Top Pet Apps to Have On Your Smartphone

Being a pet parent is as exerting as being a parent to an infant or toddler. Your pet, especially if you just purchased it or it is a baby pet, needs nearly the same amount of attention.

Thankfully, technology has changed the way we do things, making things much easier and more accessible to us. There are now various pet apps available to pet owners to make taking care of, monitoring, and keeping their pets healthy easier.

Nevertheless, some of those applications may not be worth having – or they may not be the right option for you. Additionally, while there are many free pet apps for pet owners, there are also paid ones; the latter tends to be more effective. The good news is that most of the apps that charge fees are still affordable. Thus, find out about Ethereum price or bring out your debit or credit card to gain access to some of these cool pet apps.


Rover is a cool app that serves as a middleman of some sort for pet parents. The pet app connects you with pet service providers, like a pet sitter or caretaker.

Rover is one of the biggest pet-related companies; it lists the information of several dog walkers, house sitters, and pet boarders. The app contains a list of people who love pets more than nearly anything else and it is designed for iOS and Android.


11Pets is one of the best pet apps for pet owners; it is designed to make taking care of your pet easier. With 11Pets, you can keep track of vet appointments, vaccinations, and medication schedules for your pet, among other things.

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Plus, the app comes with an important notification feature that alerts you on important tasks, like your pet’s medication. This pet healthcare app is free and available to download on iOS and Android.


PetCoach is another cool and effective pet healthcare app for pet owners, with lots of features to make things easier. There are quite a number of things you can do on PetCoach, including but not limited to one-on-one vet consultations.

It connects you with certified pet experts, including veterinarians and nutritionists who can answer your pet-related health questions. Meanwhile, if you can’t afford the consultation, there is an FAQ section with thousands of answered questions.

You can find answers to practically any dog-related question you may have on PetCoach. Additionally, there are hundreds of information-rich dog-related articles containing tips every pet parent will be glad to know.


Whistle is a great dog-tracking software application; it functions as an app and a collar for discovering your dog’s whereabouts. When you have this app on hand, you can walk your dog on the streets without fear of losing sight of your canine. That is because the collar’s GPS that comes with the app will inform you of your dog’s location. Simply open the app and you will see where your dog is on the map.

The only downside is that it is a bit pricey because you will be paying a subscription fee and the collar. However, if you can afford it, it is a great pet monitoring app you may even get addicted to.

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Wag is one of the best pet apps for busy pet owners; it connects you with help when you “desperately” need it. If you get held up and need someone to watch your dog, Wag helps you find that someone.

Or perhaps you need to go on an important trip, work related or otherwise, it helps you find someone to watch your dog in the meantime. The app can be a great scheduling tool for your pet-related activities, like finding a pet walker or sitter.

Furthermore, the app comes with a GPS tracker through which you can track your pet and the pet caretaker’s activity. It is free on iOS and Android – a cool app for ensuring your pet gets the much-needed exercise.


If you need a dog training app, Puppr is one of the best to have on your smartphone. The app gives you premium access to the celebrity dog trainer, Sara Carson, and her dog-related lessons.

On the app, she teaches you how to train your dog, starting with using basic commands to more advanced obedience commands. Puppr essentially eliminates the need to hire an expensive dog trainer because you are already connected to one of the best.

Also, you only need to choose what you want your dog to learn for each training session. Then, there is a training module of our choice; watch it and start training your dog at home.


DOGO is another dog-training application; it works as an all-inclusive training tool for dog owners and covers everything from obedience training tips to tricks. The app lets you set a goal and then gives you a personalized program to achieve it.

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Furthermore, you can take videos of your dog’s training sessions with DOGO, post them on the app, and get feedback from professionals. Meanwhile, if you have concerns or challenges, you have premium access to professional help; just press the button.

Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is a free pet care app, and one of the best, providing you with pet healthcare tips. Created by the American Red Cross Society, the app shares insights on how to handle emergencies your pet encounters.

For instance, if your dog has eaten something it shouldn’t have, say a chemical, the app tells you what to do. Aside from giving you tips, the app also helps you locate animal hospitals nearest to you, ensuring your pet gets the needed medical attention.

Additionally, Pet First Aid is useful for locating pet-friendly locations, like hotels and restaurants, which is perfect for when you travel. Plus, you can use the application to schedule vet visits and identify substances that pose potential danger to your pet.


These eight pet apps are some of the best in the industry right now. Most of them are free, while some require a subscription fee to gain access to personalized features, among other things. If you can afford them, the paid apps are very effective, but the free ones are great too if you cannot.