Fox Red Labrador Retriever : What You Should Know About the Fox-Red Labradors

When you think of Labradors, you always think of the common coat colors: chocolate, black and yellow. In recent years, the so-called fox red Labrador Retriever has also become increasingly popular. Before buying, many people wonder whether the fox-red Labrador shows any differences in nature from the common colors. In this article you will learn more about the character of the fox red Labs.

fox red and champagne labrador

The nature of the fox red Labrador Retriever hardly differs from the character traits of other Labrador colors. The character of the fox red Labrador can be described as spirited, socially acceptable and familiar. The color of the fur has no influence on the nature of the fox red Labrador.

That is the very short and precise answer. If you’re interested in fox-red Labs, or even want to bring one into your home, then you should read on. In the article there is even more interesting information waiting for you about this relatively rare coloring.

Fox Red Labrador: Where does the color come from anyway?

Whenever you see golden Labradors, you always think of the white and yellow Labs. But that’s only because we see this color so extremely often.

What many people don’t know, however, is that the golden hue has more than just one shade. And so the yellow fur can vary from almost white to a reddish-yellow color.

The fox red Labrador Retriever is not a new breed that the breeders have come up with in order to “bring something new”, but a completely natural coat color. Because this coloring is much less common, one quickly thinks of a new breed. Basically, the fox-red Lab is actually a yellow Labrador, which has turned out a bit reddish.

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It is sad why the fox-red Labrador is so rare in history. He was simply not wanted and was previously killed at birth. Fortunately, that was a long time ago and of course no longer common today.

In the photo above, you can see two shades of the yellow Labrador right next to each other. Impressive, isn’t it? If you don’t know, it is not obvious that both Labradors are actually yellow.

fox red labrador retriever

Why are Fox Red Labradors more common now?

Then the breeders come back into play because they simply satisfy a demand.

People always want something extraordinary. Higher, faster, further or at least so different that they stand out from others. It is no different with dogs.

About 10 years ago the demand for chocolate Labradors suddenly exploded because they were rarely seen at that time. Back then, the breeders reacted quickly and increasingly bred towards chocolate.

Since word got around that Fox Red Labrador Retrievers are rarer than the common colors, the demand has also increased. A good opportunity for Labrador breeders to specifically breed fox-red Labradors and sell them for “premium prices”.

This is no longer objectionable because the breeders also have to earn money. So if you care about the color of your new friend and you have fallen in love with the fox red Labradors, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

The Fox Red Labrador at Exhibitions

I’m not a big fan of dog shows and competitions. I’m being completely honest about that. For me a dog is something very natural that doesn’t belong on a show stage. And somehow the exhibitions always seem extremely unnatural and posed. They are too.

Fox-red Labradors have a hard time at international exhibitions and competitions. Most of the judges are probably still dominated by the “classic” Labrador image. With a subdivision of black, chocolate and yellow as the correct coat colors.

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So if you plan to compete with your Labrador, the fox-red Labrador is probably the wrong choice.

The Essence of the Fox Red Labrador in Terms of Temperament

Precisely because the Fox Red Labrador Retriever looks so completely different than the “common” Labrador colors, many people doubt its temperament. The fox-red Labrador has the same spirited character traits as all other Labradors.

He is very agile and loves to work with his people. Retrieving games are just as popular in the essence of the Fox-red Labrador as extended search games as an activity for the nose.

The Fox-red Lab is also extremely suitable for agility and loves the challenges of seesaws, tunnels and the like.

The Fox Red Labrador’s Character in Terms of Social Acceptability

The fox-red Labrador is also more of a relaxed dog when dealing with other dogs. It always gets interesting when there are several Labradors in a group. No matter whether in the dog school or just by chance while taking a walk.

Labrador Retrievers have the peculiarity of quickly joining together in a group and almost breaking up the entire group of dogs. That is why there are even some dog schools and puppy groups that impose a limit on Labradors per group.

In terms of social compatibility, the Fox-red Labrador does not differ in essence from the other Labradors.

Is the Fox Red Labrador suitable as a family dog?

Yes, yes and yes again. Labrador retrievers are generally very good family dogs and quickly become permanent and loved family members. In terms of character, it always fits. I do not know of a single Labrador in my environment who has not integrated perfectly into a family.

The Fox Red Labrador is just as suitable for families as any other Labrador color. What they all have in common is that they sometimes even put up with a little too much.

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Fox red and other Labrador Retrievers are also very good-natured towards children and willingly be petted and touched. In my experience, they also know very well how to use their teeth in the game.

Although the Labrador has a huge snout, it controls its power very well in the game. If the bite inhibition was learned appropriately in puppyhood. But that’s rarely a problem.

Fox red Labradors, like all Labrador Retrievers, also have a good dose of humor. They love to play and there is hardly a day that a Labrador is not in a good mood.

Does the Fox Red Labrador have as big an appetite as other Labradors?

Can I also answer with a resounding YES. There is no Labrador who does not have a very pronounced appetite at all times of the day and night. If that is not the case, you know for sure that you should stop by the vet.

This of course also applies to all fox-red Labradors. So you should also pay attention to the right diet with them early on.


The Fox Red Labrador Retriever hardly differs in its essence from other Labradors. The only difference is in his coloring, which is probably why so many people wonder about his character traits.

The fox red Lab is a loyal companion and an ideal family dog. He is also more than suitable as a therapy dog ​​because he has no fear of contact. On the contrary, he can be touched patiently and is good to train for dealing with people.

The Labrador inherited the necessary curiosity about people from its cradle.

If you want to see more pictures of Fox Red Labrador Retrievers, I recommend the website of Gregg Tonkin, a breeder from the USA who has been breeding Fox Red Labradors for a very long time. There you will not only find a picture gallery with many photos of his bred fox-red Labradors, but also a lot of information.