What rituals are done on summer solstice?

What rituals are done on summer solstice? 

Summer Solstice Rituals
  • Get outside!
  • Stay up all night.
  • Spend time with the flowers.
  • Fire magic.
  • Ground yourself with yoga or meditation.
  • Solstice Sex.
  • Crystal Magic.
  • Ritual Baths.

What happens at Litha? At Litha the bonfire really represents a reflection of the Sun at the peak of its strength. The chosen wood would often be Oak and aromatic herbs were scattered into the fire. People danced around the fires and leap through them. Blazing herbs from the sacred bonfire were used to bless the animals.

What is blessed Litha? Also known as Litha, the Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year! Today the hours of sunlight greatly outweigh the dark of night by taking up two-thirds of the day. Here in North America, many of us will be blessed with more than 14 hours of sunlight.

How did pagans celebrate summer solstice? Bonfires. Lighting and jumping over bonfires on Midsummer’s Eve dates back to pre-Christian pagan customs. It was thought to keep demons away and bring good luck to lovers.


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What do you eat on summer solstice?

Any food you provide should be Sun-colored, and perhaps round.” Some traditional foods involving such round, sun-colored fruits and vegetables include pumpernickel bread, mead, and grilled foods that use an open flame to represent the sun.

How do you manifest during the summer solstice?

Summer Solstice Ritual: Manifesting Your Highest Intentions
  1. Are you aware of the power of the Summer Solstice?
  2. Prepare Your Space.
  3. Purify.
  4. Cleanse Your Space.
  5. Set Your Intentions.
  6. Write Your “Release List”
  7. Sit in Gratitude.
  8. Release.

How did the Celts celebrate the summer solstice?

Summer Solstice Traditions

In order to banish any evil spirits that might harm their crops, the ancient Irish would light bonfires. This was a time of singing, dancing and feasting. It was customary for lovers to clasp hands and jump over bonfires. This was thought to bring luck to their relationship.

What do the pagans call summer solstice?

Summer Solstice (Litha)

Some Wiccan traditions call the festival Litha, a name occurring in Bede’s The Reckoning of Time (De Temporum Ratione, eighth century), which preserves a list of the (then-obsolete) Anglo-Saxon names for the twelve months.

What is the pagan term for summer solstice?

Litha is a pagan holiday; one of their eight sabbats during the year. Litha (also known as Midsummer) occurs on the summer solstice, and celebrates the beginning of summer. The traditions of Litha appear to be borrowed from many cultures.

How do druids celebrate the summer solstice?

Every year, hundreds of druids rock up to Stonehenge to mark the summer solstice. The West Country landmark is a magnet for hippy types at the best of times, and the standing stones become even more of a druid beacon at the solstice.

What is the Druid religion?

Druidry, sometimes termed Druidism, is a modern spiritual or religious movement that promotes the cultivation of honorable relationships with the physical landscapes, flora, fauna, and diverse peoples of the world, as well as with nature deities, and spirits of nature and place.

Can druids touch Stonehenge?

They point out they have no choice or discretion about not allowing people to touch the stones as they are “bound by the monument’s own government regulations under which the monument is protected” and that touching the stones is “a contravention of the regulations” and crucially, that the situation applies at all

What are summer solstice traditions?

Traditional foods such as pickled herring, salmon, and potatoes are enjoyed by flower-wreath-wearing revelers, and maypole and folk dances – such as the Små grodorna – take center stage. It’s even said that if unmarried girls place seven flowers under their pillow on midsummer, they’ll dream of their future husband.

What do you wear to summer solstice?

Dress in yellow (or orange, or red, or gold). The summer solstice celebrates the sun, and a return to warmer days. Spending time outside is a great way to connect to the energy of the sun. And while you do so, find inspiration in the celestial bodies bright hue and imitate it.

How do you set summer solstice intentions?

Set Your Intentions for Summer Solstice

What are some activities of mindfulness?

Sit quietly and take a moment to breathe and meditate and reflect upon the first half of your year and contemplate your intentions for the rest of the year. Fuel your intentions by lighting a candle.

What herbs are good for summer solstice?

Herbs of the sun promote vitality and health and often they resemble the brightness of the sun: calendula, chamomile, and St. John’s wort are wonderful examples of herbs that flower bright yellow like the sun and are at their peak during the summer solstice!

Who is the summer solstice goddess?

Ishtar was celebrated in Ancient Mesopotamia

Summer Solstice was “celebrated” by ancient Babylonians by observing 6 days of mourning! Ishtar, Goddess of fertility, love and war, would mourn the annual death of her partner, Tammuz.

What are the Colours for summer solstice?

A summer solstice celebration is all about embracing the sun and the power it shines upon us. Naturally, colors representing the sun like yellows, oranges, and golds are a staple in a Midsummer celebration. Wherever you host your Midsummer celebration, make sure that glowing golds and yellow are in focus.

What are the flowers of summer solstice?

The pomegranate blossom is a common flower during the summer solstice. Its flowering period is from May to July. The pomegranate flower is in its most exuberant bloom every summer solstice.

Is summer solstice magical?

Midsummer folklore dictates that the summer solstice is a liminal, magical time where spirits and fairies are able to cross more easily into the human world. It’s a time to expect the unexpected and allow yourself to believe that wishes really can come true because there’s magic in the air

How do British celebrate summer solstice?

Across the UK, the summer solstice is celebrated in a diverse variety of ways. Perhaps most famous is the celebration at Stonehenge, where around 10,000 people gather to watch the sunrise. However, there are more places than the Neolithic monument to celebrate the solstice in 2021.