What is the rarest pitbull color?

What is the rarest pitbull color? Blue. Like Lilac, the tri-color blue Pitbull is one of the rarest combinations. Blue is usually a rare color in Pitbulls, so you won’t see many of these dogs. The blue variety are unique from other tri-color Pitbulls because they will always have a blue nose.

Can a American Pitbull Terrier Be blue? Blue Nose Pit bulls are not a separate breed from the American Pitbull Terrier. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The only difference between them and other American Pitbull Terriers is the nose color.

What color are blue pitbulls? With its silver-grey to charcoal-hued coat, the blue Pit Bull has a striking appearance even though it’s not one the AKC approves of. The rare color is produced by a recessive gene that dilutes black to create a range of silver-blue to deep gray colors.

What colors are purebred pitbulls? The Pitbull’s coat features different colors: black, white, fawn, red, brown, and many more shades. Depending on the animal, the color is not always structured. For example, some dogs sport a Red Nose, a Black Nose, or even a Blue Nose. In fact, Pitbulls’ colors and coat patterns are as diverse as the rainbow.


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What is the rarest pitbull color? – Additional Questions

How rare is a blue Pitbull?

How rare is a Blue Nose Pitbull? Of course, it’s not really possible to answer HOW rare is a Blue Nose Pitbull. Rather, just that Blue Noses are rare, and for a good reason. The blue color is from a recessive gene, meaning that it takes two Pitbulls with the gene to make a Blue Nose Pitbull puppy.

How much is a blue nose Pitbull worth?

The Blue Nose color is in high demand and can be quite difficult to find. This makes it one of the most expensive Pitbull colors. You can expect to pay at least $1,000 for a puppy, but prices may run to $3,000.

What is the rarest pitbull breed?

The Blue Nose Pitbull is a rare breed of Pitbull and is a result of a recessive gene which means they are bred from a smaller gene pool.

Are black pitbulls rare?

Among all of these, the most sought after is the black color because people think that they are quite rare. What is this? Unfortunately, black Pitbulls are very common. They are not as rare as white Pitbulls and what the American Pitbull Registry considers as the rarest variety, which is the Merle.

Are white pitbulls rare?

The white Pitbull is a variation of the Pitbull breeds. Although it is rare, an all-white Pitbull is considered a standard coat color and not a product of albinism. Contrary to an albino dog, a white Pitbull has a more noticeable skin pigmentation and colored eyes.

What breed is a tri color pitbull?

Tri color Pitbulls are a new and rare color variety of American Pitbulls and bully breed dogs. Rather than being an entirely new color, tri color Pitbulls are a new coat pattern. Instead of the usual one or two coat colors, these Pitbulls have three colors in their coat.

What is a blue Pitbull?

A blue nose pitbull is a color variation within the American pit bull terrier breed. The color comes from a recessive gene, which means that it is very rare. What is this? Report Ad. They are a grayish-purple color and have a nose the same color as their coat as well as blue eyes.

What is a blue brindle Pitbull?

Blue brindle is a combination of coat color and pattern. So a blue brindle Pitbull is a Pitbull with a blue coat in a brindle pattern, rather than a breed in its own right. Most people interested in blue brindle Pitbulls have an American Pitbull Terrier in mind.

How much is a blue fawn Pitbull worth?

Blue Fawn Pitbull pups are going to cost you a pretty penny. This is because the gorgeous blue coat is quite rare and requires very specific breeding. For this reason, expect to pay between $1,000 and $5,000 for this type of dog.

Is Blue Fawn rare?

Blue fawn Pitbulls are considered rare because of their silvery-blue coat color and red nose. They are sought after by many, not only due to their unique appearance but also their temperament.

Is Blue Fawn Pitbull rare?

A blue coat on its own isn’t very rare in the Pitbull breed. However, the unique blue fawn coat color is anything but common. What is this? Various kennel clubs recognize blue fawn Pitbulls, but this doesn’t mean the color isn’t rare.

Whats the difference between fawn and blue fawn?

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What is blue sable?

Blue sables, like the gorgeous sables, have a fawn coloration on the head and lower legs, but instead of having black-tipped hairs on the body and a black mask, they have beautiful blue tipped hairs with a blue mask. Needless to say, they are stunning!

What is blue fawn color?

Blue fawn is a dilution of the eumelanin (black color) on the D locus. It is a recessive gene – so d is dilute and D is non-dilute. In order for a dog to be dilute it must have the genotype of dd. This means that a puppy inherited a d from each parent.

What does blue Sable mean?

The blue Sable Frenchie is a unique Sable Frenchie with blue-tipped hair and a blue mask instead of black. A dark blue Sable French Bulldog puppy can cost a pretty penny since they’re so rare.

What does color sable look like?

In the US, the term sable refers to black dogs with lighter hair at the root. The color sable is a very dark color. It’s similar to black relatively and seems like a shade of brown. Since it has brown undertones, normally sable color is considered a neutral color.

What color is sable fur?

Sable skin color varies from light brown to dark brown. As in any other fur, there is a hierarchy among sables. The most expensive type of sable is Barguzinsky dark color with gray hairs.