Why Do Dogs Eat Rabbit Poop?

You may have noticed in the past that your dog will eat some strange things.

From grass to their poop to even that of other animals.

As a dog owner, it is completely understandable for you to want to know why your dog is eating what he is.

We want our dogs to be safe, and the last thing we would want would be for our dogs to get sick because they ate something they were not supposed to.

Today, I am going to talk about some of the things dogs eat as well as how you can change this behavior if you do not want your dog to eat these things.

Animal Poop

As mentioned above, one of the things dogs enjoy eating is the manure of other animals.

Some dogs will even eat their own poop.

For obvious reasons, we humans do not exactly find this action very appealing.

But before we can talk about how to stop your dog from eating their poop and the droppings that other animals leave behind, we need to think about why they do it.

Rabbit poop is not dangerous for dogs to eat. If you are worried about your dog’s health, you can rest assured that your dog should be safe if he takes a bite.

However, if there are rabbits in your area, you will want to talk to your vet about having some good medications for fleas and worms that your dog should be taking.

Now that we have that covered, let us get into answering the question. Why is it that dog will eat rabbit poop?

Your dog might be hungry.

If your dog is finding things to eat out in your yard or while on walks that just do not seem appealing, there is a chance that your dog is simply needing to eat something.

It may seem to make sense that your dog just likes to eat poop, and sometimes they do.

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But if your dog is likely to jump at other options for food, it probably means he just is hungry and needs something nutritional to eat.

On the topic of nutrition, this is another reason as to why your dog could be scavenging for these rabbit droppings.

Rabbit poop is surprisingly full of vitamin B and other good stuff for your dog.

This could be a sign that your dog just needs more value in his regular diet. Look at your dog food and try to see what else your dog could be needing.

There is a chance that his food does not contain much vitamin B, and he is trying to make up for that by eating rabbit poop.

Yuck! Of course, even though both of those options are entirely plausible, your dog could also just be showing a natural curiosity towards something new.

And maybe, even if we do not like it, he may have just developed a taste for these yummy new dog treats.

Stopping Your Dog from Eating Poop

Why Do Dogs Eat Rabbit Poop

It was already mentioned above that you should take a good look at the food that you have already been giving to your dog.

What is in his food? Does it contain all the vitamins that your dog needs?

Sometimes making the switch to more nutritional dog food is all your dog needs to stop him from taking bites of things that he should not.

However, if your dog is already eating good nutritional food, there may be another reason as to why he is eating poop.

If the reasoning for eating rabbit poop is different, then your dog will need something entirely different to get him to choose something to eat other than poop.

One of the best ways to get your dog to stop eating poop is to train him that he can have something better.

You will have to supervise your dog, and if it seems as though he is about to eat something that you do not want him eating, you can command him to ‘leave it’.

This is also an amazing command to use if your dog likes tastier human foods, but you do not want him to eat things that are bad for him.

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Anytime he is about to go to eat the rabbit poop, tell him to ‘leave it’.

Eventually, he will leave it alone whenever you ask him to.

However, it can be hard to keep an eye on your dog all of the time.

Some people will try to discourage their dog from eating poop by using something to spray on the poop that will supposedly make it unappetizing.

You should always do good research before buying or making something that your dog could end up eating.

Teaching your dog to just ‘leave it’ may be better in the long run.

After all, a little bit of rabbit poop will not harm your dog. It just means you may have to start brushing your dog’s teeth more often.

How Do I Teach My Dog To ‘Leave It’?

How Do I Teach My Dog To Leave It

Training is very dog specific.

Nevertheless, if taking your dog to a professional trainer is going to be a little too expensive for you or hard because of a busy schedule, you can teach your dog the ‘leave it’ command on your own.

This command is important for all dogs to know because it can help you to prevent them from eating things that could be poisonous to them such as bad human foods or maybe even dropped medication.

You want to start by using two different kinds of treats.

One may just be a regular old dog treat, and the other treat should be something even more enjoyable to your dog.

For example, many owners might use chicken or turkey to give to their dog.

You need to cover both treats with your hands. Let your dog sniff the hand with the not as good treat in it.

As soon as your dog realizes they’re not allowed to have it and leaves your hand alone, you say ‘yes’ or ‘good’ and reward your dog with the better treat that you have in your other hand.

Repeat this until your dog will leave the treat alone, even when it is uncovered on the floor.

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If you want to test your dog, see if they will leave a moving item alone such as a toy.

Try not to reward your dog with the item they are meant to be leaving alone.

Your best option would be to give them something even better as a reward.

Of course, if your dog encounters rabbit poop on a walk and you want them to leave it, you can also give them a gentle tug on their leash to encourage them to leave it alone.

Say the command aloud as you do. If your dog obeys the command, then you give them a treat.

Ideally, you should have treats on hand when you are on walks, especially if you’re in the process of training your dog.

If you do end up deciding to take your dog to training, explain to the trainer why you’re wanting your dog to know the ‘leave it’ command, and they may have even more tips and tricks for you to use.

What Other Things Might My Dog Eat?

What Other Things Might My Dog Eat

Just like your dog may eat rabbit poop, there are also other things that he may enjoy eating.

You might notice that your dog enjoys eating grass. You may even think your dog is eating poop when it is grass instead.

Dogs like eating grass because it is an amazing way to help improve their digestion.

Eating a little bit of grass now and again is good for your dog. If you see your dog eating grass, know that he may just be trying to eat it as help for digesting his food.

You may have also noticed that your dog enjoys eating bugs. This seems strange and altogether gross, but catching bugs is just a fun past time for your dog.

Some dogs will just play with the bug and not eat it.

However, if you do notice your dog trying to eat something you did not give them, it is always a good idea to make sure they didn’t find one of your favorite slippers to start using as a chew toy.