What Age Do Pitbulls Stop Growing

Age is important when we start questioning ourselves what age do Pitbulls stop growing, but there are many other factors that influence evolution, such as diet and the environment in which the animal is developing in.

To find out at what age a pitbull stops growing, we will evaluate several variables to consider when giving the most accurate answer possible, so keep reading!

Ages of My Pitbull

As a rule, we know that miniature and medium dogs reach adulthood at one year of life and, normally, their growth does not extend much further. Giant breed dogs can grow for up to two years in their development cycle.

However, when we talk about American Pit Bull Terrier dogs, we must bear in mind that, although their height is defined at one year of age, they can continue to grow (especially their muscles).

what age do pitbulls stop growing

From birth to 6 months of age its growth will be very fast, although it is usually quite “disorganized”. In some specimens the legs grow first, followed by the jaw, torso, and other parts of the body. We know that males can reach between 15 and 27 kg in weight, and females between 13 and 23 kg.

Then, from 6 months to one year of life, they develop weight and muscles. Whether they gain weight or muscle will depend on training, games, and eating. Remember that they are very active dogs that need to expend energy.

Likewise, the education of the pitbull dog will depend on us, since, although we know that these dogs have a bad reputation, the truth is that some owners do not know what the needs of the breed they live with, or they use incorrect training methods.

Remember that no dog is born aggressive or “dangerous””. Therefore, we must always keep ourselves informed about the breed we have to provide for and ensure that the animal grows healthy and balanced.

What Age Do Pitbulls Stop Growing – Genetic Inheritance

This factor can give us clues about the final growth of our dog and, therefore, discover at what age a pitbull stops growing. We know, as discussed in the previous section, the weights that it can reach according to sex, but we must also consider the height that it will adopt, with females reaching up to 50 cm and males up to 55 cm.

On the other hand, it is worth noting the powerful jaw of the pit bull that can develop sooner or later. Although a disproportionate development of the head or legs can be seen during the first months, once it reaches adulthood the American Pitbull Terrier will present a body that is in harmony and well proportioned.

In this sense, it is essential to emphasize that the myth that indicates that the Pitbull’s head does not stop growing, or that it reaches measurements disproportionate to the body, is totally false. However, this does not mean that there are no specimens that present this characteristic, simply that it is not a distinctive feature of the breed as many, erroneously, believe.

In relation to the jaw that the pitbull presents, to prevent it from hurting people or animals unconsciously, it is essential to teach it to inhibit its bite and to play correctly, as well as to carry out correct socialization during its puppy stage.

What Age Do Pitbulls Stop Growing – Food for Development

For the growth to be balanced we must bear in mind the dog’s diet. In this sense, there are different types of food that our Pitbulls can eat to grow strong and healthy. We know that the musculature of this breed of dog is very important, and that development will go from 6 months to a year and a half of life.

It does not mean that after that age we will not be able to strengthen our dog, but it will be more complicated than within earlier stages of its life.

The best thing will be a balanced homemade diet. I do not recommend the use of external vitamins that do not come from food. We must prioritize the proteins that come from meats, such as chicken and other poultry, to reduce fat and have good quality proteins.

Another factor that comes into play when considering what age do Pitbulls stop growing, is exercise. Daily exercise is very important to promote muscle growth, as well as walks and pampering so that our Pitbull is a happy dog.