When do German Shepherds Shed?

The good news first: The German Shepherd is a fairly easy-care candidate when it comes to its coat, and it doesn’t require any time-consuming cleaning rituals or visits to the dog salon. In this article we’ll answer some questions on shedding like “when do German Shepherds shed?”, “do they shed a lot?” and how to cope with shedding.

when do german shepherds shed

The German Shepherd was originally bred as a herding dog and in the early days of breeding it was even crossed with real wolves.

Its fur is accordingly robust and weatherproof. Nevertheless, of course, a German Shepherd also needs regular attention and a certain amount of grooming.

When do German Shepherds Shed?

German Shepherd dogs shed twice a year, depending on the geographic location in which they live. But they almost always change their coat first at the beginning of spring and the second in autumn.

So German Shepherds have a shorter coat of hair with the spring shedding and a longer and denser coat with the autumn shedding. This so-called winter coat in the northern hemisphere is the most beautiful. As it is a longer and thicker coat of hair, the dogs look very beautiful and impressive.

Double coat dog

A double coat is a trait of the German Shepherd breed. Other double-coated dogs include huskies, malamutes, labradors and collies. The double-coated German Shepherds have an insulating inner layer made up of soft, woolly hairs and a protective outer layer consisting of thinner, more protective hairs.

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Even if your dog appears to have more hair than they need, shaving German Shepherds is not recommended. The shepherd’s coat is a natural defense against the elements and injury.

Hair growth throughout the year

German Shepherd hair grows throughout the year and individual hairs fall out and new hairs replace them.

The new hair emerges from the hair follicle when the old hair is about to be shed, so the dog keeps the same amount of hair, even if it seems that it is shedding so much that it will run out. This is a natural process for all dogs and is dramatic with German Shepherds due to their thick, double coats.

The seasonal coat blow

To prepare for cold weather, the German Shepherd dog sheds more of their coat and grows a higher proportion of hairs in the middle layers. This is why it falls out in the fall when it may seem strange that they lose hair.

As the weather turns warm in the spring or summer, depending on the weather, they will shed a higher proportion of hair at the base. German Shepherds blow on their coats, a massive shedding that can last for weeks.

How to Keep German Shepherds from Shedding

On the Internet, there are many stories and magic recipes to stop hair loss in German Shepherds.

It is good to tell you that you should not waste time applying all those strings of lies and myths, because it is practically impossible for you to modify the natural physiology of your German Shepherd.

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In fact, trying to keep German Shepherds from shedding is as much as trying to prevent them from sleeping or pooping.

What we can advise you so that you do not suffer from the shedding of your German Shepherd’s hair is the following:

German Shepherd Shedding Solution

A good diet keeps your German Shepherd’s skin and coat healthy. We recommend that German Shepherds eat only biologically appropriate raw food (B.A.R.F.), since it is a fact proven in hundreds of dogs of my breed and in dogs of my owner friends, that with this diet the shedding of hair is faster and less dramatic. We always get our supplies from Raw Wild, who specializes in raw dog food. They have one-time 25% off on a trial order, so we highly recommend you grab the chance.

Provide fresh water at all times, as dehydration affects their skin. Consult your veterinarian for recommendations on quality foods and supplements for your dog’s skin and coat.

Grooming is your first line of defense against all hair shedders. The right tools help. A shedding comb helps remove loose hair. Brush them often; Use a brush with firm, long, roomy bristles, or a pin brush and polishing brush at least once a week.

Bathe the dog every few weeks with dog shampoo. Don’t use personal shampoos or other household products. Visits to a groomer are an option to speed up shedding, especially if grooming is scheduled when the coat is blowing. A vacuum designed for pet hair will simplify cleaning the hair around the house.

Long Haired German Shepherd Shedding

Long-haired German Shepherds also change their hair since a long-haired Shepherd must also have undercoat. The breed regulations only accept German Shepherds with long hair with an undercoat of hair, so you should give the same care to your German Shepherd regardless of whether it is long or short haired.

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