Top 10 Shy Dog Breeds You Need to Know About

Dogs are known to be courageous and supremely territorial of their owners. Well, this may very well be the case with a lot of breeds but there are also dog breeds that are shy and timid. Here are a few shy dog breeds that you need to know about if you want a dog that is not too outgoing!

shy dog breeds

Top 10 Shy Dog Breeds

1. Maltese

shy maltese dog

The tiny Maltese is a cute dog that can spread cheer by its sheer presence. But do you know it is also one of the shyest dog breeds out there? While your dog can get truly comfortable with you, it may still recede into a shell especially when it comes to mingling with strangers and guests they aren’t habitual of seeing.

Maltese would also behave differently and timidly when they are uprooted from their usual surroundings and put into a new environment. Sometimes, they can get anxious around strangers but this is not really common and also depends from dog to dog.

2. Papillon

shy papillon dogs

It is not uncommon to see this dog breed behave extremely shyly in front of strangers. So, if you are expecting guests or have a party at home, you should be prepared to see your Papillon go away and hide in their shell.

This may be mistaken for anxiety but it is not something serious in most situations. Once the dog becomes more used to your friends and family, you will see them shedding their timidness.

As a house dog, though, Papillon can be considered friendly, loving and extremely amicable. They are happy dogs and will make sure to keep you healthy and happy at all times.

3. Leonberger

shy Leonberger dog

Originally from Germany, this dog breed, though huge, is known for its calm and shy disposition. Though these dogs can be a little stubborn at times, they are easy to train also very adaptable.

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You should, however, not expect them to be super chirpy and friendly, especially around big crowds. They love their space and like to recede into it instead of jumping around and craving attention at all times.

4. Chinese Crested Dog

shy Chinese Crested Dog

If you fancy a smaller dog breed that is cute to look at, you don’t need to look any further than the Chinese Crested dog. These dogs are super affectionate but at the same time have a shy disposition. This means they can take some time getting used to your folks and exuding the same warmth to them.

These dogs are also known for their grace and elegance and are devoted to their owners. There is not anything that they wouldn’t do for you. They are simply too loving, but at times, you will see their shy disposition come out in full force! This does not mean that they can’t be family dogs. It just means they would take some time to warm up to a number of people and feel at home with them.

5. Norfolk Terrier

shy Norfolk Terrier

These small dogs are a lot of things rolled into one. They are cute, to begin with, but they are also feisty, sturdy and loyal. They are always up for a game and enjoy the adventure. However, despite their outspoken nature and propensity towards adventure, they have a shy streak in them.

While they will be very comfortable with their owner, they may not exhibit the same warmth to new faces and people they are not used to.

It is a matter of familiarizing yourself with different people and once that ice is broken, you will see them being all friendly with your folks. They are great as traveling buddies and even make for a great watchdog. There is just too much to like about these dogs!

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6. Lhasa Apso

shy Lhasa Apso

If you are looking for an adaptable dog, you can go for a Lhasa Apso. These dogs are known for their adaptability and adjusting nature and are incredibly popular in the United States of America.

You don’t have to worry about finding the right environment for your dog. The Lhasa Apso will fit right in regardless of what your living situation is like. They are happy living in both an apartment setting and a big space.

They are loyal, friendly and affectionate. While the male dogs are the most outspoken, the female dogs have a shy streak to them. Sometimes, these dogs can be a little stubborn and hence, you need to make sure you train them well and with a firm hand. Remember, it is for their good!

7. Pekingese

shy Pekingese dog

Another small breed of dog, the Pekingese is known for its suitability for apartment living. Therefore, you will see many urban single people with Pekingese. They are great companions and do not have a lot of physical exercise needs that make them ideal for apartment living.

These dogs, however, are not great with kids and exhibit a strong shyness towards strangers. They take their own sweet time to open up and till they aren’t comfortable with you, they will keep going out of your way. It is their shyness and you must not mistake it for bad behavior.

They are valued for their sophistication and subtlety and were created for the ruling elite in China. They still have some of their regal air around them which comes across in their reticence, especially towards strangers.

8. Mastiff

shy Mastiff dog

Mastiff is a fearless looking beautiful dog. But, as they say, do not judge a book by its cover, you should also not fall for its intimidating personality. They are not dangerous at all. A big part of the intrigue is their shy nature. Hence, the tough exterior is a shield for its shy personality.

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These dogs like to be on the fence and you should not expect aggressive, fiery behavior from them, even in times of danger. If you truly want your Mastiff to showcase some courage, you ought to spend significant time training them right.

9. Akita Inu

shy Akita Inu

The Akita Inu or Akitainu, as it is sometimes called, traces its origin to Japan. It is the national dog of Japan and is even deemed as a natural monument. The dog breed is considered to be sacred and considered a good luck charm in Japan. They are adorable to look at and this is a major part of their appeal and popularity.

Though small in size, these dogs are known for their strength intelligence and fierce loyalty. However, they also have a strong shy streak in them. So, if your Akita Inu is not at once friendly with your friends, nothing to worry about. The situation will improve over time!

10. Chihuahua

shy Chihuahua dog

Chihuahua is one of the shyest and most timid dog breeds out there. The fact that they are tiny can be a contributing factor to their shyness. However, in most cases, it is the environment. For instance, if your dog is a rescue dog, s/he may have been in an abusive environment previously that may have induced such behavior.

Sometimes, the Chihuahua is also shy in front of people and other guests who frequent your house because it could be fearful of the unknown. Do not think of this behavior as anti-social and just give your dog some time to shed all its fears and inhibitions.