Why Do Cats Lay Down When They Eat?

Your cat has decided to lay down when she eats. Is this normal?

And if it is, why do cats do this? Humans do not feel the need to lay on the floor when they have their daily meals, so why do cats?

Today, I am going to answer this question as well as discussing other odd behaviors that we may see our cats taking part in.

Is It Normal for A Cat to Lay Down When They Eat?

Why Do Cats Lay Down When They Eat

Cats are strange, and they like to do things in ways that we would not expect them to.

You may even have multiple cats, and one lays down to eat while the others do not.

When it comes down to it, all of this is normal cat behavior. Most cats do prefer to stand or to sit.

However, this does not mean that your cat laying down to eat is a bad thing.

Unless your cat is showing signs that they may be sick, there is hardly anything to worry about.

Signs My Cat Is Sick

If you are worried that your cat may be sick, look for some of the symptoms that I’m about to go over, and this may help you to know whether or not your cat is feeling under the weather.

You should keep a lookout for whether your cat is drinking water and eating as much food as they normally might.

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While it may not seem like a sign of sickness, your cat may be sick if they are not as energetic as usual.

If your cat normally stands or sits when eating food, and they are suddenly laying down to eat when they have not in the past, they might be sick.

You can also look at their sleeping patterns.

If you find that your cat has been sleeping for much longer periods and more often than normal, this is something that may suggest your cat is not feeling well.

If your cat is showing these signs, or you have any other inclination that your cat may be feeling sick, you should contact your vet right away.

If your cat is sick, the sooner they can be treated, the better.

Why Do Some Cats Lay Down to Eat?

Why Do Some Cats Lay Down to Eat

Now that we know laying down to eat is a normal cat behavior, it can lead us to wonder the reason why they are doing it.

More than that, why do some cats lay down to eat while others do not?

When a cat decides to stand when they eat, it gives them their greatest advantage.

In the wild, if they were to be attacked, they would find it much easier to get away from the danger.

Sitting when eating is quite a bit more comfortable for the cat.

While the time it takes to get up and get out in an emergency would be longer if they were sitting, it is still relatively easy for them.

In a sit or a crouch, your cat can be more prepared to run away or even fight any attackers.

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A cat laying down will make them extremely vulnerable.

If a predator were to sneak up on them, they would find it hard to run away in time.

Because of this, if you see your cat laying down to eat, it probably means they are very comfortable in your home.

Maybe it is because they know you will keep them safe, or maybe they know they are safe in the house.

There is no need for them to be on edge, and they know if something did happen, you would protect them.

Besides, who does not like to be able to rest a little bit while enjoying their favorite meal?

Humans will lay back in their recliners for their afternoon snack. Cats will lay down on the floor.

What Other Behaviors Signal That My Cat Trusts Me?

What Other Behaviors Signal That My Cat Trusts Me

When your cat decides to knead your lap unexpectedly, this can be a bit unpleasant for you.

No one enjoys cat claws digging into their skin. Even so, your cat kneading you is a sign that she loves you and feels safe around you.

Your cat kneads things to get comfortable.

When she chooses to knead you, or maybe even your couch, it just shows that your feline friend feels safe and content enough to rest for a little bit of time.

When your cat was a kitten, their instinct was to knead into their mother for milk.

This is a comforting behavior for them, and it is sweet that they would act in a similar way to their owners. 

When your cat decides to head-butt you, this is another sign of her feeling safe around you.

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To cats, rubbing their face against yours is a sign of affection.

When you think about it, a cat wanting to show you their love for you is one way for you to know that they feel safe when they are in your presence.

When cats do this, it is their way of rubbing their scent all over you.

Your cat is claiming you as theirs, but it is in a good way.

Next time your cat does this, you can rest assured that she does this because she loves you and feels content around you.

Your cat may occasionally roll onto her back to show her belly to you.

This is extremely impressive when you think about it. Did you know that the most tender and most vulnerable part of a cat is her stomach?

If your cat rolls on her back and shows her tummy to you, this means she trusts you.

Your cat knows that you would never let any harm come to her, and she knows you will not betray her and attack.

Another sign that your cat trusts you and feels content when around you would be that your cat licks you.

Not everyone finds enjoyment in the rough and scratchy tongue of a cat, but they do mean well.

Cats bathe one another as a sign of affection. A cat who decides to bathe their owner truly does love them.

While cats may not be fans of their humans giving them baths, they will bathe their humans. If your cat licks you, it means they love you and they care for you.