Who will you trust to supply your dog with the highest, best quality dog food?

Sadly, you are unable to rely on your dog with this decision. A particular brand of dog food is not considered nutritious or healthy just because your dog likes eating it.

Many brands out there claim to be the number 1 when it comes to dog food, and so you also cannot put your trust in these marketing campaigns.

When all is said and done, you want to go back to the manufacturer itself. This is because they make your dog food, so it is only reasonable that they possess the expertise for you to make a sound decision.

One of the trusted brands being branded about these days is 4Health Dog Food. For more than 70 years, this brand from Tractor Supply Company has been the trusted go-to place for dog owners. Besides dog food, the company also makes other types of products like clothing and farming supplies.

Those living in urban and suburban areas would likely not have heard of this brand. However, 4Health Dog Food is suitable for almost any dog breed in each stage of their lives. Read on more for our complete take and review of 4Health Dog Food.

Considerations Before Purchasing Dog Food

Do you feel lost whenever you try to decipher the label on a dog food? What do those “percentages”, “by-product”, “a meal” mean? And are they crucial when selecting the proper dog food?

The good news is, it is perfectly fine if you do not understand it completely. The main rule of thumb here is, if most of the ingredients sounds confusing to you, then there is a higher probability that the food you are looking at will not be very healthy and nutritious.

This means to get the healthiest dog food; all you need to do is find one that has simple ingredients that even you can understand it.

The first and important ingredient should be lean protein, manufactured from real meat. The following ingredients would then entail vegetables such as carrots and potatoes.

Avoid filler-food with grains like wheat and corn, as this does not provide much value and will instead upset your dog’s digestive system.

On paper, many premium dog foods offer similar ingredients. The differentiator here will be the quality of the used ingredients.

Consider the following guidelines whenever shopping for dog food:

  • Is it made from ingredients obtained via local supplier?
  • Are the ingredients organic? Is it certified?
  • Is the manufacturer aware of dogs’ nutritional needs?
  • Do they manufacture various types of dog foods for various stages in dog’s life?

4Health Dog Food by The Tractor Supply Company

4Health Dog Food

4Health brings something different to the table, as compared to the usual dog food manufacturers. They are a rural lifestyle and Tennessee-based farm supply company.

With a presence in 49 states spanning 1,700 stores (boasting a huge online sales operation) they are certainly a force to be reckoned with.

People come to them for other essential farm supplies as well. Things like pet supplies, feed, tools, clothing, and farm equipment are abundantly available.

Like others in their initial purchase decision, we were skeptical about buying from such a big company. How could they sell countless other unrelated products and at the same time specialize in dog food?

But we later found strong reasons to trust them with our purchases after some thorough research.

First thing that came into light was that they are animal nutrition experts. This is because since 1938, animal farm feed has been one of their strengths. They take into consideration that every animal is unique and therefore require specially tailored food.

Dogs receive their full daily intake of lean meat protein which contains vital nutrients like amino acid.

They also are professionals in partner selection, which is why they understand and take ingredient-sourcing seriously. To maintain the maximum quality freshness, vegetables and meats are grown and raised in wholesome and safe environments.

Pros & Cons


  • Experts in farming, sourcing wholesome and fresh ingredients.
  • Complete nutrition needs for dogs, with carefully balanced formulas.
  • A trusted brand by ranchers and farmers since 1938.


  • Limited dog food varieties available.
  • Scarce selection of small dog food brands.
  • Only a select few wet food option

Benefits & Features

After the brief overview, we will now discuss in more detail the above points regarding to 4Health Dog Food.

Specially Made for Older Dogs

Dogs’ food intake varies throughout their lifecycle. As they grow older, they would need food with lesser protein, as they will be less active.

If they maintain the same level of food intake during their lifetime, they will eventually gain extra weight due to their decreasing metabolism.

Dogs in their golden years would thrive with the “Mature Adult Formula”, designed by 4Health. It has 10% fat, 20% protein, and is lamb-based. That translates to around 5% lesser protein levels than other brands in its category.

Dogs that are suffering from other digestive issues or sensitive stomachs can also benefit from this Mature Adult Formula.

Keeps your Dogs Active

Young dogs are very active and burns through huge amounts of calories (I am sure you notice that your young puppy hardly ever sits still). Their food would require an abundant amount of protein to supply this extra energy.

The Vegetable and Chicken Formula by 4Health boasts a 15% fat content, and 26% protein content. This is comparatively higher than other brands in its class.

It is well-tailored for workings dogs, and active dogs. However, please make sure that your type of dog is of the energetic one, or else you could end up with an obese canine very early on.

Dual Weight Loss Options

Is your dog suffering from obesity problem? This illness in dogs can cause mobility as well as other varieties of health issues. A diet change is often necessary, coupled with an increase in your dog’s everyday activities. In this regard, 4Health presents two alternatives:

  • Healthy Weight formula
  • Weight Management formula for Special Care

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In addition to providing all the important nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, both these formulas sport a lower calorie count.

Those that aim for moderate weight reduction should opt for the Healthy Weight formula, whilst in cases of severe obesity the Special Care Formula (grain-free) is used. Dietary advise and feeding guidelines are included in both versions.

But bear in mind, you should always consult with your veterinary if you have an obese dog, before opting for any special dog diet.

packed with nutrients and protein

Packed with Nutrients and Protein

One great news here is that the main ingredients consist of real lamb or chicken. Dogs require a meat-based diet because they are carnivores to begin with.

Protein with lean meat offer important needed nutrients and amino acids. It keeps the coat of your dog shiny and soft, and at the same time help in healing damaged tissues.

The coat over health and fullness is also maintained due to the presence of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. If you notice patchy or thinning in your dog’s coat, then it is imperative to insist on food that contains Omega fatty acids.

There is also a final important piece in this ingredient that is not stated in the list. 4Health formulas are made with 100% grain-free in mind. They consist of no soy, wheat, or corn.

Grains are known to be common allergens and does nothing but act as mere filler in foods. Without these fillers, dogs will have an easier time digesting their food. This is in addition to them being more nutrient-dense.

Expertly Made with Local Ingredients

As said in the previous section, the overall health and quality of food is first and foremost determined by the ingredient quality. Quality ingredient sourcing is 4Health’s forte.

If you are the type of person that concerns greatly on the originating source of each ingredient, then you would be happy to know that 4Health keeps you well informed in this department.

All aspect of sourcing is handled by the Tractor Supply Company. No antibiotics or hormones are used in their proteins, which is raised locally. They have nutrition experts that constantly create these formulas.

Social Proof

As mentioned earlier, 4Health is not that popular among dog food brands. Apparently, The Tractor Supply Company is not very good in separating its dog food business from its farm supply business.

Apart from the few online reviews available, what you can find are mostly negative. But there is a strong explanation for this.

Firstly, it is hard to even find some sort of reviews. Due to their position as a large farm products company, there might be an impression that they do not have a reason to make good dog food.

However, we are of the opinion that many customers of the 4Health product line have a positive and strong impression of the overall brand. The negative reviews seem to come from only a handful of dissatisfied customers.

Many customers feel that the brand was a little costlier than others.

There is a huge price disparity between buying offline versus purchasing online, and customers of the Tractor Supply Company did not seem to appreciate this. Buying 4 pounds of dog food online incurs the same costs as 25 pounds of similar food in physical stores.

This is the most common complaint, which is the different in cost. However, you stand to save big if you happen to live nearby one of their retail locations.

Again, it is important to point out that the complaint level is very low. Most would agree that they like the high food quality, with the remaining complaints focusing on the high pricing issue.


This one-of-a-kind formula is responsible for the carefully balanced mixture of ingredient and 4Health takes full credit for it. Nevertheless, there are times that 4Health is not the right fit for your dog.

There are other brands that are like them, most notably:

  • Kirkland Dog Food
  • Victor Dog Food
  • Orijen Dog Food
ImageProductOur RatingPrice
Kirkland Signature Dog Food Variety Kirkland Signature Dog Food Variety
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VICTOR Purpose - Grain Free Hero Canine VICTOR Purpose – Grain Free Hero Canine
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ORIJEN Dry Dog Food for All ages, Grain Free, High Protein ORIJEN Dry Dog Food for All ages, Grain Free, High Protein
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4health Small Breed Formula with Beef, Grain Free 4health Small Breed Formula with Beef, Grain Free
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Kirkland Dog Food

The prime complaint of 4Health is mainly due to its cost, especially for those who are stuck having the option to only purchase online. Have a look at Kirkland Dog Food if you are after a cheaper alternative but at the same time do not want to compromise on nutrition.

A part of Costco in-house brand, Kirkland consists of all-natural ingredients from rice, fresh eggs, including real chicken. In spite of being made using different formula from 4Health, it still offers ample nutrition to take care of your dog’s overall health, coat, and joints.

It is also affordable; in that you do not need to buy as a Costco member to enjoy its huge savings. It is certainly a worthy option for households with multiple dogs on a tight budget.

  • Budget-friendly, affordable option.
  • Chicken is the main ingredient.
  • Dogs from all life cycles are suitable.

For a more affordable option than 4Health’s pricier tag, check out the dog food from Kirkland Signature.

Victor Dog Food

Majority of 4Health food products come in chicken flavor as the main source of protein, albeit they sometimes come with fish, lamb, and turkey.

Victor Dog Food has the same line-up of grain-free products. They are a good alternative if your dog does not like the taste of 4Health’s food.

They pride themselves in incorporating the CORE formula in their recipes, providing ample minerals and probiotics in their food. This promotes efficient nutrient absorption, in addition to boosting the digestive system.

If 4Health food is giving your dog gastrointestinal issues, nausea, or diarrhea then give Victor a try.

  • Huge selection of grain-free, protein-rich foods.
  • Digestive system friendly, with CORE formula.

If your dog’s digestive system is the main sticking point, choose Victor Dog Food.

Orijen Dog Food

Although 4Health boasts a 20% protein content that easily satisfies the nutritional needs of your dog, you might be aiming for more.

Choose Orijen if your goal is to get something with a higher meat content than 4Health. With 3 times more meat content than the usual dog food brands (85%), you can be sure to get ample protein.

Orijen Dog Food is considered Biologically Appropriate. This implies that it tries to mimic proteins that can be found naturally in the wild.

They source fresh ingredients, ranch-raised meats, wild fish, nest-laid eggs, and other free-range poultry all locally. The food stays fresh on store shelves as they have a freeze-drying process that is unique.

  • Biologically Appropriate formula ensures wholesome, fresh ingredients.
  • 85% higher meat content than other usually dog food brands.
  • All vegetables and proteins are locally sourced.

Check out Orijen Dog Food if you are aiming for nutritious, fresh ingredients.


The few negative reviews online might be scaring off a lot of customers of 4Health dog food, so we wished it was more well-known in the first place.

The Tractor Supply Company and 4Health both know the ins and outs of dog food. They understand the importance of wholesome veggies and meats, every dog’s nutritional needs. They also know which suppliers to work with.

You will not have known about 4Health unless you are a frequent purchaser of farm equipment. However, the popularity of a brand is not important for your dog. What is important is that your dog loves the healthy ingredients and recipe!

If you are all over 4Health now and think it is the right choice for your dog, visit them here: