How to Teach A Dog to Howl?

If you have a dog, you have probably seen that there are plenty of awesome tricks owners will teach to their dogs.

From a sit to a shake, dogs can do many different things. But what about howling?

Dogs naturally know how to howl, so it should not be too hard to teach them how to howl on command, right?

Well, today I am going to tell you how you can teach your dog to howl as well as how to teach your dog other neat tricks.

Why Do Dogs Howl?

How to Teach A Dog to Howl

Before you can teach your dog how to howl, it is important to understand exactly why your dog howls.

Howling is a form of communication for dogs. In wolf packs, howling is used as a signal to help find one another.

If a wolf is trying to get back to their pack, it can be helpful when their pack members can lead them home by howling.

Some dogs will also howl when they are in pain.

This can be due to something physically hurting them, but they might also howl to express the pain they feel when a member of their pack dies or is lost.

Some dogs will howl when they are lonely as well. You may also notice that your dog howls when she hears sirens.

This is just a natural response to them hearing the loud sound.

Many dogs do this, and it can be either due to the similar frequency that a siren has to a howl or to express that they do not like the noise a siren makes.

Teaching a Dog to Howl?

Teaching a Dog to Howl

Do you want your dog to howl on command?

It is fun to teach your dog how to howl. If you have a lot of time to practice, dedication, and patience, your dog could be howling in no time.

First off, you need to get your dog to make the howling sound. The best way you can do this is to explore different sound options.

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Some people use a siren sound on their phone. Others might find a video recording of dogs or wolves howling.

If you do not have the option of using a sound recording, you can also just howl yourself.

Whichever option you choose, your main goal is to get your dog to a point where they are making the howling sound.

This may take some time. Certain dog breeds are naturally inclined to howl, but others are not.

It may also depend on the personality your dog has and how vocal they are.

Once your dog is howling to the sound, you can start using the command that you chose.

Some owners may use the command ‘sing’, but I am going to give an example with the command ‘howl’.

Here is what you want to do. You should have some treats on hand. Use the sound that gets your dog to howl.

As soon as your dog starts howling, say the word ‘howl’ and praise your dog for a job well done.

Try to pair a hand signal with the word ‘howl’. Pick a signal that you can remember because it will be confusing to your dog if you try to change it later.

Give them a treat and make sure you are giving your dog plenty of love and affection. You should repeat this often.

Do not train your dog for longer than thirty minutes at a time, as training can be tiring for dogs.

The more often you train, the better. So, if you can train your dog for thirty minutes every single day, that will be one way to help your dog progress at a faster rate.

Once your dog has reached a point where they do well with howling using the sound, you can slowly phase out the noise that you used to get them to howl.

Instead, try to just give them the command and be sure to give them plenty of praise if they howl when you tell them to.

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Do not forget the treat! If your dog can’t howl on command yet, that’s okay. It just means you might need to practice some more.

Once your dog is howling when you tell them to, great work!

You are not done yet, though. You should continue to train your dog until they can howl on command without treats as a reward.

You can still give them to your dog on occasion, but your dog should want to perform the trick because they want to please you.

How to Stop Your Dog from Howling?

How to Stop Your Dog from Howling

On the other side of things, you might decide that you do not want your dog to howl.

First, you should consider the factors that may lead to your dog howling.

If you believe your dog has separation anxiety, you may want to talk to your vet or a trainer about the best ways to help your dog with this.

You can also make sure that your dog has exciting and interesting toys for when you leave the house.

One great recommendation would be any toy that you can stuff with food. These types of toys can keep your dog distracted while you are away, at least for a short time.

You should make sure not to praise your dog when they howl.

If there are noises that encourage your dog to howl, you can bring your dog inside the house to try and get them away from the noise.

You can also train your dog the ‘quiet’ command. This means if you wanted your dog to stop howling, you could say ‘quiet’, and your dog would stop howling and be quiet.

How to Teach Dog to Be Quiet?

This is going to seem a little odd, but if you want to teach your dog the ‘quiet’ command, you must teach them how to be loud first.

Some people will teach their dog ‘speak’ for barking, and they will teach them ‘quiet’ after. You can also do this with howling.

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First, you teach your dog how to howl. Once your dog is howling on command, great. You’re on the right track.

Your next step is going to be getting them to be quiet. Once again, have some dog treats on hand.

You will want them so you can make sure you are rewarding your dog for a job well done.

Pick a hand signal that you will use in tandem with the word ‘quiet’ when you are telling your dog to quiet down.

Now, tell your dog to ‘howl’. Once your dog is howling, you say ‘quiet’ and pair it with your chosen hand gesture to signal for your dog to be silent.

Once your dog stops howling, allow for there to be a couple of seconds of silence. Then, you can praise your dog and give them a treat as a reward.

Just like you did to teach your dog how to howl in the first place, you will want to practice this command often.

Be consistent with your training, and your dog will get the hang of it eventually. Some dogs may get a hang of these commands quicker than others.

So, just know to be patient if your dog is not learning how to howl or how to be quiet as quickly as you wanted them to.

Training takes time, and it takes a lot of hard work. If you find yourself getting frustrated, consider taking a break and returning to training later.

You want training to be enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Your dog will get discouraged if they feel as though they are disappointing you, and a discouraged dog will not do as well in training.

If you need to, you can also practice commands that your dog already knows. This will give both you and your dog a positive experience.

You want your dog to have times where they can do things well. This is important because it helps your dog in knowing that they were able to make you happy.