like to be by your side, so it will be convenient for you to spend time with them if they feel happy. In addition, you can ensure that they have the education they require and that they cannot engage in unwanted behaviors both inside and outside the home.

how to put a muzzle on an aggressive dog

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The Use of The Muzzle in Dogs

On some occasions you may need to muzzle your dog. Perhaps it is one of the breeds that are considered dangerous and you are forced to take it to the streets.

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A muzzle is also used if you want to travel with your aggressive dog in public transport and you must put it on as required by law. This is also to prevent it fighting with other dogs during walks.

It is also useful to prevent your dog from eating anything foreign off the ground when he should not. This way the muzzle can be used as a good educational tool both when he is a puppy and when he gets older.

However, dogs usually do not like to be muzzled. This device prevents them from opening their mouths to bark, eat or drink.

This is in addition to being an external accessory that tends to bother them and that they do not like to carry so much. Other things, such as the necklace, clothing during the winter or the leash are easier to get used to easily.

We must bear in mind that these other accessories usually carry a positive charge, since we usually put them on before going out for a walk (one of the things they like the most).

Thus, the use of the muzzle is usually not taken lightly by dogs, so it is very possible that your dog will resist wearing it.

How to Put A Muzzle on An Aggressive Dog – Step by Step

Most dogs show resistance when muzzled, so they may flee, hide, oppose resistance.

Therefore, it is important from the first moment that you remain calm. If you get nervous, the dog can feel your lack of serenity and he will also become even more nervous.

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This will lead to complications when trying to put on a muzzle.

Find a moment when the pet is calm and take advantage of that moment to put the muzzle on him. The occasions during which you should put it on will not always be so precise, but if you take advantage of these moments to get used to it, you will make the day you have to wear it at another time much easier.

Let the animal sniff the muzzle if it is the first time you are going to put it. Perhaps they need to know what it is before you put it on.

Since dog has the best sense of smell, so by smelling it they can recognize what it is and, little by little, get used to this element.

Once he is tired of smelling it, you can put a piece of his favorite food inside. If you let him take it calmly, he will realize that the muzzle is harmless.

Let him do it by taking his time. If you have already put the muzzle on it before, it may not have a good memory of it and is a bit reluctant when it comes to taking the food that is inside.

Little by little, once the mouth is inside the muzzle, try to close the side straps behind the head. Be careful because your dog could hit you or bite you instinctively or out of fear.

Therefore, you should do it very relaxed and calm. If he lets the muzzle fit, reward him properly, but if he has unwanted behavior, do not scold him too much.

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Try this technique little by little until you can get it on. Once on, let it get used to taking it around the house. Try not to take it off with his front legs or not to get too nervous and take it off calmly so that he gets used to it.

The dog must relate the experience of wearing the muzzle as something positive. Otherwise, it will be more and more difficult for you to put it on.

So, it is best not to be in a hurry and to practice the process of putting the muzzle on it with perseverance and patience, so that one day you will get it used to it and can wear it when necessary.

Now that you know how to put a muzzle on an aggressive dog, go out there and make the most out of this information. Hopefully, you get it right the first try!