5 Super Skinny Dogs Breeds (With Pictures)

Large dogs, small dogs, furry dogs and now it’s time for skinny dogs. It is natural to assume that skinny dogs are average-sized and might be weak. If you think so, here’s a look at 5 skinny dog breeds that will change your mind.

5 Skinny Dogs Breeds

1. Greyhound

skinny dogs breeds

This dog is popular and eye-catching because of its walk, which is often described as graceful. And that is true too. The Greyhound is slender thanks to its long bones. The dog famously falls under the category of a companion dog.

Unfortunately for the dog and its humans, those long bones do not have a lot of strength, which is why it is vulnerable to injuries. The bones are also known to be quite fragile, which means you need to make sure the dog is leashed and stopped from chasing after things.

The Greyhound is a mellow dog but it is known to bark quite a bit but come the moment of actually facing an intruder, they are not very ferocious and will run. The Italian Greyhound has a short coat, but you must brush it every day.

These dogs are generally known to be friendly, which makes them good pets.

2. Kanni

Kanni dogs look like Greyhounds but unlike the latter, they are small in size. They typically weigh about 35 to 48 pounds. These are loyal and protective dogs but they are quite shy by nature. They have a short coat that is black and tan.

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Originally from India, these dogs are considered royal and are recognized by the Kennel Club of India. They have a lot of energy and must be given at least one hour of exercise every day. These dogs are meant to be independent which makes them sort of territorial. But they are intelligent and can be easily trained.

Interestingly, they are given milk for breakfast.

3. Whippet

This dog is also like the Greyhound in the sense that it has curves and long legs. They also have a deep chest and a slim waist. Their coat is smooth and short that sheds occasionally, but the maintenance is actually quite low.

These dogs are thin because of the lack of body fat. But that also means that they don’t do very well in cold climates. They have a good deal of energy that they like to spend when it is sunny outside. They like to jump and chase things because they are agile. And when they are done playing, these dogs are happy to get back on the couch and relax.

The Whippet is not an excellent guard dog because it is not aggressive and is actually known to be gentle. It is also a very obedient dog but does not socialize that well or easily. These dogs also don’t bark as much, which makes them a good choice for those who live in apartments. The neighbors will never complain.

Whippets are also good at agility sports for obvious reasons, but they have speed on their side which also makes them a prime candidate for racing. Their skinny feature is the result of a genetic mutation, but if there is too much of it, they start to look very muscular.

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4. Sloughi

Imported to the US in 1973, this is another dog that is known for its speed and hunting abilities. The Sloughi is originally from North Africa and has an athletic body.

It has a short coat in cream or mahogany color with the probability of black marks. This dog does not shed all that often, which means you only need to brush them once a week.

The Sloughi can be a well-behaved dog and despite its athletic body, this dog likes to relax on the couch quite a bit. These dogs are not so great with strangers but they do love their humans.

5. Saluki

And finally, there is the Saluki which is a dog from the Middle East. It is likely to be related to the Afghan Hound which is another skinny dog. It is believed that these dogs were used to hunt gazelles in the wild, which is why they are as skinny as they are.

This breed is actually quite old and is known to have been used by royalty back in the day. The Saluki made it to Europe during the crusades but the breed made it to the kennel club in Britain only in 1923.

They are slower and shorter than the Greyhound but their ability to run long distances has earned them a lot of praise. In fact, it has the reputation of being a marathon runner among dogs.

This is also a very expensive dog, but it is very healthy. The thinness is a matter of intrigue because it is also an angular dog and has silky hair on its ears, muzzle, legs, toes and tail. This dog comes in many different patterns and colors.

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Expectantly, these dogs like both physical and mental activities. So, whether it is lure coursing or racing sports, these dogs are game. And since they were used for hunting back in the day, they like to run and chase too. But their nature is to stay gentle and calm unless provoked.

Salukis like to relax for hours on end in the house. So, if you are looking for a lazy companion in the house, this guy might just be the one for you.