4 Mini Australian Shepherd Colors and Rare Variations

The Miniature Australian Shepherd was recently recognized as a breed in 2011, however many of the breed standards were recognized and documented by the ASCA in 1975. The four accepted mini Australian Shepherd colors are black, blue merle, red, and red merle.

mini Australian Shepherd colors

Mini Australian Shepherd Colors and Coat

The texture of the mini Australian Shepherd’s fur is intermediate between rough and soft, the length is medium, being smooth or wavy, and highly resistant to the weather. The inner coat varies in thickness depending on the climate.

The distribution of the hair of this dog has certain characteristics. It is short on the head and forelegs, longer and more abundant on the back and hind legs, ears, and feet as well as behind the hock, and dense on the tail.

As for the color, it presents great variability and individuality between individuals, having great acceptance among the different combinations that can be given. Accepted colors are black, blue merle, red, and red merle. This can appear in different patterns, such as blotches, flecks, or marbling.

They also present copper-colored spots that can be spread over any part of the body. They also have white areas but it should not be the predominant color. In most cases, the spot is on the head, around the eyes, on the abdomen and on the legs.


Black Tri (White and Copper Markings)


Black Bi (white or copper markings), Black Solid (without markings)

Australian Shepherd Male vs Female - Which is Better?

Blue Merle


All variations of the markings can occur


Red Tri (White and Copper Markings)


Red Bi (white or copper markings), Red Solid (without markings)

Red Merle


All variations of the markings can occur

Mini Australian Shepherd Coat Care

Mini Australian Shepherds are dogs with long hair and their skin can become sensitive. The ideal solution is to bathe them once a month with suitable products for veterinary use. Products that enhance their color can be used, this will give the coat an additional shine.

Their hair tends to get tangled easily, so it is best to make sure they are properly dried after bathing. Remove the excess water with a clean and soft towel and followed by a blow dryer.

As for brushing, it is necessary to keep the hair untangled and clean. Its hair is of medium length and with all the activity it does, it can become difficult to keep it soft and beautiful if it is not attended to frequently. The minimum you need to brush is 2 times a week. We have reviewed the best brush for Australian Shepherds which we’re sure your furry friend will enjoy.