What Size of Dog Crate for German Shepherd is Ideal?

A crate can sometimes be useful for your German Shepherd, for example when you have visitors or because your dog has trouble being alone. But what size of dog crate for German Shepherd? You don’t want the crate to be too big or too small. What is suitable?

what size dog crate for german shepherd

Why a Crate for Your Dog?

Why would you want a crate for your German Shepherd? A crate has a number of advantages. In a way, the crate offers a resting place for the dog. In many homes, the rule is that if the dog is crated, he should be left alone. That way he has his own, safe place to withdraw.

It can also help to crate your dog if he creates a lot of mess around the house. That chance is a lot higher, especially in puppyhood. By the way, do not be afraid that it is sad for your German Shepherd. Dogs love shelters in which to hide. As long as you don’t use the crate as a place for punishment, your dog will feel especially good there.

A crate is also very handy to use, for example, for toilet training your puppy. You limit the space so that you can control your puppy’s urination and defecation more quickly.

What Size of Dog Crate for German Shepherd?

The German Shepherd is a relatively large dog. The height at the withers varies from 50 to 65 centimeters and the dog can weigh between 22 and 40 pounds. The height and weight will depend on the sex of your German Shepherd.

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For dogs of this size, a 122-125 centimeter crate is a good choice. These are sometimes also referred to as size L or XL. Choose a crate that is not too small.

If you use the crate purely for toilet training, we recommend not to pack the crate too spacious. This will help prevent your dog from going to sleep on one side and going to the bathroom on the other.

Buying a Crate for a Puppy

When your German Shepherd is still a puppy, such a large crate is really too big. It is better if a crate is not too big so that it is really used as a place to relax. This way your puppy cannot walk in all directions. However, it is also a shame to keep buying a new crate.

That is why you can easily make a larger crate a bit smaller yourself by placing a barricade in it. This gives the crate a smaller space to lie down. Make sure that this barricade is completely safe – especially if you are regularly away or cannot keep an eye on the dog crate. You don’t want the barricade to fall on your dog, for example.

How to Use a Crate

A crate should be used as an aid and not seen as a cage to lock up your German Shepherd. After all, a dog does not benefit from spending most of its life on a few square centimeters. Naturally, this should not be the intention to purchase a dog.

You can let a dog stay in a crate when it comes to the night or for a small number of hours that you are away during the day. If someone is away from home for a longer period of time, we recommend giving the dog an extra space in the house or ensuring that someone comes in between to let your dog out and give it attention.

Never use the crate as a place to punish your dog. Never send your German Shepherd angry to the crate, because then he will see it as a nasty place. You can also make the crate more pleasant with, for example, a nice soft pillow.

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It can also help to put a blanket over the crate so that your dog feels it even more like a shelter. Ideal for relaxing. Giving a treat every now and then is of course always a smart move. For example, do this if your German Shepherd is well behaved or when you are away from home and your German Shepherd could use some distraction.

Never put a toy or a chew bone in the dog crate when you leave home. Your dog can choke on this, with all the consequences that entail.

Where to Put a Dog Crate

We recommend placing a crate in a quiet place in the house. Your dog can retreat to his own place without being disturbed. It is also important for a puppy that the crate is in a quiet place. For example, if the crate is in the living room where there is a lot of movement, he is continuously stimulated.

A puppy is of course very curious and will find it difficult to sleep peacefully. And rest is very important for a puppy.