Why do German Shepherds Whine So Much? There are 5 Reasons

It is not pleasant to hear your German Shepherd dog whine or cry. And for good reason, we tend too easily to compare the behavior of an animal to that of a human. So when our dog whines, we think it is because he is sad … That’s not true! So, why do German Shepherds whine so much?

why do german shepherds whine so much

Why do German Shepherds Whine So Much?

The dogs’ whining is only a way for them to communicate. German Shepherds usually whine when:

They are hurt somewhere

If your German Shepherd starts whining for no apparent reason, it may simply be because he is in physical pain and that is his only way to express it. Likewise, a dog who is feeling unwell and is a victim of depression may start to whine. In both cases, a visit to the veterinarian is required.

They are trying to get your attention

Your German Shepherd must have already noticed that when he starts to whine you run towards him to hug him and reassure him, even to play with him or give him a kibble. In short, as soon as he starts to whine, you give in to his every whim. Your dog has therefore learned that to attract your attention, he has to whine!

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They are afraid

If your dog whines every time you are away from the house, he is afraid that you will never come back and abandon him. Likewise, a dog may start to whine when a noise scares him, during a visit to the veterinarian, or when his environment is disturbed, such as during a move. Above all, do not try to reassure him, you will only increase his fear, but rather try to divert his attention by playing, for example.

They are hungry

If your dog only starts to whine at mealtimes or when you’re in the kitchen, look no further – he wants you to know he’s hungry. If you don’t want him to do it again, wait until he has finished whining before feeding him. It’s up to you, not him!

They are a puppy

If you have just adopted a puppy, it is normal that during the first weeks the latter starts to whine regularly, especially at night. Indeed, he misses his family. The mistake that many puppy owners make is to go and comfort their furball by telling themselves that it’s just a baby. But by doing so, they give their puppy a reason to cry.

On the contrary, do not respond to these crying but make your pet feel safe: make a little nest for him by putting blankets or stuffed animals with the smell of his old home in his basket so that he can curl up in it or place his basket in a corner and not in the middle of a room.

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How to Stop Your German Shepherd from Whining

In summary, if your German Shepherd is whining too much, do the following:

  • If this happens overnight without warning, go to your veterinarian so that he can examine your pet and detect a possible disease that would cause pain in your doggie.
  • Do not reinforce your dog by trying to calm or reassure him when he does this.
  • Do not scold him either and instead seek to identify the cause of such behavior to resolve it in depth.
  • Teach your dog to manage loneliness, on the one hand, but also frustration so that he accepts more naturally and serenely the various situations that are imposed on him.