Why Do Cats Like Their Butt Scratched?

Have you ever noticed that when you scratch your cat at just the right spot by the base of her tail, she lifts her butt right up into the air?

This probably makes you wonder why cats like being scratched here so much that they do this.

Today, I am going to explain why.

I am also going to expand on other places that your cat may enjoy being pet as well as signs to help you figure out if your cat is happy or upset.

Reasons Cats Like Their Butt Scratched?

Why Do Cats Like Their Butt Scratched

Did you know that cats raise their butt in the air when you scratch it because it is a natural behavior?

When your cat was still a kitten, she was groomed by her mother. Of course, your cat was groomed in every single part of their body.

To put it simply, kittens will naturally lift their butt into the air so their mother can clean them underneath their tail.

This is still a reflexive movement for them even when they are older.

Now, female cats will also do this when they are in heat. This is called Lordosis and raising their butt in the air like this tells males that they are ready to be mated.

If your cat is not spayed and you notice her doing this, you should keep her inside and away from unsterilized male cats.

If you do not, you may end up with a pregnant cat.

Where Else Does A Cat Like to Be Pet?

Where Else Does A Cat Like to Be Pet

Do you want to know even more places that your cat enjoys being pet?

Of course, all cats are different, and some have different preferences than others.

Even so, most cats enjoy being pat in the places that I am about to mention. One of these areas where cats love to be scratched is under their chin.

Like the way cats remember their mother grooming them when they lift their butt, it is a similar experience for under their chin.

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Cats cannot groom themselves under their chin very well, so when you scratch your cat under her chin, it feels very nice.

It reminds your cat of when her mother used to groom her there. It feels so good that some cats may even start to drool!

You can also pet your feline friend on her forehead. Between the eyes or ears is a nice place to pet your cat.

The cheeks are also a place where many cats enjoy being petted.

All these places have scent glands, so your cat can get scratches from you while also laying her claim on you at the same time.

If you want to pet your cat, these places are better than the legs, tail, or belly of your cat.

However, it all comes down to just petting wherever your cat feels the most comfortable.

All you must do is pay attention to what makes your cat happy compared to what may be more upsetting.

But how do you know? Well, let’s figure that out.

Signs Your Cat Is Happy

Signs Your Cat Is Happy

If you want to know whether your cat is happy with where you are petting him, there are some signs you can look for to be able to tell.

One thing your cat might do is roll over onto their back to show you their stomach.

This is a sign that they are content, and they trust you.

But beware, while it can be tempting to give your cat a belly rub, they may just automatically go into defense mode and attack you.

Your cat might also rub their head against you when they are happy. This is a way for them to spread their scent on you.

If they are doing this, it probably means they are happy with you.

It is also a way for your cat to say they love you. Another tell-tale sign that your cat is happy is if they are purring.

When your cat purrs, that is a signal to you that they feel very content in the moment.

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If your cat purrs when you are petting him, it most likely means he is very happy with you and likes being pet by you.

Your cat may also decide to take a little nap on your lap. Cats who are comfortable enough to fall asleep on your lap are most definitely feeling happy.

Signs Your Cat Is Upset

One of the more obvious signs that your cat is not happy with you would be if they hiss at you.

They may give you a warning growl if they are not happy with you too.

If you hear your cat making these sounds, it probably means you are not petting your cat somewhere they enjoy.

Your best option would be to stop petting your cat before they take a swipe at your hand. Pay attention to the body language of your cat.

If your cat’s ears are pinned against her head, she is not happy with you. The tail is also important to consider.

Normally, we think of a wagging tail as a sign of happiness. When dogs wag their tail, they are happy.

Cats, on the other hand, are the opposite. If your cat’s tail is swishing back and forth, they are most likely not in a very good mood now.

Finally, your cat might just walk away if they are no longer content with being pet by you.

If your cat gets up and leaves, do not follow them. It would be best to just allow your cat to leave.

If your cat decides they want more affection from you, then your cat will come back later.

Just do not try to give them attention when they do not need or want it. This would simply be a disaster waiting to happen, especially if you don’t want to get bit.

Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

If you want to make your cat happy in ways other than snuggling and petting, there are many different things you can do.

One of the first things you can do to ensure that your cat remains happy would be to get them plenty of exercise throughout the day.

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Invest in some cat toys and play with them throughout the day. Cats are natural hunters, and they need lots of exercise to stay happy.

If you want your cat to be content, making sure they get plenty of playtime and exercise would be a great way to do this.

Some cat owners will take their cats on walks using a cat harness and a leash, but some cats will not like this at all.

Sometimes it is a good idea to just stick to the toys. But there are plenty of options for toys that you can get for your cat.

A scratching post is one thing that will also help to make your cat happy. Cats love to scratch things.

It sharpens their claws while also leaving their scent behind to mark their territory.

If you want to avoid claw marks all over your favorite furniture, you may decide that a scratching post or a scratching pad would be good for your cat.

You can also get your cat a climbing tree with a built-in scratching pose.

Cats love to climb, so this will allow them to scratch something when they need to while also allowing them to climb something acceptable.

If you want to make your cat extremely happy, you can place this climbing tree near a window so your cat can have an outside view whenever they are feeling bored.

Your cat will love to take naps here as well, and a cat that gets to take naps is happy.

Are you looking for something else that can give your cat a little boost of happiness in their day?

Well, you may like the idea of giving your cat some good old catnip.

While this does not impact all cats, it certainly is a great way to get your cat feeling a little extra excited.

Catnip can be used on scratching pads to encourage your cat to use them. It can also be used in toys to get your cat to play with them.

Overall, it is a great method for helping your cat feel a little bit happier.