What Does It Mean When A Dog Lays on Your Feet?

Does your dog behave in ways that are confusing to you?

Dogs have a different language than humans do, and sometimes it is hard to figure out what they want.

Why are dogs doing these things that just do not make any sense to us?

Today, we are going to focus on when a dog will sit on your feet. What does this mean, and why do they do this?

 I am also going to expand on how you can stop this behavior if you do not want your dog to sit on your feet anymore.

Why Do Dogs Lay on Your Feet?

What Does It Mean When A Dog Lays on Your Feet

When dogs take different actions, it can be confusing to humans as to why they are doing it.

One of these confusing and strange dog behaviors is sitting on feet.

Why do dogs do this? Well, there are a variety of reasons.

Your dog may lay on your feet because that is what they learn to do when they are puppies. It is instinct.

When your dog was a puppy, they would cuddle with their littermates for warmth.

Wolves do this in the wild as well, and your dog may be trying to cuddle with you because you are a part of their ‘pack’.

Your dog could be sitting by your feet because they want affection. They want you to give them love, or maybe they just want to make sure that you are there.

If a dog has separation anxiety, they may be more likely to want to stay close to your side, or your feet.

Another reason for your dog sitting on your feet is protection. Your dog may want to protect you from harm.

On the other hand, your dog could also be scared. This means that might be sitting on your feet because they want you to protect them.

You make your dog feel safe and secure, so it makes sense that your dog would trust you to keep them safe from harm.

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Finally, this is a way of your dog being territorial over you. When your dog sits on your feet, they are leaving their scent on you.

By doing this, they are letting other dogs know that you belong to them. You are theirs and no other dog can have you.

What Else Might A Dog Do to Communicate These Messages?

What Else Might A Dog Do to Communicate These Messages

One of the reasons your dog will sit on your feet is to communicate that they want affection from you.

They just want you to pet them and to give them your love. But there is more than one way for your dog to ask you to give them affection.

Your dog might lean against you. If your dog leans on you, it could be their way of telling you they love you while also asking for attention.

This may seem like it is obvious, but your dog will lick you when they want affection. It means they love you too.

Your dog might follow you around the house. Sometimes this means they want you to give them some love, but it can also mean they just want to be around you.

Similarly, your dog may follow you around when they are scared. You may also notice that your dog will look back at you.

They watch to see your reaction in certain situations and to make sure you are with them.

While this is not exactly a way of them asking you to protect them, it is a way for your dog to tell you they trust you.

This is one reason why dog owners should always stay calm in situations that may be scary to their dog. Your dog looks to you for information on how to react in certain situations.

If you are calm and confident, your dog will feel better too. Your dog could also feel protective over you when they sit on your feet.

What are other actions they might take to show protectiveness?

A protective dog will stay close to you because they want to guard you. They may sit or stand on you.

Some dogs may even try to herd you if they feel as though you may be in danger. They might also come between you and whatever they find to be a threat.

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Finally, some dogs will lay on your feet because they are territorial over you.

What are some other signs that your dog is territorial over you? If your dog chooses to rub against you, it could mean they are spreading their scent onto you.

When they do this, they are claiming you as theirs.

How to Stop Dog from Sitting on Feet?

How to Stop Dog from Sitting on Feet

While it is not a harmful or a bad thing for your dog to sit on your feet, it may not be a behavior that you enjoy from your dog.

Do not worry if you do not like it, though. There are ways to teach your dog to stop sitting on your feet.

The first step in getting your dog not to sit on your feet would be to stop giving them affection when they do.

Even if your dog does not sit on your feet specifically for affection, when you pet your dog, it is seen as a reward.

You do not want your dog to feel rewarded for taking part in behaviors that you do not like. Instead, you can coax them not to sit on your feet anymore.

You can try to use a treat to get them to sit somewhere else. Some people will even train their dog to have a specific place where they are supposed to go.

Whether this is a dog bed or a blanket on the floor, it is one way to train your dog to go somewhere specific.

Reward them and give them treats when they sit here without being told to.

If your dog does try to sit on your feet again, you can gently guide them to this specific place where you would like them to sit instead.

It is important that your dog still has freedom, but you can have them lay here if you do not want them on your feet.

However, it is not bad behavior. So, if you don’t mind your dog doing this, it’s really up to you on whether or not you train your dog to stop.

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Which Breeds Are More Likely to Sit on Feet?

If you have not adopted your dog yet and you are still trying to decide which breed to get, you may want to think about what normal behaviors are for different breeds of dogs.

Which dogs will want to cuddle with you the most?

If you want a dog breed that loves affection (like the ones in our post on dog breeds beginning with V) and will be more likely to sit on your feet, there are specific breeds that you can look for.

A Golden Retriever is one dog that loves to cuddle and get affection from its owner.

They are loyal and trusting, and they will make sure you know how much they love you.

Irish Wolfhounds, while larger, do not quite understand that they aren’t made to be lap dogs.

If you want a dog that has a heart full of love, you may look into getting one of these gentle giants.

If you are looking for a dog that is a little bit smaller, you may decide you want a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

With those adorable ears, who would not want one of these dogs? This breed loves to cuddle, so if you want your dog to sit on your feet, one of these sweethearts may be for you.

Are you more interested in a protective dog over a cuddly dog? There are protective breeds that you can look into getting as well.

One of the more well-known protective dog breeds is a German Shepard. You can often see this breed working as a police dog or a drug dog in airports.

These dogs are extremely loyal, and they will guard you if you need them to.

Another protective dog breed is the Doberman Pinscher. If you want a dog that can make a good guard dog for you, this breed would be a wonderful choice for you.

If you want a dog that is not quite as large but can still protect you, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier doubles as cute and protective. Do not judge this dog by its size, though. This breed might be a little smaller, but it is powerful.